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Starbucks Must Redeem Itself : Why? How Come? Who Said?

Why is it that all it takes for an organization of thousands of outlets to change it's company policy is for two people who decided to challenge that companies policy for loitering?

Is this the real story behind the arrest of the two black men at Starbucks?

Do we actually know what was the real reason these two men were at the coffee shop? Did anyone ask them to explain why they didn't order anything but just sat down?

Who are these two men? Where did they come from and what was the real purpose for being there?

What did the store manager do that was in violation of company policy?

So many questions but few answers. Only accusations and demands for change.

Starbucks Closed for One Day : The Group Think Crowd Panicked

You can run from your fears but doing so without a Starbucks coffee cup in your hand is asking too much. Much like the cell phone neurotic behavior, having a cup of coffee in your hand while walking down the street is a must prop, and not just any cup but a Starbucks cup, that will explain to everyone that you except the notion and ideology of group think and therefore are relieved of the fear of being attacked for individual thought and actions.

Can there be anything worse then being cast out of the group for nonconformity to the excepted narrative and beliefs that everyone else has. Self esteem and security is found in being accepted.

The outside world is cold and fearful and must be avoided at all costs. panicked 

Being accepted in the group is security. Being shunned is death.

democrats Living In the Present : Republicans Believing In the Future

Republicans have no idea of how to take a 'selfee' - but on the other hand the democrats do as it isn't about the issues, it's all about being with the here and now, and being seen with or close to those that dominate the immediate.

democrats are about the charade. No substance and no reality, only the present and how to take advantage of a situation that will show others your status.

Look at me.

Comey Explains democrat Vote Getting Strategy : Unvarnished Truth Telling?

What happens when democrats explain truth as they know it to be?
It seems the democrats are on a roll. No matter which way they turn, they become more transparent and truthful as to who the are.

I wonder why they believe this turn of strategy from decades of lying and deception will work as an already skeptical population that are looking for answers to the question of who the hell are these people?

I mean, really? democrats telling the truth as to who the really are? Come on. Shut the front door!! Get outa' Dodge!

Can you believe this is happening from such seasoned politicians in the art of bold faced lying and deceptions? democrats are professionals in the art of deception. Why now come out of the shadows and tell the world they are who they are?

Are they scared the actual people are beginning to see and understand? If so why come out and put themselves on display as charlatans and con-men after generations of saying they are all about the little people?

This would be funny if it weren't about the security of our country being at stake. Never vote for another democrat.

Interior Secretary Attacked : Travel Expenses Investigated

I wonder why the investigation in the media doesn't cover the related and comparative expenses from the Ogbjma years, even from Republicans? Why the silence? And what are reasonable costs for travel and what are the circumstances at the time? And what would have been the alternative solutions for each of these costs for air travel?

And why hasn't an Inspector general been nominated for this department and approved by congress?  hmmmmm - Where is Senator McConnell on this delay? This wouldn't be a stonewall, would it Mitch?

What is real and what is unreal in this situation. Should travel expenses be investigated, sure. But there seems to be a lot of factors that have been intentionally left out. Who knew?

It just seems this is just another attack from the progressive socialist media and progressive socialist liberal democrats, I repeat myself, that is an ongoing necessity to continue it's efforts to bring chaos and conflict to the Republicans and the Trump administration.  

Obama Interior Secretaries Spent More Than Ryan Zinke on Chartered Flights
Kevin Mooney / /

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has spent far fewer taxpayer dollars on chartered flights than his two predecessors in the Obama administration, public records show.

The Daily Signal’s examination of travel records found that on average Zinke’s two predecessors spent more annually on such noncommercial flights, despite media reports critical of Zinke’s spending on travel. The cost of such chartered flights for Zinke totaled $72,849 in his first six months as interior secretary, the travel records show.

The average annual cost of such flights was $155,515 for predecessors Ken Salazar and Sally Jewell from fiscal years 2010 to 2016, according to records provided by the Interior Department to the House Natural Resources Committee. Salazar and Jewell spent just over $1 million on chartered flights over the seven years, the records show.

