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FBI Finds Old Ways Gone : Comey Faces Reality

Comey lives life outside of reality. Never had to fear telling the truth,
until know.
Criminals that breed at the FBI and are part and parcel of the progressive socialist liberal left democrat collective, that is currently trying to steal our country from the people that inherited it from past patriots, are now starting to take the country back.

The progressive liberal criminals mean to do us harm.

Asylum Laws Focused On Persecuted : Escaping Local Violence Not Valid.

The internationals law and United States law was designed to restrict the movement of people strictly on a basis of need for a better life due to local situations, rather then state sponsored terror against a people for being different.

As this author reasonable states, the United States cannot and should not be open everyone in the world that finds a need to be free of personal violence. 

Just think about the millions of refugee fleeing from war zones into western Europe. Are they rightfully being persecuted for being different or victims of tyrants seeking power.

Asylum Laws Must Remain Focused on the Persecuted
David Inserra / /

Asylum has been in the news a good deal lately, most recently with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision on Monday to restrict domestic and gang violence victims from receiving asylum in the U.S.

While the decision has been attacked by various immigrant groups, a closer look at U.S. asylum law indicates this limitation was necessary to preserve our existing asylum and immigration laws.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, asylum seekers must meet the same criteria as refugees—they must be “unable or unwilling to return to his or her country of nationality because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

As a result, asylum is not open simply to anyone who is a victim of violence or coercion, but rather to victims of violence that is generally state-led or sponsored and that specifically targets members of a discrete group.

For example, a shop owner who is forced to pay protection money to the local mafia has been threatened with real violence. But the reason she was threatened was because the mafia wanted money from and power over her and many other people in the town. In other words, she was not targeted because of her political party of choice, her race, or her religion.

Asylum and refugee laws and international agreements were written this way because they were not designed to address all examples of violence that could occur within a society. Instead, asylum and refugee laws offer help to those who are specifically targeted for their beliefs or core characteristics.

This brings us back to Sessions’ decision to exclude the victims of gang and domestic violence from asylum. No one doubts that gang violence in Latin America is severe and has destroyed thousands of lives, while negatively impacting the entire region. Similarly, crimes of domestic and spousal violence and abuse are horrendous travesties where victims are harmed by those who should protect and love them.

But violence alone, no matter how terrible and sad, is not grounds for asylum. In this case, victims of gang and domestic violence are victims of violence, yes, but that violence is not generally state-sponsored persecution based on their social group, as specified by U.S. law.

To fit these victims of violence into the asylum category, the immigration courts—which the Department of Justice runs separately from U.S. criminal and appeals courts—have been expanding the kinds of people who can qualify for asylum status by applying increasingly tenuous characteristics such as “membership in a social group.”

According to this logic, married women can be defined as their own social group, and then the argument can be made that crimes by private individuals against others (who happen to be women) must have been on account of their social group.

Similarly, the logic suggests that anyone living near an active gang counts as a social group, and anyone who is the victim of gang violence must have been victimized based on this social group.

These examples demolish nearly any restriction on who can claim asylum, and in fact obliterate the original meaning of asylum and the purpose of asylum laws.

Not only does this reasoning ignore the actual laws and agreements officially on the books, but its effect has been to encourage asylum-seeking, such that the number of asylum seekers has dramatically increased in recent years.

The U.S. should and proudly does help those who are persecuted, but the U.S. is not and cannot be responsible for every victim of crime everywhere in the world.

By restricting asylum laws to those who fully fit the criteria, Sessions is ensuring these laws fully protect the persecuted, while also upholding the immigration system as a whole.

democrats Express Election Strategy : Raging Ignorance and Hate

Even when we actually witness democrat insanity on public television, it seems many among us still are willing to vote for them. Why is that? Who are these people? Why would actual working men and women that take responsibly for themselves and their families deny what they see and hear as reality?

The sadist part in all of this is when someone like Robert De Niro publicly expresses his literal personal insanity on national television, using fowl language that the FCC finds unlawful to a crowd of like privileged and monied advocates, we all that must live in the trenches on a daily basis have to find this unacceptable and frightening for our safety.

So don't vote for democrats, ever, if you want to reclaim our country from decline and progressive socialism. Raging ignorance and hate is not a winning strategy.

Insanity by any other name is still democrat ideology.

Tolerance For Opinions : democrats Explain Tolerance

democrats tolerate everyone. Oh, except Donald Trump and 
all Republicans. It's called progressive denial of reality. It's 
also called insanity.

