Friday, July 29, 2005

Good evening - Well I'm off to the races tomorrow, bicycle races that is, in Sparta Wisconsin. It looks like a nice day as well to have a race, always a good thing. This is my first race this year - I'm trying to quit and rejoin real people again - I don't want to suffer any more and bike racing is suffering.

Also on a related note, I just purchased a new mountain bike today - a Specialized Epic Marathon - what a beauty - full suspension. My riding buddy and I starting riding mountain bikes after the road season ends in early September three years ago, and have been doing more and more as our skills improved. It is a real blast, especially single track in the woods - we have some great trails here in Wisconsin, rocky but still nice for the most part. I'm looking forward to getting out now that I have this new bike. If you haven't tried it, you are really missing the boat - This is biking for the whole family - Come on! Try it -

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good morning - went on a bike ride with the club that I belong to from Madison. What a nice time that was - good hills to climb and at a pace that didn't drain you of every last once of strength when you got to the top, and a nice very fast run to the finish. We averaged better than 25 mph. Cool!!

The weather was perfect. The temperature was in the mid 60's with almost no wind. We started at 6:30 and got done about 8:30. I just love it when a plan comes together.

Here we go - Chuck Schumer says that he has already given two strikes to John Roberts for his inability to answer his stupid questions regarding decisions that he made in the past - Roberts refusal was typical of any appointee in that position. Ginsburg , as far as I can tell, didn't answer any question that even came close to telling the world who she actually was or is - of course we know now, but it's to late. Of course she was questioned by a democratically controlled congress. The Republicans control the congress now but the Democrats still run the show- according to the media.

Schumer say once he decides that Roberts should receives his last strike, three, it's over. The Democrats will try and block the nomination, according to this self-appointed judge and jury, loopy Schumer. If this wasn't so serious, one would be laughing at this whole charade as the rantings of the mentally challenged.

All liberals are mentally chanllenged or just insane. It's hard, sometimes, to tell the difference.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Does this ever happen to you, in the middle of the night, a thought comes to you in a flash that wakes you up to almost wide eyed awake, and then you think this is rally something to remember but you suddenly find that you can't concentrate because you are falling asleep again and all is lost. Well, that did happen but I still remember what it was the next morning. It must be important.

The thought had to do with why so many people in the world supposedly don't like the United States and what we stand for. We are the only super power in the world and we have never used that power to gain terrortory or to destroy someone that disagreed with our point of view. Not unlike the Chinese of today that seeks to dominate the world by killing everyone that gets in their way. They will use weapons of mass destruction or any other instrument of death that they can get their hands on to destroy us. They have made this a policy. They do not hide this fact.

The Russians tried the same thing when they had the power during the cold war. They wanted to rule the world, kill everyone or put them in chains as slaves to the new system. They were on the way to doing this until Reagan stopped them. The Democrats called Reagan an old fool. They thought nothing could stop them. As always, they were wrong. But then you have to understand, the democrats do not find anything wrong with pure socialism, i.e. communism as the Russians portrayed it, and they demostrated this fact on many occasions though out the cold war. You see the same thing to day were the Democrats find Castro and Chavez as legitimate.

See Jimmy Carter's love affair with Hugo Chavez and Castro. It not that hard to find many members of Congress that will side with these and other dictators. They see them as comrades in arms. As I have stated many times before, the Democratic liberals want America to be a socialistic country, with themselves in the seats of power, of course.

I guess I got a little off of the subject but it all flows into the same river of thought that we have no ambition, as a nation, to dominate the world but much of the world sees this as a weakness and they resent us for it. If they had such power they would use it to show the world just who was in control.

History has proven over and over again that the Europeans, and even the Canadians, do not have the world view that the united States has, and has always had, to be able understand what our role in the world is and what our responsibility is to the people of the world by using our power for freedom. It will be that way into the future as long as we, as a nation, can remain a free and democratic country as our founding fathers envisioned.