Taxpayers were billed for more than $640,000 for Salazar’s chartered flights over fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012. Recent media reports, however, have taken critical looks at Zinke’s travel costs.

The Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General released a report Monday on Zinke’s use of chartered and military aircraft between March and September 2017, the span of fiscal year 2017 when he was interior secretary. The report came in response to “several allegations of travel-related waste,” the office explains.

For several months, Politico and other national news outlets have focused on Zinke’s flights on chartered and military aircraft in reports that suggested he was wasting taxpayer money on the flights.

In reality, in spending $72,849 on the six trips on noncommercial flights, Zinke substantially reduced such taxpayer costs during his first six months in office, according to the secretarial travel records provided Oct. 31 by Interior to the Natural Resources Committee. In fiscal 2011, or October 2010 through September 2011, Salazar took 19 trips on noncommercial flights at a cost of $247,712, his highest annual total, the records show.

In fiscal 2014, Jewell took seven trips on noncommercial flights at a cost of $145,804, her highest annual total.

The Daily Signal did not examine Zinke’s use of commercial flights to travel, or possible other arrangements with fellow Trump administration officials.

Salazar headed the Interior Department from Jan. 20, 2009, to April 12, 2013. Jewell held the top Interior post from then until Jan. 20, 2017, when Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

Zinke, a former Navy SEAL and Montana congressman, took over Interior a little over a year ago, on March 1, 2017.

The Interior Department travel records sent to Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, also show the department spent a little more than $19,000 of the $72,849 on three chartered prop planes for Zinke’s secretarial travel.

Zinke has taken no chartered flights so far in 2018, department spokeswoman Heather Swift told The Daily Signal.

Although the inspector general’s report released Monday largely exonerates Zinke from the allegations of waste, it does criticize one of his chartered flights:

''We determined that Zinke’s use of chartered flights in fiscal year (FY) 2017 generally followed relevant law, policy, rules, and regulations, and that two of the three chartered flights he took that year appeared reasonable and related to DOI [Interior Department] business. We found, however, that a $12,375 chartered flight he took in June 2017 after speaking at the developmental camp for the Golden Knights, a professional hockey team based in Las Vegas, NV, could have been avoided.''

The Interior Department doesn’t have a permanent inspector general, who must be confirmed by the Senate. Trump has not nominated anyone to fill the position. Mary L. Kendall, Interior’s deputy inspector general since 1999, during the Clinton administration, is the acting inspector general.

Swift, the Interior spokeswoman, told The Daily Signal in an email Wednesday that the inspector general’s report confirms that Zinke followed the law and department guidelines:

''This report said exactly what was known all along. The use of chartered aircraft ‘followed relevant law, policy, rules, and regulations. The uses and purposes of the flights also appeared reasonable for official DOI business.’'

Additionally, the report shows that in every instance reviewed, the secretary’s staff consulted with and sought prior approval from the career ethics officials and travel lawyers, and that we follow their expert advice.

In a written response sent to Kendall, Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt takes issue with the report’s criticisms of Zinke’s chartered turboprop flight from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Kalispell, Montana, to attend the Western Governors’ Association Conference.

“Specifically, I am concerned that glib suggestions that the department paid $12,000 to accommodate a 12-minute speech do not fully account for the facts and circumstances surrounding that trip,” Bernhardt says in the memo to Kendall, adding:

Reading through your report I was surprised to see that it only focused on the advanced planning for the secretary’s Nevada trip, and did not address the actual on-the-ground execution. While this examination of the process is valuable, it is only a portion of the factual picture.

For example, your report never mentions that the secretary stopped to inspect Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and visit with department employees after meeting with local leaders and announcing Payment in Lieu of Taxes grants in Pahrump, Nevada and before attending the Golden Knights event in Las Vegas. This is a significant omission.

When the secretary’s visit to Red Rock Canyon is added to the timeline, it is dubious whether the secretary would have been able to get to the airport in Las Vegas in time to catch the last commercial flight to meet with the Western Governors Association (WGA), even if the stop with the Golden Knights were scrapped.