It's as though the democrats really believe they are on the side of virtue and responsibility.

And this is the part that makes grown men and women with reputations for understanding common sense and logical discussion, stammer and stutter unable to communicate a response to democrat ideology.

Why are they, the democrats, so willing to express themselves without any part of logic or reasonable intellect during confrontations with the general public?

Is the only time they appear sane is when they are talking to each other? Medical professionals believe this is true.

But the real question that remains is why all the hate for Donald Trump and Conservatives? Sure he won the election crushing the democrat candidate, but that was long ago. Can it be the democrats have always harbored this hate for Republicans that are showing signs of being reasonable and successful?

But is it only now when someone comes on the scene and calls them out about it? Especially someone that beat them at their own game?  I wonder to about what happened to all of their claims of tolerance and inclusion for differing opinions? Never was any?

Relax, we know there wasn't ever any tolerance for anything other then progressive socialist liberal democrat ideolog. To believe otherwise make you insane.

The Public Trust For democrats : Lower Then Gas Station Sushi?

Sushi anyone? Goodness! Besides this crushing news concerning democrat integrity, progressive democrat trust among the public to tell the truth about anything is so low that even used car salesmen are found to be paragons of virtue in comparison.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Knife Killings In England Rising : British Judge Says Kitchen Knifes Are Dangerous

The English are experiencing now what the results of what American gun control advocates, demand confiscation of all guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, that preach on a daily basis, gun confiscation will solve all problems with mass killings and other gun related problems.

And with England as a poster child of how gun confiscation works, how do you stop the criminals that will always have guns. 

But as we have stated on many other occasions here, taking away the right of citizen to own a fire arm isn't about mass killings of children or anything else related to safety from others that are unbalanced, insane or are terrorist.

For the progressive socialsit liberal democrats, this all about disarming the population, leaving the citizen no options to the tyranny of few that want to deicide what is best for everyone. And if you disagree, there will be a program available to government officials that will make substantial changes to your way of thinking. Individual freedom will be outlawed.  In come cases, the decision from officials will be permanently.

Never vote democrat. Because if you do, rest assured, the worst of the progressive socialist liberal agenda and ideology promises with become a reality. 

Once individual freedom has be compromised, relinquished for promised security, all will be lost.

With Knife Crimes on Rise, British Judge Recommends Duller Kitchen Knives
Katherine Rohloff /

A veteran British judge says Britons should round off the tips of their large kitchen knives as a way to cut down on the rising number of knife attacks in England, which has strict gun controls.

Judge Nicholas Madge made his proposal at his recent retirement ceremony after 77 knife-related incidents, including three deaths, occurred in Bedfordshire, England, over the prior two months, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

“Why do we need 8-inch or 10-inch kitchen knives with points?” Madge said at the May 25 event. “Butchers and fishmongers do, but how often, if at all, does a domestic chef use the point of an 8-inch or 10-inch knife? Rarely, if at all.”

Amy Swearer, legal policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, ridiculed the idea as knife control. Rounding off the tips of kitchen knives, Swearer told The Daily Signal, is “the liberals’ version of gun control in England, 40 years ahead of the United States.”
“Blunt tips for knives seems practically absurd. You can make a shank out of plastic in prison,” Swearer said. “Will they regulate plastic next? Where will the line be drawn?”

The Heritage policy analyst attributes Madge’s “extreme” proposal to England’s gun control policy, in place since the mid-to-late 1990s. England slowly achieved the dream of American gun control advocates, but it didn’t help curb crime, Swearer said.  “To keep people safe, allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves,” she said.

Today, England suffers from an epidemic of so-called “hot burglaries.” Hot burglaries occur when an individual enters a house despite knowing that the resident is home.  Swearer said that in the U.S., 14 percent of all burglaries are “hot,” while England’s “hot” rate is 60 percent.

“There was a study that asked burglars why they did or did not commit hot burglaries,” she said. “American burglars said residents were more likely to have a gun, while English burglars knew that the resident didn’t have a gun, and that they could get [the victim] to open [his or her] safe.”

Swearer attributed that to the Second Amendment right to bear arms, a right Britons don’t enjoy:

''England didn’t have a gun problem, and did everything [American pro-gun control advocates] wanted. Now, they are in a worse, violent situation than they were already in, even compared to the U.S. By cracking down on the most basic things, liberals are laughing. … Basically, Britain has become a police-protectionism state, so now [the British] have the right to hope that the police arrive in time before they are killed.