I hope and pray that it will always be this way -

Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Morning - and it is good! 70 degrees and cloudy with a nice westerly breeze, coffee cup in hand watching those unfortunately souls whiz by headed to work - what a shame to waste such a perfect moment in such a way - heh

I had this funny feeling that a change was coming over me last night when I read an article in US News by Harold Evans concerning how we should respond to the bombings in Britain. As I was cutting the article out so I can send it to all of my friends and relatives, I suddenly realized that it wasn't important to send this stuff anymore. It's was like everyone on my list is a believer in that we have no choice but to stand our ground in this fight. We can not afford to give the killers an inch or they will take a mile. The people that I have on my e-mail group that I send political articles, believe that we are in this war for the long haul and that it might not be over with in our life time. That is, a "thirty years war", like the British fought back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They called it the 'twenty years war' fighting the French and Spanish.

Our past history is one that should be enough to carry us into this conflict in good stead, given out actions in the second world war. I believe that Korea and Vietnam are not good examples of how we stand up to killers and totalitarian countries. Our military could have made us proud in those conflicts, as they always did in the past, but our government at the time was one of isolationism, socialistic liberal pack of hand wringing Marxist that worked over time to bring us to a horrible defeat by surrendering our army and our national pride. As they say, 'no guts, no glory'. The team of Johnson and MacNamera did us in. Nixon tried to stay the course but the left would have none of it! Surrender was the only answer.

Clinton proved that the left were still with us during his eight years as president - it didn't seem to matter what the situation was, he was always ready to withdraw from any conflict that might show the united States had some legitimate reason to fight for a principle of national security for our selves and the rights and freedoms that this country was founded on hundreds of years ago, for others.

Doesn't it come down to just how important is it to have pride in our country and what it really stands for. Do we really believe that we have an obligation to help others gain all of the freedoms that we have when they are placing their very lives on the line fighting totalitarian governments and their terrorist friends.

How many times can be bend our knees and retreat to our shores before the enemies of freedom and human rights land on our citizens again as they did in September 2001. For eight years we did nothing to stop them when they killed our citizens by the hundreds around the globe.

Now President Bush is taking the fight to them and with good success, but all we hear for the liberal Democratic left is that we must surrender or national security and heritage and hope that the killers, when they come to our shores again, and they will, will treat us with respect when they cut our throats.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Good evening - boy is it hot here in Wisconsin! With the heat index at 110 and the outside temp at 96, it is time to stay indoors and read. I did ride my bike this morning early, 8 till 10:30, still it was hot when I got home. I went slow -

I just finished my first book by Thomas Sowell called Barbarians inside the Gates, witch is a collection of essays from years past. The man is right on the mark with most every subject that he attacked. He went on the offensive tapping the out rage by citizens in education, politics, society and just about everything in between. I have mention him before in other posts, and that he is a reformed Marxist. In this book, he attacks his former members of that party, the liberals in this country.

I am looking forward to his next book, Black red necks and White liberals.

Have a good Monday -

Friday, July 22, 2005

Good afternoon - what a nice day it is but the rest of the week end is going to prove to be very hot indeed -

Anyway, what has happened to John Bolton? I heard that he is being filibustered. Can't be!

Another John is starting to take a lot of hits as well - Mr. Robert is being attacked by NOW, National Organization of Women, as being a clone of Bork - remember Bork? Good Man for the job - interpret the Constitution as it was intended - the liberals made fun of his beard and how he looked, They are great ones for character assignation - the liberals are saying the John Roberts is gay and that one of his sons is gay as well. Don't you just wonder what they will find wrong with his wife and parents.

But putting that all aside for now, let's discuss retirement for a moment. So many people ask me how retirement is going and I tell them just great. I also say it isn't exactly what I thought it was going to be but none the less, it is better than working at a job that was getting to stressful for me. I believe that the thought of retiring played against me in my last years with the company. A conflict between wanting to get out, and doing a responsible job that I was hired 18 years ago to do.

There are several things that are a causes for stress in retirement. The first one, and the major one, is that you have to be ready mentally. So many people have no idea what is going to happen when they stay home on the first Monday. They have this idea that they are going to travel and read and just take life easy. That might be the case for some people that have low horizons and are easily amused, but for the most part, it will not happen.