The inspector general’s “failure to consider these on-the-ground realities is a glaring omission,” Bernhardt writes in the memo to Kendall.

The Daily Signal asked the inspector general’s office whether its investigation of Zinke’s use of chartered flights is a new area of inquiry, and if it ever conducted an investigation into chartered flights under the Obama Interior Department.

“No, we conduct investigations into a wide range of allegations regarding fraud, waste, and mismanagement,” Nancy K. DiPaolo, director of external affairs for the office, responded Wednesday in an email. “We did not receive nor investigate allegations of misuse of chartered aircraft by the former Secretary of the Interior or political leadership of the previous administration.”

The Daily Signal also asked whether Kendall had a response to Bernhardt’s underlining the “glaring omission” of facts in the report’s criticism of one of Zinke’s chartered flights.

“We appreciate the careful review of our investigative work and prompt attention to matters requiring attention,” DiPaolo said. “We meet regularly with recipients of our reports to address any questions and to solicit feedback. We appreciate the Deputy Secretary engaging in such discussions.”

The Daily Signal’s initial review of air travel records for the Obama Interior Department in fiscal 2013, 2014, and 2015 found that many are vague about actual costs. The records for these years identify individual Interior Department officials, where they traveled, and the costs of premium and coach fares.  However, the records don’t indicate which fare the traveling officials selected. Nor do they specify Jewell or Salazar and their costs.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Social Media Demands Total Power : Users Comply?

Being a Republican or a Conservative means you can run but you can't hide from those that wish to do you harm.  They make no reference to being unbiased. They come out boldly and explain they hate what and who you are. They will do everything in their power to stop you from being an a free individual with desires to be better, more productive and successful.

It appears that these social media organizations are ready an willing to take away everyone freedoms if you have ideas and opinions that different from those organizations agendas and ideology of progressive liberal socialism. 

History is full of these same ideologies that began in the same manner and then changed into institutions that became benign, corrupted and criminal to the point where they were allowed to demand and get total power.

The result, as most of us that are still awake know, were catastrophic for all man kind.

Can't happen here.  Right? - Wrong! It's happening right now.

''They Will Never Allow Me To Win : I Did Everything Right!

History will report that she didn't go willingly.
And then the struggle was for justice. She knew there were forces at hand she couldn't fight.

No matter what she said or did, she couldn't' win. The only conclusion that was inevitable was to be imprisoned in more failure.

But not to worry, she know she still has her husband for comfort. He can call her and then see her on weekends.

Trump's Anti-Proverty Order : Individuals Taking Charge

''The poor will always be with us''. I wonder who said that? Oh wait, I think it came from that liberal hated book called the Bible. Even 2000 years ago they understood. It seem now the poor and disadvantaged are more useful as tools to gain power and advantage over others.

It's not lost on those that want to end programs that define success as accomplishment of goals. Progressives know that once an individuals realizes what self empowered success really feels like, they will never go back to living a life on their knees.

Individuals that can produce a living by hard work will destroy the progressive socialist ideology of one size fits all and the progressive motto of  'we are here to save you from yourself. We will take care of you'.

Bottom line here is to make sure success continues to infiltrate the ranks of unemployed and the supposedly helpless, never vote for a democrat on any level of government. If you do it just means more pain and continued failure for everyone.

Trump’s Vitally Important Anti-Poverty Initiative
Star Parker / /

It takes a lot of courage for a president to target almost a quarter of the federal budget for reform in an election year. But this is exactly what President Donald Trump is doing with his executive order, “Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility.”

We’re now spending more than $700 billion per year on low-income assistance, which is more than we are spending on our national defense. And there are plenty of reasons to believe this spending is inefficient, wasteful, and counterproductive.

Over the last half-century, some $22 trillion has been spent on anti-poverty programs and yet the percentage of poor in this nation remains unchanged. And it is not only a matter of the percentage staying the same but also that the people and families who are born poor stay that way.

