Monday, October 31, 2005

Straight Shootin'

Mother Teresa said 'kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless' - When George Bush speaks he can't hide the fact that he is a person like most of us -

The liberal left finds much humor in the way he speaks and sometimes how he twists the meaning of some words. They refer to him as a cowboy just off the range and much worse.

The social elites of the east coast ridicule him for the way he smiles or smirks when he makes a certain point in his speeches. They hate him because he is a common man with bright ideas. The hate him because he is one of us.

It's these little things that grind away at the liberals. God - Compassion - Liberty - Country - Democracy - Freedom. They don't understand these terms. They are simple, easy to speak and packed with meaning. It drives the liberals crazy.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Little Things

Van Gogh wrote ' great things are done by a series of small things brought together' - Sometimes we have to look at this in reverse - bad things happen when a series of small things come together.

Can the American people have there own point of view when the major media is continually forcing their agenda down our throats. Like death by a thousand cuts, we don't notice the little lies that are always on the screen or front pages of the local papers, but when they are there week after week and month after month with always the same drum beat of hate and despair, it will take its toll on many people -

And it's not just the choir that they are signing to, it's those people in the pews who want to believe that we are headed in the right direction but don't have a firm understanding of history or are not well read enough to be able to sift out the truth from the disinformation.

I think the President has to come out and start singing our tune more so those in doubt will have somebody to point to and follow - What we need now is another 9/11 George Bush. America is desperate for leadership. He could take the country by Strom again -

I think Rush Linbaugh is doing a great job in this area as well as others on local stations.

We have the means to get the word out, we just have to get off our butts and start singing and believing in this country and it's history.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Burned Out!

I think that the press has finally blown a fuse - they wanted to destroy Carl Rove so badly they that they are talking about Lewis Libby like he was the pivot man in the White House. Two weeks ago nobody had ever heard of Lewis Libby.

The press wants blood, Carl Rove blood and nothing else will do because they think if they can get him, the next logical step is Bush - The liberal left and their Democratic puppets are going nuts - they lost all sense of reality - the name calling and fantasy indictments were proof again that they have lost their grip -

I have had enough of this stuff from the news media. I need to back off and watch the left disintegrate from a safe distance.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Taking a stand !

I just received my annual letter from my church asking for a financial commitment for 2006. They stated that is was a sad saturation that 20% of the congregation was responsible for 80% of the total of the budget. In a previous letter they stated out of 1300 families that attended services, 900 did not contribute anything. Now they are asking for me to increase my giving due to a short fall in revenue for this year and the new budget will be even higher for next year.

I have a problem with this, not the giving part, but the church in general and it misguided divergence into liberal left politics.

The church, all 5 million members, sent their representatives to the annual council meeting some months ago and voted, about 750 to 550, to condemn Israel for building their security wall and they say it is built on Palestine land.

They made no mention of the Palestine suicide bombers that have killed well over a thousand Israelis; men, women and children. They were killed in restaurants and street corner. They have been killed on buses and in night clubs across the country. Apparently the church has no problem with this, but I do.

The question then is, why should I contribute to this organization when I think they are wrong to become involved in a depute that has raged for hundreds of years and seems to have no viable solution. And, why does the church even take sides in this dispute? And why condemn the only democracy in that part of the world.

I believe the Israelis are fighting for their very lives and have a right to exist.

The world in general does not have this opinion. Israel has only one true friend and that's the United States, and even here only 60% give them their full support.

The wall has save many lives and it will in the future provide the needed edge in protecting itself from the ever increasing attacks from the Palestine terrorists of Hammas and Hezbollah. Again, the church does not consider this a problem. I do!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Success and Failure

One way to discuss the failure of the Democratic Party is in this saying from William Feather, "Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go".

President Bush is going forward with his attack on the terrorists that murdered 3000 Americans in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. He has a grip! He is hanging on. He has not given up on destroying the killers that planned and carried out this crime against us or given in to the forces of the liberal left that want to see him destroyed out of fear for their personal safety and lack of vision and courage to do what George Bush has accomplished. They hate him because he is successful. They hate him because he has an agenda and he sticks to it. The Democrats and the liberal left have neither.

Democratic Party members have no grip on anything because they have let go of there base, people that believe that the Democratic Party can still regain it's footing by standing up for the principles that it was founded on - rejecting the liberal left's grip on their throats that is forcing the party from democracy to a Marxist state. They gave up years ago of ever having a meaning full agenda. Their success ending with eight years of Bill Clinton.

