Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mutants Among Us

What a great country we live in - In one of the local Marxist rags, newspaper that is, a flaming liberal writes that he believes that President Bush is more concerned for our security than he is about the constitution. What?

You know what I'm referring to here and that is the NSA intercepts. According to the liberals, it is more important to die by the thousands or tens of thousands than it is to listen in on conversations of terrorists from overseas. It's legal and has been tested to be so but still they insist we stop doing it.

According to the Marxist left in the country, it is more important to allow the terrorists to kill us than infringe on the their right to do so.

What a fantastic country that allows it's own citizens to demand that we die by the thousands rather than defend our selves so the killers' right to kills us is not infringed on. Can you get a grip on that? Is that pure insanity?

Maybe this isn't so crazy because the liberal isn't an American? Maybe they are something else altogether.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bill Clinton Has No Defense

I find it very humorous that the media is spinning Clinton's rage on Fox News last Sunday as " he's not going to take the lies anymore. He set the record straight." Heh!!

It has been proven, by the alternate media, the blogs and talk radio, that Bill did nothing for eight years to prevent an attack on the United States by terrorists.

When confronted by these facts on Fox he flew into a purple faced rage accusing Chris Wallace of attacking him and that he, Wallace, was part of a right wing conspiracies to destroy him.

As usual, Bill Clinton's rant was a total melt down of his defenses and exposed him for the empty suit that he really is - his entire angry attack on Wallace and Fox was completely baseless and rife with misinformation. Bill has finally come out of hiding to show the world who he really is.

Bill proved once and for all, on a world wide news program, that he couldn't defend himself and the failure of his eight years as president of the United States.

He proved conclusively that it is impossible to defend a philosophy that is based on policies that were designed to benefit himself and not the country.

He proved, before the world, that Bill Clinton is a loser. An empty shell.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How are things Now - Worse?

Well I'm back for the fall and winter but only when the mood move me - like now when I heard bubba's rant on Fox this Sunday - what a piece of work -

I was hoping that things might be different on the political scene but nothing has changed - the left is still hoping for the death of the President and the total collapse of the our nation.

Without looking too closely, things have gotten worse since I left this spring -

I believe our country is in real trouble - I see only problems ahead, especially now with the elections coming - the left will say and do anything to regain power - just look at our governor here in Wisconsin!!! A complete crook but the news media is giving him a pass

- we have a lot of good people in this state but they seem to have turned a blind eye to corruption -

I have no answers - like before in other posts, I am still struggling with this problem.