The “Better Way” report produced by the House speaker’s office in 2016 reported that 34 percent of those born and raised in the bottom fifth of the income scale remain there all their lives.

The point has often been made that the greatest charitable gesture is teaching those in need to help themselves.

This principle defines the president’s reforms to our anti-poverty programs and spending. Let’s make sure that every dollar spent goes to those truly in need and that those dollars are spent to maximize the likelihood that the recipients will get on their feet and become independent, productive, income-earning citizens.

The executive order directs federal agencies to review the some 80 federal anti-poverty programs, consolidate where there is redundancy and overlap, and look to reform by applying the principles of hard work and self-sufficiency.

Needless to say, the usual left-wing megaphones, those that can’t tell the difference between compassion and spending billions of other people’s dollars, have wasted no time to go on attack.

The headline from the Southern Poverty Law Center screams, “Trump’s executive order on work requirements punishes low-income people for being poor.” Calling the executive order “heartless,” the Southern Poverty Law Center rejects the premise that there are those receiving benefits from these programs who could work but don’t.

However, Robert Doar of the American Enterprise Institute reports that there are almost 20 million working-age Americans receiving benefits under Medicaid and food stamps who don’t work. The Better Way report notes that “44 percent of work-capable households using federal rental assistance report no annual income from wages.”  But it’s not just about work requirements.

Vital to this reform project is moving programs out of Washington’s grasp and into the administrations at the state and local levels. Assistance programs need humanity and flexibility. This can only be done locally. There’s no way an army of bureaucrats in Washington can develop and implement programs for 50 million needy individuals that can properly recognize what unique individuals need to move out of poverty.

Assistance programs need to promote and embody those principles that go hand in hand with prosperity—ownership, investment, savings, and personal freedom and responsibility. According to the Better Way report, almost 10 million Americans have no bank account and another 25 million have an account but get financial services outside of the banking system.

When I was a young woman on welfare, I saw the destruction that occurs when assistance programs penalize work, marriage, and saving, as was the case with the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program. Subsequently, this was reformed and transformed with great success to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

We can’t go on spending hundreds of billions of dollars of limited taxpayer funds on programs that may have been conceived with sincerity and compassion but don’t work. Trump deserves credit for exercising the courage and vision to move to fix what is broken in our anti-poverty programs. It is vital for the poor and vital for the nation.

Tax Reform : A Never Ending Process

Little wonder the progressive socialist liberal democrats will fight these tax reforms and if the liberal democrats can win the house and maybe even the senate, tax reform will be a thing of the past.

democrats need to raise the taxes of those that produce the revenue to the government so they use that money to buy votes from those that believe it's just easier to vote like they are told then having to produce anything to support themselves, which of course builds a permanent vote base for the democrats using other peoples money. 

That strategy has been a bedrock plank in the progressive democrat agenda for decades.

Tax Reform 2.0 Is About Creating Culture of Ongoing Reforms, Ways and Means Chairman Says
Rachel del Guidice / /

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, says he wants tax reform 2.0 to be about creating a culture of reform so that the country does not regress and wait decades to further streamline the tax code.

“I want to change the culture in Washington,” Brady said Wednesday during a speech on the future of tax reform at The Heritage Foundation. “Tax reform 2.0 is really about tax reform and improvement every year, just like the continuous improvement our businesses undertake,” he said, adding:

It’s important for Congress every year to be looking at … how do we make America and our businesses more competitive, how do we make them more innovative, how do we become more family-friendly in our tax code, how do we become better as a nation?

The Ways and Means chairman said he wants Congress and the administration to explore reforms and policies where families can save earlier and more efficiently for education, retirement, and health care, and encourage innovation that builds on the reform Congress passed in December.

The last time the tax code was updated was in 1986 with President Ronald Reagan’s Tax Reform Act.

“We are never going to let America fall this far behind again,” Brady said. “The old way of doing things, which is to do tax reform once every 30 years and in between just adopt a bunch of special-interest provisions because people are scrambling to stay competitive, those days are over.”