Madge’s call for blunting knives stems from the fact that deadly mass attacks may be committed using anything that can serve as a weapon.  England has seen a 21 percent spike in knife and other non-gun related incidents from 2011 to 2017, with an incident occurring every 14 minutes with a sharp object, the Independent reported.

Swearer said that’s because knives in England have become the “new guns.” If British citizens were given their guns back, she said, England would be better off:

We have the Second Amendment, literally, for things like this, and we shouldn’t listen to people who try to diminish it. The Second Amendment protects firearms used by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes. When we ignore these provisions, that basically removes a very serious protection that prevents us from going down the path that the Founding Fathers did not want, and become just like England.

Trump Challenges NFL Players : Tell Me The Problem

But it's about reality, taking a knee during the national anthem before a football game is just the easiest way for them, the players to message the nation on how ignorant, uninformed and ill-informed the players are that do take kneel are about what this country is all about.

Do the players have a legitimate cause to bring havoc on the National Football League with their protesting of the anthem? Maybe, but it's for the most part anecdotal in nature.  The information that is available says the problem of police targeting blacks and the black prison population tells a different story. 

It's much more complicated then just being defined in the simplest terms of a police system targeting certain individuals because of skin color. 

Trump Challenges NFL Players to Put Up or Shut Up

President Donald Trump gave an interesting answer to a reporter about the National Football League’s national anthem problem.  “I’m going to ask all of those people to recommend to me—because that’s what they’re protesting—people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system,” Trump said at the White House before departing for the G-7 summit, according to the New York Post. “I’m going to take a look at those applications, and if I find—and my committee finds—that they’ve been unfairly treated, then we’ll pardon them,” the president said. “Or at least let them out.”

Trump already has posthumously pardoned boxing legend Jack Johnson and said he’d consider Muhammad Ali as well, whether that’s necessary or not. He’s clearly been on a pardon spree.

The response to Trump’s proposal to the players will be quite telling.

One of the problems with the NFL’s kneeling movement is that it has a specific target—the national anthem and the American flag—yet nebulous demands. Despite players’ claims otherwise, many fans say they believe the players are protesting America, the military, and law enforcement in general.

Trump’s proposal puts players on the spot. If they have specific concerns that they want addressed, certain injustices that are intolerable, the president says he will work with them to rectify those issues.

It has been said that baseball is America’s pastime, but football is America’s passion.  Major League Baseball doesn’t quite sit at the cultural height it once did in this country. The game has receded during the seemingly inevitable rise of the National Football League in particular.

But now the NFL has a huge problem on its hands.

The national anthem controversy has damaged the league among its most passionate fans. And it clearly has played a key role in the swift decline in viewers, especially in the past year when the protests and media coverage of them exploded.

This statistic, noted by New York Daily News, should be particularly concerning:

''A survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News revealed that adults who say they follow the league closely have dropped 9 percent since 2014. And strikingly, men aged 18 to 49—the league’s core demographic—who say they follow the NFL closely are down from 75 to 51 percent over the same period.

This is not a league that can thrive without a passionate fan base.

The NFL notably changed its policy for the upcoming season, electing to fine teams—though not individuals—for kneeling in protest during the anthem. Players who wish to protest now will be allowed to stay in the locker room while the song is played.  This is no guarantee that angry fans will suddenly be pleased again. And as we saw with the aborted White House visit by the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, the protests and contention haven’t abated.

While many of these fans may never come back to the NFL, Trump has offered at least one resolution to the league’s problem.  Protesting players who are sincere about their goals should take the president’s challenge seriously.

If, instead, the movement is simply focused on protesting America as a racist country or is just resistance to Trump from the sports world, then the players and league will become further isolated from their unhappy fans, who mostly dislike the protests.

And if the league wants to save itself from constant protest, declining fan interest, and permanent politicization, then the players would be wise to at least consider Trump’s proposal and look to work with the president when he offers an olive branch.

New York City Schools Deny Legal Immigrant Children? : Liberal Ideology At Work

That the New York City specialty schools are having a problem which stems from the simple fact that the school system is controlled by progressive liberal socialist. It never fails the assumption of failure when progressive democrats are at the levers of power. No matter the situation, failure to deliver is always a given.

And it is about power, the power to control all outcomes. Results are of no consequence as long as the agenda and ideology are in play.

Do not vote for democrats. It is a failure of common sense and logic.

New York City Liberals Give the Shaft to Children of Legal Immigrants
Michelle Malkin / @michellemalkin / June 13, 2018

“I also have a dream.”

