Sunday, June 10, 2007

Can Jimmy Carter Continue to Get Worse?

Here is a short article from the American Thinker that adds one more nail to his coffin - I just can't believe that one of presidents could be this worthless - a true Marxist monster -

One more reason to despise Jimmy Carter
Thomas Lifson

James Kirchik, writing in the Weekly Standard, reminds us of another foreign policy disaster, initiated by Jimmy Carter, with long-running horrendous consequences for the people forced to live under the rule of another leftist strongman Carter helped usher into power: Robert Mugabe.

The story is somewhat complex, but when Rhodesia (the country today called Zimbabwe and ruled by Mugabe) declared independence from the British empire with a white-controlled regime, it became an instant pariah, worldwide. After enormous pressure was brought to bear, a black-majority elected government, under Methodist bishop Abel Muzorewa took office with 2/3 of the vote.

But because Muzorewa was a moderate, eschewing violence, he was denounced as a stooge and patronized by the Carter Administration. Carter's point man Andrew Young was particularly harsh, while tending to see violent Marxist revolutionaries through rose-tinted lenses. The Marxist opponents were explicit:

Mugabe and Nkomo made it clear that their Patriotic Front would not give up the fight and participate in elections unless they were assured of victory. In so doing, the guerrilla leaders removed any doubt that they had no interest in democracy. [....]Muzorewa--spurned by the West, deemed illegitimate by the African dictatorships, and forced to contend with Communist-armed insurgents--would hold power for a mere matter of months. The betrayal of Muzorewa is one of the more craven episodes in American foreign policy.

Read the article for the details of Carter's betrayal. Mugabe is one of the worst tyrants on earth, and his people are starving ina former breadbasket country, as a result of the havoc Mugabe has wrought.

Jimmy Carter has a lot to answer for.

Friday, June 08, 2007

President Bush's Speech in Prague - Fantastic!

This is President Bush's speech that he gave to political dissidents from all over the world when he was in Prague, Czech Republic - unfortunately many could not attend as they are in jail -

What a great speech on freedom, democracy, security and why we have to take the moral high ground to win freedom here at home, Democrats want to take it away from us, and everywhere that people seek it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad News for America - Liberism on the Front Page

With several billionaires bidding to buy several large newspapers, two that are in the Clinton's hind pocket, it will be no surprise to see them with head lines supporting the Marxist left insurgency that is trying to destroy this country from within and succeeding.

Don't be fooled, the Marxist left and the Democrats are one and the same.

Clinton pal reported seeking Wall Street Journal
Ed Lasky

The perils of politically-active billionaires buying media properties are all too apparent. David Geffen and Eli Broad were both rumored to be bidding for the Tribune Company. Both are Democratic activists who have spent many millions helping the Democratic Paty. Now this morning, we have news reports that Clitnon pal and billionaire Ron Burkle may be in the running to buy the Wall Street Journal.

While some have crticized Rupert Murdoch for his political leanings (in reality, he is more of an opportunist who saw a gap in coverage and founded Fox News to fill the gap), Burkle is a very close personal friend of the Clintons who routinely hosts them in his Los Angeles home and is a key fundraiser for them.
Stay tuned.