During a panel discussion of tax experts following the chairman’s remarks, Scott Hodge, president of the Tax Foundation, said that Congress should follow the example states have set in their proactivity to make reform an ongoing process.

“There are many states that do this,” Hodge said. “Indiana, where the vice president was governor for so many years, did have a culture and does continue to have a culture of cutting tax rates each and every year, trying to refine its system to make it more competitive.”

Increased simplification of the tax system is also in the best economic interests of the country, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of America Action Forum, a conservative research organization, said during the panel.

“The left is going to want to unwind everything that just happened,” Holtz-Eakin said. “They are dead set on raising the corporate rate back up to 35, 40 [percent] if they can … And so phase two of tax reform has to include taking care of the other side of the ledger on the spending, so that there is better political positioning and economic positioning to avoid the need to do those kinds of things.”

The costs of businesses working to navigate the IRS code should also incentivize simplification, David Burton, a senior fellow in economic policy at The Heritage Foundation, said. “We need to take seriously that we need simplification, particularly for businesses, because these things have costs. I believe you guys estimated that the compliance costs of the Internal Revenue Code is $400 billion a year … we need to simplify the system and this bill, while it had some very, very positive aspects, did not do that,” Burton said.

Adam Michel, a tax policy expert at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal in an email that an important priority going forward is making reforms of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent.
“The most important next step of reform is to make the [Tax Cuts and Jobs Act] permanent,” Michel said. “By making the recent reforms permanent and expanding expensing to structures, a reform highlighted by the panelists, Congress could double the expected growth from [the tax reform law].”

According to Americans for Tax Reform, 508 companies and counting have announced bonuses, raises, utility cuts, and other benefits due to Republicans’ tax overhaul, which went into effect Jan. 1.

Parkland Student 2nd Amt. Rally On Columbine Anniversary : School Board Says No

Students plan a 2nd Amendment rally. School board say no.

One still has to wonder about the agenda and ideology of so many of our school boards and superintendents that are firmly ready and willing to subvert free speech and assembly to support a progressive socialist liberal narrative and agenda?

How did this happen and where did this mentality of socialist tyranny come from that appears to be so wide spread?

Also what is a little more then scary is we won't know just how wide spread the socialist liberal agenda really is until the worst happens.

Parkland Student Plans Conservative Livestream on Columbine Anniversary
Ginny Montalbano / /

Conservative Parkland student Kyle Kashuv is organizing a pro-Second Amendment Facebook Live show on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting.

''I am working on having 4 prominent speakers, one every 15 minutes, go live on Facebook at 10:00 AM-11:00 AM on Friday, to discuss ways to save lives without infringing on 2A and the importance of mental health and not bullying.

Kashuv, 16, tweeted that the goal is to “discuss ways to save lives without infringing on [the Second Amendment] and the importance of mental health and not bullying.”

Confirmed speakers for the livestream so far include Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump; Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of Turning Point USA; Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director; and Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union.

''Apparently, according to people at my school, Fridays school walkouts were approved by the school board - the same school board that blocked @charliekirk11 from coming and said they're not letting MSD get political on campus. Originally, Kashuv planned to bring Kirk to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Friday for a discussion of the Second Amendment.

However, the school blocked Kirk from coming on the grounds that “non-school sponsored, student-initiated guest speaker assemblies/meetings are not permitted to take place on campus,” according to a spokeswoman with Broward school district, reported the Sun Sentinel.

Kirk spoke to “Fox & Friends” Sunday about his intended message, had he been allowed to speak in Florida.  “My mission would not have been to offend. I did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but instead … here’s what really troubles me. Ever since that horrific shooting, the national conversation predominantly from students from that school has been about gun confiscation, about taking people’s guns away,” he said.

Kirk went on to say that conversations about the law enforcement failures at state and local levels are important to address, even though the left wants to stay focused on gun control.

Another Parkland student, David Hogg, is promoting a walkout Friday.

Kashuv confirmed to The Daily Signal that Kirk will be coming to Parkland on Tuesday, April 24 to speak off campus to students.