The first six months may be a lot of fun traveling around the world or staying at home reading and putzing in the garden. Then reality will start to set in. Now what? Let's look at it this way, for forty years or so, you have someone else direct you eight or more hours a day. You had specific task to accomplish and a time frame to get them done. Now you have no direction and no time frame. You are now self directed and motivated.

The second thing that is important is having some kind of hobby or skill to use that will carry you for the next twenty five years. If you were smart and thought about this, took some kind of action four or five years before your retired, you would be ready to start a new life with new skills and motivation. If you didn't, it will be a different ball game altogether. You have to have something to do and be productive at to keep sane.

The third thing, of course, will you have enough money. Did you save part of every check like everyone said you should. Or did you blow it on new houses and cars and travel. If you are a Democrat, you probably bought into the clap-trap propaganda that if you voted for them they would take care of you. Whoops! Big mistake. They lied, again. Social Security will not cover all of your expenses and you have to buy your own insurance. It was never intended for that purpose. Mrs Clinton's loopy national health plan fell through, as you know, so you are at the mercy of the market. So why did 48 percent of the voters vote for Kerry? He had no plan for the retires. He had no plan for anything.

Okay, here's the deal - five years before you decide to retire, start thinking about what you are going to do for the next thirty years. Have a plan. Take time away for the sitcoms and really concentrate. Take the wife out to dinner and discuss what fun thing you would like to occupy your time, especially one that will keep you out of the wife's way, if she is at home as well. If not, she will be glad she is still working.

Maybe you want to go back to school and learn a new skill or try your hand a some kind of manufacturing that you can do at home - it's ends less. What is your passion?

Now it is a given that you will not set the world on fire in the first years away from work. It takes time for the adjustment, sometimes as long as two years.

The bottom line here is save for retirement as early as you can and as much as you can for as long as you can. Be ready for a new life, a new way of living. It's great -

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Good morning - we finally have air conditioning in our up stairs and what a perfect time to have it - I believe I have mentioned this previously, but I'll cover some old ground anyway in that we have lived here for the last thirty one years without air. There were many years when we just about melted form the heat. Over 90 decrees. Fans helped but many times we had to go down stairs and sleep on the floor in the porch.

We have the thermostat set at 72 degrees at night, which is more than enough for good sleeping, and then at 1 a.m. it moves to 75. During the day we set it to 78 just to keep the moisture out of the room. Maybe the saying that ' all thing come to those that are patient ' is true after all.

Well, what's good in the news? The gang of 14 want to take the lead on the confirmation hearings and they seem to want to call the shots as to when and how long it may take. It seems funny that the good Senators take themselves so seriously as to think that the world revolves around them. That's old thinking. People are far more informed these days and are taking more interest politics, especially things that are important to their well being. They see the high court as changing for the worse. They want it to go back to being a judicial body instead of a legislative assembly 9.

The whole process will be a real clam bake for sure for the next month or so, maybe longer. O'Conner's confirmation took 55 days and she was confirmed by a vote of 96 to 4 - It will be interesting to see how long it takes for John Roberts and what the vote will be. My prediction is October and the vote will be 48 to 52 to confirm. Well see.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It finally has cooled off today, that is, it rained causing the temp to drop into the sixties. Very nice -

Well, Bush has finally come out of hiding and continued to show that he is his own man. By appointing a conservative to the high court, he has confounded the liberals and their strategy of obstruction in anything that pertains to the court system. Roberts seems to be just what the doctor ordered in that he doesn't seem to have too many skeletons in the closet. If there is one, the liberals will find it. Even if it is personal and has nothing to do with the court, they will be on it with a vengeance.

In keeping with the liberal thought on judicial nominees, I have been reading a book by Thomas Sowell called Barbarians inside the Gate. What a delight. He is former Marxist that saw the flaws in the that system and now writes about how the left is still enthralled with these same precepts. The liberal establishment will always try and stop anything that shows progress and promise because these qualities give hope and a future to millions. The liberal must stop this because the only hope that the people should have is hope in the establishment of a totalitarian government run by the liberals. The fact that it has been tried many time before and failed means nothing. Again, they love dictators and suppressive systems. They loved the Soviet Union, even after the truth about the millions that were tortured and murdered. Case in point, Jimmy Carter!