People like Howard Dean, Patrick Leahy and Joe Biden are just a few of the puppet master's main crew. There are many more, many more ready to do anything for power including loosing their morality and self respect, that is if they ever had any.

Watch and listen, then you decide who is a success and who is the failure!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where Are You Going?

There is a saying, a Proverb really, 'where there is no vision, the people parish'. Doesn't this sound like a lot of people in the news these days? They seem to have every excuse for not having an original idea about critical issues that plaque this country, but they are never short on reasons why someone else is not measuring up to their standards.

You have to ask yourself why it is so important for these empty people to tear down anyone that propose new and fresh ideas for the future. They are not part of the solution, they are the problem.

It seems they are blind to their own lack of courage and native intelligence or just plain common sense when they demand that this country not defending itself. Or why this country is wrong to think that it has a duty to defend freedom around the world.

When people reach out and ask, help us to gain our freedom, we do the best we can. But there are those that see this as none of our business. It is best to remain above the fray, they say, as thousands die at the hands of dictators and despots like Saddam Hussein.

I am always looking for an answer for the thought processes that these people have to rationalize their criticism of good people that are trying to make a difference.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Back From The Heartland

Just got back from the great heartland of the this country, North Dakota. It was a fun trip and a fruitful one in that my brother and I had a great visit with our dad and, during the trip out there, we had a great opportunity to visit with each other.

We don't get to see each other that much, he lives in the Minneapolis area and I live in southern Wisconsin. I know that isn't that far away but when you get involved in life's little struggles, time just seems to slip away.

But you know, I found North Dakota a forgotten paradise of sight and sound, natures purest. I know everyone has seen the movie 'Fargo' and from that farce knows everything there is to know about that state. That movie was a typical Hollywood master piece of fantasy - what garbage. Why would anyone think that the Hollywood empty suits could or would produce anything of any substance when it comes to the Midwest?

Okay it's flat as flat can be but that's only one of it's qualities. Roads that stretch out in front of you clear to the horizon. Corn fields the size of Road Island and marshes by the road teaming with yellow headed black birds. Stop by the side of the road and get out, don't worry about another car coming along because it's more than likely that won't happen for at least half an hour, and listen, what do you hear? Yeah, that's right, only the sound of the wind in the rushes along the marsh and the chirping and twittering of our feathered friends busily going about God's business. Why do you think they call this God's country.

The people are fantastic too. True, they are few and far between but that's what makes them so genuine. They are all neighbors that care about each other, they know who everybody is. They wave at you like you like you belong.

So come here and look around, test the water - maybe you can make a connection with a past life of hard work and pride of survival, not just an existence.

Chances are you won't stay, of course, but just the view of a sun set that goes from as far as the eye can see and the sounds of a power greater than you is such a sensory overload that it makes every second spent here, away from the crush of the city, a gift.

It's my third trip and it only gets better.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gone Till Oct. 24

I'm gone until October 24th - I am making a trip to North Dakota to see my dad who is 98 years old and living in a nursing home - My brother, from Minnesota, and I are making the trip together. It will be much better than making the trip alone - that part of the country is not very inspiring. later Be better than good!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Slide Into Retirement

Probably the most difficult thing to do in retirement is to allocate your free time. I know that I have discussed this before but I am finding that it is the most important aspect of retirement.

Vanderbilt once said that inherited money is to initiative that cocaine is to morality. But for our purposes we will just use the first part of this little ditty and say 'too much free time is bad for initiative'. For someone that has been working for 40 years in a structured environment and then dropped into an environment that has no structure, that person had better be prepared to make a new life.

I am finding that there is a powerful urge to do nothing every day. I have a lot of things to keep me busy right from the get go but there are certain things that have to come first, like maintenance of the house and cars as well as the tractors for cutting the grass and tending the garden. Not to mention several new projects that I have started but not finished, as well as others that Barb and I have in the planning stage. When will those get done, she asks? hmmm

This all sounds routine and a little bazaar but it gets to be a big deal when it has to be done on a regular basis. When I was working, I did only the bare necessities and everything showed the neglect. Now I have the opportunity to make a difference in every project that I start because I can keep on it until it's done. Sadly it doesn't happen this very often.