This rallying cry, handwritten on a simple white placard held up by an Asian-American mom at a protest this week against liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to radically transform New York City’s public schools, says it all. A new civil rights struggle in education has exploded—yet the national media and the usual celebrity voices for equality and justice are nowhere to be found.

While student “Dreamers” here illegally from south of the border garner bleeding-heart front-page stories and nightly news dispatches, the high-achieving sons and daughters of legal immigrants from Asia are getting shafted by far-left Democrats.

And it’s all in the perverted name of “diversity.”

De Blasio is hell-bent on destroying equal opportunity and merit-based admissions because the results are not equally distributed according to his social-engineering agenda. The Big Apple’s famed specialized schools, such as the Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Technical High School, and High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College, require an academic entrance exam. It’s a highly competitive process in which tens of thousands of students vie for a total of about 5,000 slots.

So what’s the problem? According to the bean-counting extremists, too many Asian-Americans have aced the test and are “overrepresented.”

It’s not enough for the social justice crowd to settle for a 20 percent minority set-aside. They want to scrap the test altogether. A bill to eliminate the exams passed the state Assembly education committee last week. Though it may die this year, the toxic principles underlying the legislation have infected the left for decades.

Dullard de Blasio falsely argues that white privilege and class privilege are to blame for the lack of black and Latino student representation at the elite schools. The two groups account for 67 percent of public school students but only made up 10 percent of elite school admissions offers last year. By contrast, Asian-Americans, who make up 16 percent of public school students, received 52 percent of offers in the past year.

So are Asian-Americans classified as “white” now? And how does de Blasio get away with the lie that these best and brightest Asian-American students are economically privileged?

Fact: The city’s own poverty assessment shows that Asians are the poorest demographic group, with 24.1 percent living at or below poverty—vs. 19.5 percent citywide. The New York Post reports that overall, 45 percent of students at the “elite eight” schools qualify for free lunch.

As I’ve observed for years, liberal race-fixers believe that “too many” Asian-American students winning school admissions on their own merits is a bad, bad thing. In our case, overcoming the supposed encumbrances of ethnicity and skin color is viewed not as a proud accomplishment but as a political liability.

This is classic crab-in-the-bucket syndrome. If you put a single crab in an uncovered bucket, it will find a way to climb up and out on its own. But if you put a dozen crabs in a bucket, eleven will fight with all their might to pull down the independent striver who attempts to escape. And so it is with the identity politics mob and the equality of outcome cult. They can’t stand high achievers and freethinkers who escape their iron grip.

A sad irony of the battle over racial preferences in education is that many of the very leaders who have lobbied hardest to re-jigger the numbers on college campuses to fit a politically correct, proportional ideal are supposedly “progressive” Asian-Americans.

I personally endured attacks from many of them who labeled me and other conservative minority leaders “sellouts” for opposing government-imposed diversity policies that sabotaged color-blindness and punished academic excellence.

Now, those same quota champions are seeing those same policies blow up in their faces in New York City’s high schools. “Diversity” at all costs means taking the hardest-working, top-scoring students who earned their seats on the bus—and tossing them under the wheels.

Tell me again who the real sellouts are?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Pride Month : Corporations And States Take A Knee

It isn't about working and fighting to finding the freedom to chose your own path in life, this is about demanding special privileges and laws that limit or eliminate everyone's else freedom to chose their path is life.

This about getting the power to change outcomes. This is about the power to force others to do someone's will.

Again, this is the tyranny of the few driving the hate and destruction of individual freedom that they say is their goal. 

How is that less then .03% of the population of this country can demand the rest of the country to take a knee to them and succeed?

From Tolerance to Celebration: How Corporations Impose Sexual Orthodoxy

June is Pride Month for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, and popular fashion retailer J. Crew has collaborated with the Human Rights Campaign to create a clothing collection to support the “fight for equality.”

The clothing includes adult and children’s socks, T-shirts, and a tote bag, and depicts rainbow-printed slogans such as “Love First” and “Love to All” as well as the yellow equal sign logo of the Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation’s largest advocates of the LGBT political agenda. The items come in sizes for children as young as 2.

J. Crew says it will donate 50 percent of the purchase price of items in the collection to HRC. In addition, J. Crew stores nationwide reserved June 9 as a day of “LGBTQ pride” celebration on which customers could “share the love” or “get ready for a parade” with free flags and temporary tattoos.