Here is a ditty from Sowell that I find covers the liberal with the glory that they so richly deserve:
" Being and intellectual is an occupation, and the quality of their work does not change their occupation. It's like a bid surgeon is still a surgeon - a deadly menace to the unsuspecting, but a surgeon nonetheless."

There is more:
" What all these movements have in common,Stalinism , Moaism, totalitarianism, is sense of a revelation grasped only by the anointed, but a revelation that needs to be imposed on the benighted masses for their own good. Could anything be more of an ego trip, or more in keeping with the intellectuals exalted view of themselves, or their resentment at seeing wealth and power in the hands of lesser beings?"

Now let's watch the confirmations hearings and seeing these traits in the open. The Democrats and their liberal handlers will be out in force. The fight goes on!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Good Morning - WOW is it hot! We don't have air conditioning on our lower floor and so it is hot in the afternoon - last year it never got over 90 degrees but this year it is 90 or over for the last several weeks. I complained more about how cold it is in the winter than now for the heat now. Go figure - heh

The Joe Wilson story just won't go away - the liberals still think they have some kind of lever to get Bush and bring down the government. They see a good chance to cause more deaths in Iraq of American solders and Iraqi citizens by continually lie about the problems there and demanding we get out.

Get this, today Matthew Cooper has an article in Time Magazine where he states Rove never used Plames name or made any reference to her association in the CIA other than her connections to studies on WMD's. All Rove said was for Cooper to watch out for Wilson in the future, and I presume that Rove knew that Wilson was a liar all along.

There seems to be several high profile Democrats that want to align themselves with Wilson in the past few weeks but now after Schumer went on TV with Wilson and Wilson made a fool of Schumer, the Democrats are starting to take a different line on this pathetic liar - the left liberals still think he is a hero - don't forget, liberals whole philosophy is built on deception and lies so why not believe him?!

Where will this all end you ask, the answer is obvious, it won't it will just fade away and it place another non-story drummed up by the Marxist left media - harsh talk, maybe but when one looks at recent history of the media they have the record for socialistic bias. It's total!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm kind of in the dumps - it looks like one of my friends that I have been riding and racing bicycles with for the last ten years has started to go left on me - We have always believed that the media was biased to left and that they would do anything, including lying in print, to make their point against the war and Bush.

Now he thinks Rove is the bad guy!? He thinks he should be fired by Bush. He is not sure how or why he is bad, given all of the evidence points to Matthew Cooper, the reporter from Time magazine, and Novak and several other reporters on the New York Times staff, but that doesn't matter, facts are not important.

I'm stunned. When I retort with facts from the original report form none other then the Times, and a recent broad cast from CNN where Joe Wilson himself said that his wife wasn't a covert agent. It doesn't matter, Karl Rove is guilty.

The CIA, her supervisor, admits that she was never rated that. All of her friends and neighbors knew she worked for the agency. Most reporters knew she worked for the agency. Rove never mentioned her name, he referred to her as Wilson's wife. There a ton more evidence that points to Joe as the guy who started this and his wife helped it along just before the election in late 2003 and 2004. Joe Wilson lied over and over, but it doesn't matter.

I always thought I had an ally in my friend, but now I'm not so sure - it' almost impossible to believe -

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Good Morning to you - and what a beautiful day - I just couldn't write last night - it was about 9 and I just couldn't keep my eyes open - anyway, I got up this morning at 5:30 or so and hit the ground running - I am a morning person for sure! The sun is out in all of it's glory and with it a cool breeze out of the south west; you gotta' love it -

Now here is a quote that I just love. It's about the Ten commandants and why we can't have them in court house, by George Carlin "you can't post 'thou shalt not steal', or 'thou shalt not commit adultery' or 'thou shalt not lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians - it creates a hostile work environment!' With all of the crap that is being dumped on us from the courts about our religious beliefs, if you are a Christian that is, we being subjected to unparalleled attack that our forefathers had never intended and tried to make sure that it would not happen by the first amendment to the Constitution. The liberals want to get rid of all mention of Christianity because it is the foundation of this country, the glue that keep us united in the belief that there is someone that is better than we are and that we can always depend on and will always be there for us. The liberals think that person should be them and not God! The fight goes on. Never give up the good fight!