We all have these preconceived ideas of how retirement should go, reading a good book in the afternoon and vacations to Mexico or some place that you have always wanted to go. Well that's fine and you should do these things but when you have completed the cruise and read a few books it will start to get old and you will find that you need structure to help get you through the day.

What it is then is you need to be productive. You have to add structure to your life on your own. No one can do it for you. Well, your wife will if she is retired as well because she doesn't want you turning into some kind of blob in front of the TV or worse, getting in her way as she goes through her routine for getting things done.

You have to have some kind of plan each day to get you started and then keep you going through out the day. Every day.

I know that I have posted on this in the past but it is really important for everyone to get a handle on this before they actually get to a point in time where they wake up one day and say, what am I going to do to day?

Plan ahead - years ahead for what you want to do with your self for the next twenty five years. It will save a lot of head scratching and stress. In retirement? Stress? Oh yah - Still I wouldn't give it up to go back to work, maybe if I had to but otherwise, no way - I love my freedom of movement and the challenge of making a new way of living a real life on my own.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gun Ban

Have you heard about the proposed gun ban in San Francisco? They think that taking all of the guns away from the law abiding citizens will solve the crime rate in that city by the bay - Again the left is try to solve problems using an agenda that will, in the end, destroy the city. Even the left doesn't want destruction, they just want to enslave the populace.

Gun confiscation is just one more way the liberal left wants to control the population of this country - this how it started in Europe and look what happened there. Another example of the results of a gun ban is Washington D.C. The murder rate has increased three times since the ban went into effect. Washington and Chicago are ranked in the top eight in the country for violent crime. Chicago instituted the ban in 1980's.

Australia did the gun ban country wide and now they have a crime rate that is rising at an alarming rate. They can't figure it out - they took all of the guns from the law abiding citizens but the crime rate didn't go down. Strange.

Ray 'school bus' Nagin tried to confiscate all of the weapons that law abiding citizens had to stop the criminals from attacking police, what police there was, in New Orleans after Katrina hit that city - what was he thinking? Even some of Nagins police force was involved in the looting. Maybe this what Nagin had in mind, take all of the guns from the citizens and that way he and his police can steal everything for them selves. That way they won't have to share any of the loot with the common criminals.

The left is always looking for some way to reduce the population to it's lowest common denominator. This way they will be controllable and criminals, like Nagin, will have free reign to do what the liberals do best, loot and steal from the common citizen while he is helpless to defend himself.

A court order stopped his rampage after the lame stream media, by accident, caught the thugs of Nagins and the Louisiana National Guard on tape kicking down doors of helpless citizens. They even had to returned the guns to their rightful owners. Justice!

Where was the outrage from the left about the rights of people being marginalized and disenfranchised by Nagins actions. Maybe it was because the thugs hit neighbor hoods that were not effected by the storm and people wanted to defend their property and animals. Does this sound familiar? What happened in countries like Russia and the whole Soviet empire when the communists took over, Marxist socialists - take everything that you have a divide it up so everyone has nothing, except those in power. Nagin Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein has the same attitude. She has tried three times in the past to take all of the guns from the citizens of San Francisco when she was mayor of that city - Senator Feinstein said that if she would have had the votes, she would have forcible taken the guns from every law abiding citizen under the gun ban that was proposed by the Clinton administration. She and other Marxist liberals, like herself, have made it clear that they want this for the whole country.

Who are these people?

Does anyone think the liberal left Democrats have the best interest of this country at heart?

Friday, October 14, 2005

Media Twists and Turns

Here is something that will start you thinking just a little about the media and their hidden agenda - every major net work news show to day including talk shows all had the same talking point including the same words.

Everyone was taking about how Bush had set-up his direct TV link to Iraq where he discussed the war with first line troops. They said he had to make sure that the questions were prearranged so he would get the right answers - you know the line the media uses, 'the war is going badly; all is lost; the President is out of control of the war; we have to get out now; surrender; run' -

What happened was a camera crew got shots of the White House TV crew getting the troops ready to talk to the President, even told them how to breath and talk slowly - they were very nervous knowing that the whole world was going to be watching them, including a news media that wants to see them dead.

But the Marxist media made the most of it so as to embarrass the President in front of the world and, of course, lie about what really happened so the story would fit the news template philosophy of deception and misinformation.