J. Crew is a private company that has the right to partner with any organization. But it is part of a growing trend in corporate America of household brands that promote illiberal legislation to undermine the First Amendment. Others include Amazon, American Airlines, Apple, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Hershey, Microsoft, Target, Twitter, and Uber.

In the name of promoting “tolerance” for some customers, these corporations erode the freedoms of others.

The Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, spearheads efforts to pass state and federal legislation that would limit the constitutional freedoms of those who believe in marriage between a man and a woman, a belief that has been held by people around the world for millennia.

In Congress, the Human Rights Campaign leads the charge to pass the Equality Act, a bill that would add both “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Jury Selection and Services Act, and several other laws regarding employment with the federal government.

If passed, the Equality Act would impact a broad spectrum of private businesses by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to laws prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations. Although the original purpose of such laws during the civil rights movement was to shield racial minorities from invidious identity-based discrimination, LGBT activists seek to abuse these laws by turning them into swords to punish people whose religious beliefs teach that marriage is between a man and a woman.

This is precisely how the state of Colorado used its law to punish bakery owner Jack Phillips for creating custom cakes only for occasions and messages that align with his traditional Christian beliefs, and not for a same-sex wedding or a divorce celebration.

Tim Gill, who has poured $422 million of his fortune into legislative campaigns to insert sexual orientation and gender identity into antidiscrimination laws, candidly admitted in Rolling Stone magazine that he is doing so to “punish the wicked.” That is, those who disagree with his view of marriage and sexuality.

Gill and the Human Rights Campaign have succeeded in passing such “SOGI” measures in 21 states and the District of Columbia. The HRC also enlisted the support of corporate America to try to limit Phillips’ First Amendment freedoms at the Supreme Court.

J. Crew’s Pride Month collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign will fund national legislation to empower LGBT activists to leverage the power of government to punish millions of Americans for living according to their religious beliefs.

And even after its campaign is over, J. Crew’s support of the Equality Act will continue channeling money from customers into legislation that will reduce their freedoms.

Jim Brett, CEO for J. Crew Group Inc., has said that the brand is committed to doing what it can to help bring about “a more inclusive world.” But by supporting the Human Rights Campaign and, in turn, the Equality Act, J. Crew is furthering the exclusion of its orthodox Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant customers from public life.

HRC President Chad Griffin has boasted of being able to form coalitions of major businesses, including Walmart Inc., to defeat religious freedom protections for citizens in Indiana and Arkansas.

J. Crew’s Pride Month campaign also helps market homosexuality and animus toward orthodox religious believers. For instance, images of same-sex couples, children, and a celebrity are used to market the attire. Each photograph is accompanied by a quote relating to “love” or “pride.”

Actor and producer Evan Jonigkeit responds to the question “What does Love First mean to you?” He says: “It’s about setting aside your preconceived notions about any particular individual and working from a place of empathy.”

Such advertising advances the false notion that anyone opposing the Human Rights Campaign and its mission is not only narrow-minded but cold-hearted and unfeeling. In reality, many moral and legal reasons exist to oppose the HRC’s agenda, none of which involve bigotry or hatred.

It is no coincidence that corporate America prioritizes the LGBT agenda over the freedom to live according to one’s religious beliefs about marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign publishes an annual ranking of corporations according to their public support for “SOGI” legislation, including the Equality Act. In 2017, J. Crew received a relatively low score of 20 percent. But through its Pride Month collection, the company may be able to boost that score.

Of course, any and all customers may refrain from purchasing the merchandise, or tell J. Crew to focus on its product line rather than on promoting illiberal causes. Customers also may tell the company to stop pressing the new sexual orthodoxy on them and their children.

But, as both children and adults model J. Crew clothing, the Human Rights Campaign’s intolerant message will spread to multiple generations of Americans, no matter how low or high the company’s sales are.

Unfortunately, J. Crew is now only one of many large corporations whose cultural cronyism undermines their customers’ freedoms, and uses their own money to do it.

Flag Day : A Symbol - Freedom Means Having Nothing Else to Lose!

What a great tribute to our national symbol, a symbol that represents who we are and what we intend. The rest of the world knows this flag and what we intend as well.

 Sadly many among us today do not find this flag, our flag of pride in country and what it represents, of any importance, they see it as a symbol of arrogance and crimes against man kind. 

They voice their opinions of discouragement, ill-will and in many cases hate for America freely without fear of retribution or penalty for what they say. Most countries, if not all other countries,that is not the case. 

And yet the haters move freely, walking on the graves of those that gave everything for them. 