I think that this statement from Vince Lombardi exemplifies the American spirit - the spirit that this country was founded on and endures to day -"the spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the thing that endure" If you haven't noticed, t he liberals lack all of these traits. They want to destroys us by forcing us to give up these traits and become a nation of dependents, like the rest of the world. I won't let it happen and I knew there are others that feel the same - Thank God

Have a good day -

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good Evening - I think quote is perfect for the actions that President Bush has taken over the last 5 years, "do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" It's a challenge. Do what ever is within your power to solve the problem, no matter what you do, it's better than doing nothing.

Of course I have to rag a little tonight. This new thing with Senator Durbin is more that over the top!! Power Line carried a story about an organization Move America Forward that wanted to put a commercial on the networks that depicted Durbin as ant- military. Durbin threatened them with an IRS audit. Apparently Durbin also contacted the stations that were going to carry the commercial because they all but one have canceled the commercial. The left has no limits to how low they will go. Anything is okay as long as it succeeds in furthering the Marxist agenda of the democratic.

Here is another show of just how biased the media is. The new conference at the White House, concerning the Karl Rove interview, was not a question and answer section, it was an feeding frenzy. The reporters weren't asking questions, they were making statements that they will print as answers from Andy Card, the Presidents press secretary, at the White House. I listened to it and I was appalled. It was mean and hateful. They were like a pack of wild animals fighting over a dead carcass. They had no intention of listening to what Andy said because they already had the answer they wanted, hours before they arrived at the White House and probably already had the story written as well.

There is more nonsense to take about but this is getting to be so absurd, I just don't what to think - it's just nuts - they are crazy!!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Good Morning - Here is something that I believe is important - What is success? "In order to succeed we must first believe that we can"

Why is it that the left believes that we can not succeed at anything and the right believes that we can succeed at everything? The left has to tear down and the right builds up. The left has an attitude of hate for everything that is American, and the right loves everything American. The new left in this country is part of the problem, not part of the solutions to problems in this country.

Karl Rove. The new left is out to get him again - the Marxist machine is going at full tilt to get him on this Valerie Plame outing, but the actual e-mail that the reporter has concerning this after an interview with Rove says nothing about her covert status with the CIA - in fact it doesn't even mention her name. Rove didn't know anything about her covert status.

Of course these facts have nothing to do with reporting news - this is just a starting point to try and bring down Rove and ultimately the President. The Marxist left will stop at nothing to succeed in the destruction of this country.

Am I going off the deep end here, maybe, but all I have to do is listen to what they have to say to determine that their intent is not finding the truth, but to project their biased philosophy of hate for the common man and our religious beliefs.

This is who they are. Never forget!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday night is always, or always use to be, a low point because I had to go to work the next day. But now it's just another fun evening. Retirement suits me just fine.

Being a biker, bicyclist, means riding in all kinds of weather. Today was 90 degrees and a lot of sunshine. I rode with a club out of Madison, Wisconsin. They sponsor rides during the week as well on the week end. Sunday is always a fun ride in that it is fast, for the most part, and the group was congenial. But the heat today was a factor.

We started out at 8 in the morning at a nice pace, about 18 mph, and then it started to ramp up to 20 and many times in the flats we were doing 25 and 27 mph. When it came to the climbs, I started to fade after about an hour. My legs were shot and my heart rate was topping out at 198. I averaged 173 for the day which is pretty normal for me. I have been in races where I averaged 183 for over an hour and a half. To say the least, I was spent at the end.

At any rate, I hope everyone enjoyed the day as it was a perfect summer example, lots of sun and the humidity was just normal for this time of year. I love it hot!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good Morning - Sorry I missed yesterday but one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was asleep - go figure - heh - Anyway - it looks like the London attacks haven't gotten the effect that the killers had hoped for - Londoners are back to work and the country stiffens its resolve to continue as if nothing will effect their determination to be British. God bless them.