Rush Limbaugh had sound bites of all the talk shows and they all said the same thing, the same words!!! All of the networks - - - and they claim they aren't biased or have an agenda? - or in league with the liberal puppet masters? I wonder - hmmm - 'dance media dance at the end of the strings'.

Come on, get real - The Rove/Plame thing is no different - they have no idea what is being said in the Grand Jury but they already have Rove in chains - will they change their story line if it doesn't turn out that way? ha ha ha ha ha ha - they will just wait to bend and twist some other story to make their point.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Media Spins Apart!

Looking back at what the media said about the mess in New Orleans as against what actually happened is another black eye for the spin doctors on the left coast. They were so sure that the general public would not take the time to check up on these fantastic heads lines that we saw every night in the newspapers and on TV -

School Bus Nagin, as Rush calls him, told everyone that the death toll would exceed 10,000 and he ordered 25,000 body bags just to make sure in case he was wrong and the count would be higher, he would be ready. The media loved this. Lots of dead people, killed by President Bush.

Ray would know all about body counts because he is the one that decided that the 260 buses that were in the parking lot weren't needed as part of the evacuation plan. He figured all those people that didn't have a car wouldn't make it out in time and would be swept away. Why even try, after all when Ray is about to go on national TV to bash Bush for not having FEMA there in time, he can't be bothered with those poor people. They will have to fend for themselves.

Has anyone from the lame steam media ever asked Ray why he didn't put those buses into service when he had the chance on Saturday, 48 hours before the storm hit? The media wouldn't dare - the puppet masters would be outraged. He is a brother of the liberal left - he has been corrupt all of his life, way attack him now? Oh, okay.

Of course, the body count didn't quite make it to the 10,000 mark, I think it is at 1000 for all three states, but the media kept trumpeting that figure for weeks even when it was obvious it was wrong.

Remember the media coverage of the toxic waste that was in the flood waters that poured into the city? - not so - They just reported that now the city is mostly pumped out and they have found that the water is no more polluted than at any other time when it just rains in New Orleans - the media really didn't care about this report though, what was important was that it made good copy at the time and it ran for weeks as another item to blame Bush because he cut the funds for installing much needed treatment plants - again, all false - but who cares - it sounds good. Just like the Rather bogus story, it should be right even when it was wrong.

Will we see a follow up story setting the record straight - of course not, what a laugh - can you just hear the anchor saying, " the story that we reported on in New Orleans a few weeks ago was in error - we said the death toll would be 10,000 but it was only a 1000. Sorry we were off by 9000." Can you imagine the laughter and the gasps - won't happen - not ever!

Hey, what's happened to Air America? Remember the Marxist radio station that stole $800,000 dollars from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to support it's failing enterprise and pay Al Frankin's big salary? Have you heard anything on the TV or in the newspaper on how this is playing out? Did you ever see or hear anything about this except on the internet? Amazing

There is tons more but it's a waste of time. The puppet masters that pull the strings on the Democrats do the same thing on the reporters and editors - the media has fallen to such depths that I can't see them ever regaining any credibility.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What Good is The UN?

Given the mess that the UN is in now, what with the graft and fraud and the out right stealing of everything from silverware from the lunch room to billions of dollars in the Food for Oil disaster, can we expect anything else of any substance from this house of thieves and grave robbers?

Kofi and his son, Kojo, had a neat thing going, knowing that if they got caught it wouldn't matter because so many people had their hands in the pie that the world would turn a blind eye to the whole mess. They were right. China, Germany, Canada, France, Russia and others took the bribe that Saddam offered to turn the other way so he could continue to kill more of his people and continue to build weapons of mass destruction. The world didn't care then and they don't care now. Let the killing continue so we can take the money and run. Let the good times roll.

Why do you think France always voted against the resolution to stop Saddam in the security council?

The Volker commission provided proof that Kojo had pocketed several hundreds of thousands of dollars with many more to come and papa Kofi claimed he didn't know anything about it. Where are these two today? In the UN headquarters building of course, just where they have always been and will probably remain until there dying days - still stealing and lying about their involvement and support of dictators that kill millions of their own people while stealing money out of our pockets.

The UN is place where stealing and murder is a way of life. Most of the nations that make up this despicable organization come from countries that routinely kill the opposition party members and enslave the population to do their bidding. Cool places like the Sudan and the Ivory coast just to mention a few of the outstanding examples. The middle East is full of them as well as most of eastern Europe.