But not to become totally discouraged at the rantings and vile ignorance on display nearly everyday in our media and universities, there is a movement among the most important group in the country that understands what's happening and have taken steps to begin the cleansing of our hard won freedom, and that group is the great majority of the people of this great country that stand to protect Reagan 's ''Shining City on the Hill''.

And if you need more proof, look no further then the election of Donald Trump.

A symbol of the freedom to chose. 

The Meaning of the Stars and Stripes
Brad Wenstrup / /

“What are you doing to celebrate Flag Day?”  It’s a question you probably won’t hear in the checkout line at the grocery store or around the dinner table with friends this week.

That’s because, unlike other hallmark holidays of summertime—Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day—Flag Day isn’t always celebrated with grand gestures, gatherings, or parades. More often it passes by with perfunctory commemorations at best. At worst, it is all but forgotten.

Yet it wasn’t meant to be that way. When Congress approved and President Harry Truman signed the national observance of Flag Day into law on June 14, 1949, it was for an important reason: “It is our custom to observe June 14 each year with ceremonies designed not only to commemorate the birth of our flag,” Truman said, “but also to rededicate ourselves to the ideals for which it stands. This beloved emblem, which flies above all our people of whatever creed or race, signalizes our respect for human rights and the protection such rights are afforded under our form of government.”

Truman’s words cut right to the heart of this holiday. Our flag is far more than fabric stitched together in stars and stripes. She is a tangible symbol of our national identity, reminding us of who we are, and how far we’ve come.

I wrote a salute to “Old Glory,” which hangs on the wall in my office in Washington, D.C. In part, it reads:

Today, as we pledge our loyalty to this flag,
Think about what she has stood for, think about where she has been.

From the home of Betsy Ross, to the streets of Concord, to the fields of Gettysburg.
From the rocks of Iwo Jima, to the Tundra of Korea, to the jungles of Vietnam,
And the deserts of the Middle East.

She has stood in your front yards, and she has stood on the moon.
She has been sadly placed over coffins, and proudly raised at the Olympics.

This is our flag—a symbol revered and cheered for. Battled and bled for. Both an embodiment of the collective struggles and triumphs of a nation over centuries and a symbol of the individual sacrifice of each man or woman who has fought and died beneath her stripes and stars.

In my district, there was an installation of 1,000 flags placed across 10 acres at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Springfield Township, Ohio, for Memorial Day this year. It was called the “Field of Memories.”

Visible from the highway, each flag was dedicated to a former or active military member, but the 3 feet by 5 feet pieces of fabric also represent a lifetime of memories. Birthdays missed. Joyful reunions after long deployments. Inside jokes shared over the phone across continents. Moving trucks headed to the next base, in the next state. The empty chair at the table. The memories of a single life, and a nation’s life, all stitched into one red, white, and blue emblem.

We don’t just honor our flag—it is also itself a symbol of the utmost honor. On the Thursday evening before Memorial Day, every available soldier in the U.S. Army’s Old Guard walks the rows of more than 228,000 headstones in Arlington National Cemetery, placing an American flag one foot in front of each grave marker with perfect precision. Throughout the weekend, the Old Guard will stay in the cemetery, making sure a flag remains in front of each grave.

This national tradition is called “Flags In” and has been conducted every year since 1948. It is more than a bright display—it is 228,000 distinct reminders of why these men and women gave their lives in the struggle for a more perfect union, and a more free world.

Each flag is a small but powerful statement that this field of memories does not lie forgotten. The freedom that these Americans fought for, and that our flag stands for, lives on.

This week, on Flag Day, Democrats and Republicans will gather on one field to play ball in the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Washington, D.C. This is an event where for one night, both sides come together for charity, putting political differences aside and playing under one flag. It is a fitting moment to “rededicate ourselves to the ideals for which it stands,” as Truman said so many years ago.

I hope that’s what you think of when you see our flag flying this week, and every week. I hope you join me in taking a moment to pause and honor her—to ponder the magnitude of what she represents. The tribute that I wrote to our flag finishes likes this:

She flies through the air. She sails across the sea. She marches over the land.

She has stood for freedom in places around the world,
Until freedom could stand,
On its own two feet.

Evildoers have feared her,
Those in need have prayed for her arrival.
She has always stood for exceptionalism,
And for that we do not apologize.

Whether you honor her by raising her in your own front yard or visiting a veterans’ cemetery, by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” this week, please join me in honoring our grand United States flag, and all she represents.