There are, of course, those in Britain that feel the best way to avoid further attacks is to surrender to the killers. Unfortunately there large numbers of short sighted people who see the world with very poor eye sight. America is no different - large numbers or groups are determined to see us fail in our attempt to stop the killing here and else where. As I have stated in the past, it is very hard to understand why so many people can not see the problem. In light of all that transpired in the last four years, since 9/11, and what had gone on before 9/11, since 1994, the first attack on the Trade Center, many still believe the best way to solve the problem of Islamic extremists trying to kill us all is to shower them with money and call them friend.

Why is it I can't come to grips with this idea of surrender? I can't understand why so many people think that there own little world is so important that they can not see that to give up the very freedom that has given them their little patch of glory will be jeopardized by their lack of intestinal fortitude and being short sighted. Is it just pure greed? Is it lack of history? Selfishness? Ignorance? Stupidity? I don't know and I'm worried.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The six blasts that rocked London is the first statement from the terrorists since they blew up the trains in Spain and I believe, not the last.

The left is already blaming George Bush. If he hadn't started all this by attack Iraq, we would be able to find the real solution to the middle east problem through diplomacy.

Its the same old game that the left always plays, blame someone. They have no solutions except surrender. Did you ever wonder why you never see the pictures of the twin towers on fire and the people jumping out of the windows? It's called news suppression. The media that is controlled by the left doesn't want to remind you of what happen on 9/11. They want you to forget what happended there and concentrate on GWB and how he has screwed everything.

If the media can force us to forget that 3000 of our citizens were murdered by the same people that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will be able to convince the majority that it is okay to pull out of all foreign engagements and surrender all efforts by the United States to defend itself to the United Nations.

Do you feel safer? Do you believe what happened in London could happen here, again? Well it's just a matter of time, but it will be worse - and the Left will only be too willing to surrender this country to the terrorists to preserve their own small worlds of power.

The left in this country are urban terrorists. They seek to destroy our freedom and democracy. They are socialists, make no mistake. They will decided what is best for you because they are the smart ones and we are the dummies.

The real war in here, in this country. We must fight them on ever front if our way of life is to be preserved. Mark my words, if they win, the Constitution will be gone as we know it!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Good evening - I hope that everyone enjoyed independence Day as much as I did - I seem to enjoy it more now that knowing how important it is to be free. I also enjoy it more now that I am more involved in what is going on in this country and the world and how important it is to our future.

I am dedicated to the fact that everyone that lives in this country has an obligation to be part of the solution to our problems. There are those that have a different view of America, as I have mentioned previously on several occasions. They are part of the problem.

It has been said that "Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve" George Bernard Shaw. What a great idea! If we allow those that want to change the way we live under the founding constitution, to living under the heel of the eastern elites in this country, then we deserve what we get.

Shaw is right. If we can not see that what they are saying is counter productive and anti-democratic, social Marxism, then we will have to live the life that they dictate to us when they come to power, and like. We did nothing to stop it. We refused to acknowledge that it even existed even though it was in the news every night and on the front page of most news papers. Go figure!!!

We all have a duty to stand guard on the home front while the troops are fighting in far away places. It's our watch and we must not fail in our duty.

Monday, July 04, 2005

On this glorious day, in the history of this country, 1776, we decided that it was time to take a stand. Be counted among those though out history that would make a difference. These men saw a light that most others only dreamed of. They decided that it was time to dedicate there lives to Freedom, and did. Just look what they given to us. Our beautiful country. A shining light for all to see. God bless America, land that I love - - you know the rest.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Joe Wilson In The Tank - - - finally Joe is starting to get some attention - from the blogs that is because the attention that he is getting from the MSM is hog wash - Power Line has a great round up on this slug and his loopy wife.

Tomorrow is the day when the founding fathers of this country decided that is was time to take a stand against the British Empire for Independent Thought, Word, and
Deed. What a gutsy move given they were out numbered and had no army to speak of. Get this, the arm that George Washington lead was volunteer! How can it be! Even then there were enough people in this country that thought fighting for Freedom was the right thing to do. They liked the Freedom to decide what was best for themselves and there families. They even died for this Freedom. Why fight when so easy to just to roll over and surrender. We surrender, they proclaim, just don't take our way of life away. We love to party, okay?