Western Europe isn't much different except they say they are in our corner to help fight the killers and terrorists around the world but in fact we find that many of them play host to the very leaders that are involved in the training and money laundering that is needed to support the murdering of thousands of innocent people. Gutless and spineless turncoats.

The Western European leaders smile and shake our hands for a news media that is directly involved with these friends of ours to enabling the terrorists to spread their hateful message to a captive audience that they want to kill as soon as possible. Just look at the message that the media and the UN send to Israel on a daily bases; Israelis deserve to die, we hate the Jews. Kill them all.

The main stream media uses false information about what this country is trying to do around the world, to bring freedom to enslaved populations like Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Lebanon. The media uses deceptive information that is intended to inflame those intent on killing our troops and the local populations. Make no mistake about, they are doing this with a purpose - it is no mistake on their part. The UN sanctions these actions every day.

Now Kofi has his hand out for more money to up-grade the UN building. Of course, he is after the United States, that country that is hated by most of the world and despised for it success, to pick up the tab to the tune of 1.2 billion. What a laugh!! What gall!! He wants to add more floors on so the organization can respond better to crisis around the world. This guy has no conscience. Even Donald Trump told him he was nuts and that he could do it for half that amount. What kofi really wants is to steal more money before he retires - it's always about money and power for Kofi.

I propose that the whole United Nations building be completely rebuilt and the United States will pay for the whole thing, in the Sudan were all of the killers that make up the majority of members will feel right at home. Dead bodies all over the place and tanks in the streets. WOW Now we're having fun, a' Kofi - !

Media Blitz on Delay

I find it amazing that just about any magazine or newspaper that you want to pick up today has a story on Tom Delay, the criminal. The man has not been charged and the from all of the reports the grand jury decision will not stand. Delay's lawyer has issued subpoenas to Mr. Ronnie Earle to produce the documents that he used in the grand jury investigation and subsequent indictment of Delay.

Newsweek and US News and our local papers, as well as the larger dailies, have used information from questionable sources to character assassinate Delay before the public. I find it hard to believe that these sources would use information, according to the US Attorney office, does not stand up to the facts in this case.

Why would they do this? It seems to me that just about every known news source has taken up the drum beat to get Delay in some way. If he is guilty, then I will be the first to throw is ass in jail, but not on the say so of Zuckerman of US News.

This whole thing is starting to take on the same characteristics of the feeding frenzy that prevailed during the monkey trails of Richard Nixon. Even those that didn't seem to have a bias before are now slashing and cutting with the best of them . Only this time we have the internet to balance the lame stream bias - I am sicken by the shear volume of material that is being printed with such an obvious bias - the intensity is unbelievable.

If I am wrong here and just being defensive, let me know in a few weeks when all of this ranting is done and the truth emerges. Because if am right, and I believe that I am, I will sure let you know about it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nagin a Racist?

Mayor Ray Nagin stated that he didn't know what he was going to do with all of the Mexican works that were coming to help clean of the town. On the face of it, that statement doesn't sound like much, but the way he said it and given the state of PC that exists at the hands of the liberals, he should be in deep do. Of course, he is a liberal and they are racist in general so the media will make no comment. If that were a Republican that made a statement like that, all hell would have broken loose - Bennett?

It's like the statements that the liberals made when Rice was named Secretary of State - the media ran cartoons depicting her as a stereotypical 19th century black just out of the cotton fields with captions that made fun of the President with heavy racist overtones. No body cared -

Democrats are racist - they always have been so. They hate minorities, or anyone for that matter, that the liberals deem to be inferior to their self imposed surperior intellect - Nagin fits the mold - the puppet master insist on it!

And what about the police in New Orleans that beat the hell out of that homeless guy - the media is saying it wasn't the cops fault - they are under a lot of pressure - what?!

This shouldn't come as a surprise seeing that Nagin is in charge of these brown shirts. A Known criminal in charge of uniformed thugs. What a town - liberals all! - and they get a pass -what is up with that?

Just when you think these people in the media can't get worse, they do - there is no limit - I do not believe anything that is in the newspaper that is written by AP, UPI, Knight Ridder these days except the comics. Even there three of them take shots every now and then.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Harriet Miers

I don't understand what the big deal is concerning Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. I thought it was supposed to be about a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Not whose party is in control.

