Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hillary's Experience : Good intentions?

When asked what experience she will bring to the White House if elected president during the debates this week, Hillary indicated that she advocated for children, she is concerned for the poor, is interested in more health care for everyone and feels strongly for illegal immigrants.

That's not exactly what she said but she made sure she had a long list of stuff that fooled no one. I really don't have to quote her directly as anything I say here will be a good as anything she had to say during the debates, which is nonsense. In reality, she is just another empty suit - she has no experience what so ever.

Consider this, how would she do as commander and chief when she and Bill hate the military? How can she handle immigration when she thinks all illegals should be able to vote and have a picture identification as well as a drivers license - This is being debated in the state of New York - she believes this bill is going in the right direction! The governor proposed the bill and she supports it - she doesn't know all the details because she hasn't read it she said but believes it's going in the right direction. She said on national television during the debate.

Can she be the best the liberals have to offer? I believe this to be true - Edwards and Obama are no better - they have nothing to offer - why would we expect more?

The fight is joined - keep the faith

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a Beautiful Day in the Country

We had one of the most beautiful days of the year today - sun all day and temperatures in the low seventies and light winds -

We have nine new puppies to deal with, Golden Retrievers, so this was a great opportunity to get them out side - what a fun time - they went wild in our fenced in agility area that is 100 by 120.

The grass is cut short and they just ran in all directions. Later, they slept the afternoon away in their little pen in the house - actually they have two pens that they inhabit - one for the night arrangement and one for the day. They are out growing them both.

At any rate, they will be gone in another two weeks - that is all but one. We are not looking forward to that -

I watched them being born at 2:30 a.m. - how cool is that!

I hope you all enjoyed the day - keep the faith

Monday, October 29, 2007

Nascar is Great

A sport can be lot of fun especially when you know someone, or you have some tie between yourself and the sports figure.

I don't know Matt Kenseth personally, but his head quarters is twelve miles from my house and we know his cousin -

yeah, that's thin, but what the hey - it's something and all it really takes is that thin thread to make it more real.

Watching Nascar on the week end is a lot of fun. I know it can be boring in spots but it's something you can come back to through out the afternoon and not miss to much of the action, especially if your man is way in the back - the media doesn't care about cars that aren't in the top five.

That's it - Keep the faith -

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My First Limbaugh Letter - Fantastic!

Cool - I just finished reading my first Limbaugh Letter cover to cover - what a fun and worthwhile time. I learned a lot - of course I listen to Rush every day too - What great American and champion of truth. Heh - talk like that just kills the liberals.

But I highly recommend it to anyone that has a brain.

Liberals, of course, do not have a brain like the rest of us - their's is smaller because they never use for anything except repeating things that others told them to say - they never use their brains for original thought. So it follows they would have a smaller brain from the lack of use.

Agenda driven dialogue is not original thought. Who is it that tells them what to say? Do they have a brain? I thought all liberals were empty suits - empty headed too - (small brained)

Liberals aren't like the rest of us with large brains, full of original thought and hope for a bright future. No, the liberal management team is not like us, they are genetically different. Their basic thought patterns mimic those of an under world creature long since condemned to live in shadows -

Their job has always been to enslave, recruit as many mentally weak individuals, read this as humans, as possible to join their godless society of malcontents and socialist monsters.

Unfortunately they have had some success as witnessed by the election in 2004 where 48% of the voting public went Democrat. Again in '06 the underground things crawled out in high numbers - a disgusting display of human weakness.

Some say they have to much to lose in a society that relies on mistrust and dishonesty to vote for anyone that campaigns on a platform of common sense and responsibility.

God forbid that they would ever have to fall that low. Why people will think they have a brain if they voted for God and country, which, of course, means they are conservatives - Oh No, not that. It's more than I can bear.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Congress Voted Worst in 40 Years

Is it any wonder the general public thinks congress is worthless - it's no secret that the congressional Democrats have floated 55 resolution to condemn the war an not one has passed.

This is the extent of their accomplishments and, I almost forgot, a raise in the minimum wage.

They have attacked every proposal or nominee that the President has made, no matter what or who it was for.

They brought bills to the floor that they know won't pass just to make them a wedge issue, that is, just to proclaim Bush against the will of the people when he vetoes them. Case in point is the Chips issue - Bush hates children -

At any rate, the Democrats have done nothing since they took office in 2006 - absolutely nothing constructive - they are a party of the negative - they are a party of do what it takes to destroy the opposition -

Every day they drop to new lows - one has to think that this kind of thing can't continue but it does and it get worse! How can this be?

The fight has been joined - keep the faith.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bush Responsible for Fire?

What a hoot! Let's see, Boxer says they can't get enough help from the Guard because half of the troops are in Iraq - hmmmm - there are thousands of Marines waiting to help right now in California -

The Chairman of the joints services committee says of the 2.5 million solders that we have, 8 percent are in Iraq - what a lier she is - what? - Oh, yeah, she always has been - She's a liberal Democrat.

Did she say anything about what she is doing to help - ah - no! This fire is not about helping those in need, it's a great opportunity to kick Bush - who cares about the million people having to run for their lives, we're talking about power and position here - screw the people -

Also, do I have this right, they have pulled eight hundred guardsmen off the boarder to stand around and wait for the fire to burn out - Yes - the liberals see this as a great chance to have thousands of illegals to cross the boarder and vote Democrat - and with any luck, a few terrorists to blow up some citizens and blame Bush for that too.

Liberals have no shame, only a deep lust for power at any cost.

Keep the faith - we are watching them and taking action to stop the Marxists Democrats where and when they crawl out of their hole in the ground.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging A-New - It's the season

I will do some quick posts when I have some time just to keep my typing skills up to date, and besides, I love to bring the liberals to heel - what monsters they are - lying at every turn - jeez louise -

Keep the faith -

Democrats Crawl Back into the Woodwork -

It's not hard to see why the Democrats are they way they are given Harry Reid and the rest of his band of Marxists -

Where does Hillary stand on socialism? She loves it and has stated she wants the Democrats to change their name to The Progressive Party - the guessing is over!