Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Readership is Down to 0? Why

WOW I haven't been here for a while and with good reason - nobody is coming to read my trash -
Interesting enough when I was with Blogger I had a few readers each day and sometimes a few more than that but now that Google is running the show it has dropped to Zero! In fact it went to zero the very day I witched -

I know Google is left leaning by the donations that they give to the DNC and have had problems in the past blocking Conservative web site, but I thought they had learned a few things since then - maybe not -

Then again, maybe my stuff is just to conservative or off the wall for anyone to read and comprehend - do you think? nah - I think I have a good sense of what is real and what is fabricated and I say so and most of the time it's something the Marxist left has dumped on the unsuspecting public -

Well that's it - maybe I will try and establish a train of thought sometime in the future when things heat up in the fall - I'm sure the socialists that are stomping the country side to gain power over us poor slobs will be in full flow and become easy targets.

Rest assured I will be here point out their faults as they have many and they are obvious.