Everyone is aware of how the court uses their position to make law rather than interpret it. The Democrats have used this to promote their agenda for years. The liberals could get laws passed in the court that would never get passed the legislature. The people of this country, therefore, have given up their right to vote on legislation if the court is deciding for them as to how this country is governed.

It seems to me that the conservatives have gone over the edge in their tirades condemning Miers. It also seems that they want to change the court so they can legislate their agenda.

What do the conservatives want? A knock down, get bloody fight with the liberals over this thing more than they want someone that will actually interpret the law as set down by the Constitution? I am confused -

I also know that the Republicans have waited for decades to change the court and that these nominations will be for life - President Bush has the chance to nominate more people to the court than just about any other President in history - the conventional wisdom is he will be able to select at least two more to the court. If he is true to his word, than the court would not side with either party. The majority of the judges that sit on the court would use a strict interpretation in deciding what is constitutional and what is not. Isn't that how it is suppose to work?

This would not sit well with the puppet masters in that they don't see any other way to get their agenda before the people because Democrats loose most election and therefore have a minority position in the national legislature. When the puppet masters make the Democrats dance they want them to be the headliners, not the warm-up act.

At the same time, I don't see how this would effect the Democrats due to the spineless Republican always seem to cave to pressure form the left - What is that all about anyway - that is another thing that confuses me -

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Let's switch gears now that it's Saturday and we can put aside the nonsense of political criminals and discuss the meaning of life - heh - in the immortal words of Monte Python " - - now a man with three buttocks".

The saying 'everyone wants to live a long time but no one wants to grow old' is the perfect summation of our lives from the time that we could understand that anyone over the age of thirty was old - I believe that started when I was in my late teens.

Things have changed some now that I am over 60, and I might add that it is for the better - the only regret is that I wish I would have had more smarts about life and living when I was younger. Is that hind sight? Of course it is and that's okay.

Oh boy, another little saying ' too soon old and too late smart' - Maybe it isn't the lack of smarts that I lament so much but being more aware of the world around me when growing up. I had no clue about what it took to really live a life, but I did know that I had to work to make a living. I needed new thinking.

We tend to be so focused on getting ahead and accumulating wealth and position that we didn't have time, or didn't take the time, to see what was important to enjoying life to it's fullest.

I know it's a mind set when you're young to do all the things that seem so important but I have always been amazed at how young people can't seem to take advice form those of us that have been down that rough road and want to help them avoid the pit falls along the way. They smile but it doesn't register.

Getting older and gaining maturity of body and mind is a beautiful thing. One of the most important things that you can do in your life, if you are one of those that is just starting to think about your future, hopefully people in their late twenties, before that the future is today, is to not be afraid of the aging process - it happens so seamlessly that when you arrive at the most mature stages of your life, it will seem like you haven't aged at all -

It is very important that to arrive at the most mentally productive stages in your life you need to have taken care of your body along the way - it won't do your mental state much good if your are locked into some bodily limitation that prevents you from enjoying every aspect of your ultimate maturity. That is you must make an effort to take care of your body so it will be in good operating condition as you grow in age. You must start as soon as possible to make this happen.

I also know that sometimes things go wrong and there isn't anything that we can do about it but these are just bump or chuck holes in the road that we have to get past so we can keep going. In biking racing when a large steep hill comes into view along the race course, I know that the pain will be extensive but I view it as a challenge, not an obstacle. It is something that I have to do and there is no way to get out of it - quitting or giving less than all that I have is not an option!

When it seems the hill is too steep that there just isn't anymore left to give you are surprised to find that there really is more - never give up the good fight. You will be rewarded over and over again as a result.

It might seems easy for me to make these statements now that I have arrived at this point in time, but I know from experience, i.e. maturity, what it takes to make it happen. I have written about this in past posts and I will continue in future ones because it is important to success in living and enjoying life.

By the way, I am still racing in road races and mountain bike races and kicking the butts of guys 20, 30 ,and 40 years younger than I am.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What a flap!!! Valerie is at it again and she is hiding in the shadows along with her cheating and lying husband, Joe Wilson. These two are not nice people.

With the press on their side, making up the news each day to make them look innocent, these two crooks and con-artists can come and go as they please, laughing at the world that thinks they are prisoners of the conservative press - no, it's true, they really believe the press is a Republican strong hold.