How can this be? There are great numbers of people in this country today that find our military an evil machine that seeks to destroy all in its path - and the people that populate its ranks, fools. They think this country is not worth fighting for. You see it all the time on TV and in the papers. Everything that we do is wrong. They, of course, have no suggestions of how things should be done, but they are sure that what ever we are doing now is wrong. America is bad. America is hated by the whole world, according to these people. It is amazing though there seems to be millions of people still coming here, by hook or by crook. Go figure!!!

But never mind the ranting of those lunatics and put your flag out, say the pledge, sing the national anthem and say a prayer for our President and the troops in the field. That will drive those people batty. They hate all those things!

Have a grand time in the ' land of the free and the home of the brave '. Enjoy

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good morning and what a beautiful day it is. Clear skies, cool breeze and the scent from the trees and marsh across the street is fantastic. I don't know why but a certain smell in the air brings back memories that no other medium can. Fond memories of being out on the farm in South Dakota early in the morning in August, that moist damp rich aroma of hay and grain being feed to the cows with just a hint of molasses - good times, long remembered.

I love this country and all that it stands for, but I fear for its well being.

When I look at what the liberals are saying on their blogs and what the news media prints everyday in almost every paper in the land, I always marvel at the hate that posses them. The hate for the very country that is the light of the world. A country that has given them everything. How did they come this point in time with such an obsession? Where did they develop such a twisted sense of right and wrong? Maybe it started out as just the opposition party, fighting the good fight as opposing parties have always done, especially if you are on the outside looking in.

It seems to me that once one start down this road of hate, turning back would be almost impossible. It would be like coming down off of a narcotic. The reasons would be the same as well - you take the drug because you can't see any other way to cope with your problems. You are out of ideas and you have no set of values to guide you in your daily life. The liberal is much the same - they started out having a philosophy and moral guide lines that help them make decisions, but when the very philosophy that was the foundation of their beliefs was founded on false premises, they didn't have the moral background to help them to figure where they went wrong. They are now standing all alone on the edge of the abyss of extension. They see the opposition party taking new and bold steps to solve problems using judgment that is founded on values that were established hundreds of years ago and have stood the test of time.

The only way left for them, in their little world, is to strike out at those that are moving forward. Those that have ideas and solutions that, all to obviously, work. The more that they hit back with name calling, the more irrelevant they become and the more vicious their attacks become. Over the years it is what we see today in the Democratic party and the liberal left - pure hate! They are obsessed with it and they are blind to it. It has become a way of life. It has eaten into their very souls. They are a people with no country, no moral values, and no living philosophy. They are a rot that has infected this country and which must be fought to the end. We have a history of courage in the face of adversity. We must rely on it now.

We must now bring to bear that deep seated pride in ourselves, our country and our God that has done so much for us all. We must prove again and again that we are what we say we are - a free country. A country that is dedicated to the welfare of its people.

It is note worthy on the Fourth of July that we take a minute out of our busy lives and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. We have so much!! Think about how we arrived at this point in time and all those that paid with their lives to make it happen. Thank God everyday the you live in this country and of all the blessings that he has bestowed on us. Also think about the obligations that we have to the rest of the world, the spreading of freedom, that go along with living in Paradise. We owe it to all those that went before us. We can not afford to fail.

See you later - enjoy the holiday

Friday, July 01, 2005

Time magazine's decision to turn over the secret sauces of their reporters has sent the rest of the media in a tail spin. The main stream media has always seen itself as the only source of information that is reliable because they are the only ones that are professional enough to do it. Isn't that just a laugh. How about the newspaper that found one of it's reporters had lied about her sources 43 times in 10 years. I found out about this on a blog, not in a newspaper.

The main steam media didn't find this discrepancy as out of the ordinary - business as usual- what is all the fuss about? So What! More Ratherisms. The facts have been faked but the store is true. Good enough. I don't believe anything that the lettered televised news reports or any of the major news papers or there wire services. The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times is as close as I want to get to believing that they are telling the truth. The New York Post isn't too bad as well -

More on the out come of this grand jury investigation into the Valerie Plame thing as it develops. I think that she and hubby Joe blew their cover on themselves just to get at Bush. We'll see.