Thursday, March 02, 2017

President Trump Was Great On Tuesday! : Progressives - He Must Be Impeached Anyway

I can't imagine anything that Trump says, no matter the content, but differs from fevered and tortured minds of the progressive socialist liberal democrats believe can't be seen as anything other impeachable offenses.

Insanity has completely infested the mental capacity of progressives to the point that rational thought is no longer a possibility. But in truth their lunatic ravings are pushing people that live in the real world to believe they, the progressive liberal democrats no longer can be trusteed to lead.

Believe that the unhinged progressive democrats are not just the lunatic fringe - this neurological disease that infests the collective is main stream.

We in the real world know that life is not an insane asylum, but a place where we work and live. As democrats continue to demonstrate their unhinged and unbalanced behavior, it becomes extreme clear if we want to save our country from ruin, we must never vote for another democrat for local, state or federal office. This is just more common sense.

The definition of what the news is can only be determined by the politics of hate and ignorance.

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