Here's how it works - when the liberals want to pull off some sort of lie or half truth to try and destroy someone, they go on the offensive attacking their target with accusations of lying and spreading a smear campaign against some criminal in the liberal strong hold, which is true of course, but the liberals will hammer someone, anyone that looks easy for the press to identify, with these false charges as a smoke screen and diversion so can actually use the same outrageous fabrications on their target but make it look like they are only doing it in defense.

It's the old bait and switch game. The Democrats and their Liberal puppet masters have this down to a science. Pelosi and Schumer and other democrats are guilty of much worse but this screen will protect them. That and the Republicans don't have the backbone to attack them in the same manner.

Cooper, Rove, Miller, Novak and "Schooter" are all players in this fish fry and just how it will come out is anyone's guess given the liberal bias in the press which is already spinning the proceeding to make the Republicans look guilty. If they can't make that happen, it doesn't matter, they will just move on to some other story that they can dream up to make a big splash that will get people to read the head lines and form an opinion - it doesn't have to be true, it just has to hurt the conservatives. The truth means nothing.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well I sure have taken some heat for my last post on the two crooks from New Orleans -Blanco and Nagin - the other two liberals in that state are no walk in the park either.

Now think about it for one minute, what reason that can you come with that would make Nagin not have the drivers read to get those people out before the storm hit - he had plenty of time to get organized - he had an emergency plan in place - he knew the problems that would come up if the levee broke but yet he did nothing - not with the police or the fire department or the transportation department.

Blanco could not make a decision on the spot when the President called 72 hours before the storm hit and pleaded with her to call out the National Guard, and what did she do - nothing for at least 24 hours. Of course it was too late by then to effectively bring the Guard on line in time - go figure!!!

Even FEMA had the Red Cross and other agencies standing by and the Bataan, a first responder ship, in the harbor 12 hours after the storm hit had already flown missions to rescue people that decided to stay behind - and still the Guard had not fully deployed.

One of the biggest complaints against FEMA was that it didn't respond fast enough - Mike Brown got hammered for it but Blanco was hero for sitting on her thumbs while hundreds died. Even in the congressional hearings the members of the commission gave her a pass, they never hit her with any hard ball questions about her negligence.

I stand by my first post of yesterday - they are guilty of criminal negligence and should be in jail. But wait, they are Democrats and the whole state is Democrat and has been for decades -so it's okay to steal from the taxpayers and lie and back stab everyone that doesn't agree with you and the lame stream media will hail you as a hero so you can get line again to cheat and steal some more - the beat goes on!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together - Judy miller is out of jail because her source gave her permission to use his name in the grand jury investigation of the Valerie Plame case.

This is all so poetic to see Judy go before the media and say she is so glade to out of jail so she can spill her guts about this sorted affair. Just who was it that blew the whistle on Valerie? Do you think that it matters that her neighbors knew she was an agent for the CIA and she herself mentioned on a talk show that she was a "spy". It was no secret in the media that she had connection to the agency and that she is the one that recommended Joe Wilson for the job of investigating the transfer of WMD material from Africa to Iraq.

Now the question that has surfaced is was Scooter, I don't know his last name, but he is an employee of the Vice Presidents, the only source she had and is Scooter a smoke screen to protect the real source, like maybe Valerie herself or even her husband Joe Wilson.

I have maintained that it was one of those two ever since this thing blew up in Joe face last year when he tried to fake the report on WMD materials to make the president look bad before the election. He lied to the president and he lied to the media, of course they didn't care, it was good copy and it made the president look bad -

Miller is riding easy for now but the blogs are digging into this to try and find out just who else had a hand in this. If it was Valerie or Joe we will never know because they won't tell and Judy, being a good liberal, won't give them away, after all they are in this together.

The beat goes on - Tom Delay is going to fight the charges and he expects to see them thrown out as being flawed in concept. He said he will go ahead with his agenda in the House of Representatives even though he had to give up his leadership until the charges are dropped.

Here something that really gets my goat - how is it that Ray "kick them in the stomach" Nagin gets a pass by everyone for his roll in the New Orleans flood disaster - he was the one that abandoned the poor people to their own resources, which they had none, because his bus drivers took off for high ground and most of his police never showed up and the ones that did were part of the problem. The cops never showed up because they don't live in the city, it too dangerous!!! heh - The culture of corruption is rampant in that city - everyone is on the take and it is no better at the state capital.

But you know what, Blanco is the brains behind this whole thing - when President Bush called two days before the storm hit and told her to call out the National Guard, she said she needed 24 hours to think about it and make plans. I believe this is true and the plan was to not call in anyone so the devastation would be complete and the federal government would rebuild the whole damn city for free and make Bush look bad at the same time. Cool!

I believe she wanted this disaster to be complete, including the suffering of those in the Superdome and that is why she stopped the Red Cross and other agencies from entering the area to help. Remember, she didn't want them in there because if the rest to the poor knew that there was help they all would come flocking in and this would make the federal government look like they were in control and the total destruction would be less than they would like.

Blanco and Nagin wanted the flood to happen just the way it did. It worked to because they are both off the hook and in line to steal millions for themselves as they have in the past. Where the Democrats are in control, there is corruption - it is always the same and the press will look the other way. history is just repeating itself in Louisiana at tax payers expense.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Poverty - I just read an interesting article on who is poor and who isn't - now we all think that the poor are those that don't have enough money but that isn't necessarily the truth. Many people that don't have enough money to get where they want to go are just that, poor in finances but they aren't stupid or lazy. They are struggling to get ahead but circumstances in there lives get in the way of success.

This person needs all of our help to over-come handy caps such a education and or training. If they have the tools to get ahead, they will be successful - they have the drive and work ethic but they need the opportunity.

Then there is the person that is a victim - you know what that is - that is the person that has no work ethic and has the liberal establishment in our society behind them to make sure that that person never has a job because he or she has problems that the rest of us have forced on them due to our greed and lack of empathy for the poor. We can't expect these people to rise up by hard work because they have suffered so much from racism at the hands of the Republicans over the years that they just can't be anything other than a slave. And they are, of course, told this over and over by the puppet masters in the Democratic party.

The Democratic Party has a definitive history of racism that started decades ago and is well documented but nobody cares about facts, the lame-stream-media makes sure that they print only those head lines that the puppet masters dictate and they do it willingly. Truth has nothing to do with the quest for power.

Don't you find it curious though that when the Democrats and the angry left shout about the racism of the conservatives, they are only trying to deflect the attention of the public away from themselves and their hatred of the poor and minorities. They have this down to a science and unfortunately, many people buy it hook, line and sinker!

The socialistic society that the liberals want us to live in and have been the driving force to make this happen in America in the last forty years, have no problem with making excuses for these people to make sure that they stay poor so they can use them as a voting block for the Democratic party.

The Democratics have always been the champions of welfare to help foster and perpetuate this victims class. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both black, lead the charge to keep the black community in poverty. They feel if they can keep them poor and stupid this will always be a sure thing in an election cycle.

Of course, Al and Jesse have gotten very rich doing this favor for the black community. The puppet masters have paid them well to be the Judas goats for the Marxist left and they do it willingly. These people have no soul - they are selling their own people into slavery again just as their tribal leaders did two hundred years ago in Africa.

The bottom line is when will the black community wake up to this travesty and throw the bums out - it won't happen unless they do it themselves.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, more blacks voted this presidential election for Republicans then ever before. Maybe the tide is changing and Jesse will have to go back to selling snake oil at the county fair where he started years ago - his days as a shake-down artist will be over.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Finally, I'm home to stay for at least two weeks, that is until I have to head out again to North Dakota for two days. This life on the road is not one that I would enjoy as a career. I am a home body.

I live in the country in a house that is at least 120 years old. I looked at a 1889 plate book and it showed it on this plot then so I have to assume that it was here beyond that. One day I will check at the county seat for further details when it first appeared.

So much has happened in the last several days, especially with Tom Delay. Just what do the liberals intend to do with this trumped up charge? I have heard a talking point from several talking heads that the Republicans are in a culture of corruption. The puppet masters sent out this talking point to all local TV and newspapers at the end of their strings to use as a focus point t in head lines and discussions of the charges. A coordinated effort by the left to make the news -

They want to show that this non-charge of conspiracy to commit some kind of fraud or was it conspired to commit fraud, is running wild in the Republican party? - Corporate funds that were supposed to have been sent to the party in Texas to elect local politicians.

I don't know if it is true or not because he was never charged. His name never appeared in the inditement from the grand jury. But then when did the left ever need facts or proof to commit character assignation. This was the fifth attempt to get Delay by the Marxist left in the state.