Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just got back from a 50 miles bike ride - I rode it as hard as I could thinking that pounding along at an average of 19 mph would be enough to get me into some sort of condition to compete in the fall mountain bike race of 40 miles - I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it - last year at that race I was crushed by only 1257 riders. I was able to beat back about 450 of the old and injured. I just have to do better this year!

On the more serious side - George Bush really came through last night - I find it just amazing that the liberals like Kennedy and other ranking Democrats believe that we have no chance in Iraq and must cut and run - He so badly wanted George to say we will turn tail. What shame Kennedy brings to this country.

What is always so strange though, the Democrats can't see that this what they have always done in the past - give up! It's their history. Clinton did on many occasions. It's so easy. Turn a blind eye to the problem and most of the time it will go away. As a result we had 9/11. But this is who they are. Again, they have no vision and no heart for the direction that this country should take to defeat terrorism.

Bush stood firm! He said that we will leave when the Iraqis can control their own country and bring order to the country with their own army. Then and only then will we leave.

The liberals just hate Bush. He stands for everything that they don't understand. God, county, family values, patriotism, truth, honesty and integrity. They are losers! They are isolationistic socialistic Marxist - as I have indicated in previous posts, they aren't Americans. The liberals want America to fail. They want us to lose the war. They want us to be attacked again. Are they blind to their ignorance or are they just driven insane with their grab for power.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good Morning - well I missed yesterday but things got completely out of hand as one might expect on Monday -

Anyway, the biggest thing on the scope today, I think, is the Supreme courts decision concerning the Ten commandments.

Out of over 300 million people in this country, at least 290 million have some religious affiliation with Christianity and believe that our country was founded on these Christian principles, yet we see the Supreme court decide that we can't have the basic law of the land that this country lives by and dies by on display!!

What the hell is going on here!!! What ever happened to Majority rule and minority right!!

Add to this the Eminent Domain thing that was ruled on last week and we have a court that is completely out of control.

More later -

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Zell Miller is the real thing - I just finished his second book, A Deficit of Decency, and found it to be a continuation of his speech at the Republican National Convention. He is a man of his word - he lives by conscience and values. His values are based on the Christian faith that there is someone that is greater than us and knows what is right for all man kind. History has proven this to be true and our founding fathers, 250 years ago, thought so as well. Our constitution is founded on these principles.

He relies on his past up-bringing in a time and place that today would be seen as total poverty. His dad died when he was less than a year old and he and is sister were raised by his mother. She was a strong woman with strong spiritual values with a model work ethic. They were very poor in material things but rich in faith and love for one another.

He attacks the value systems, or the lack there of, which so many people today use to control their daily lives. He explains how politics, sports, business, entertainment and other organizations fail to comprehend the need for common sense and a value system that is built on decency and mutual respect for one another.

He explains that much of what was learned the hard way by the older generation is lost on today's new generations, Xers and Boomers. He doesn't like these terms but than he hasn't lost faith that in the end we will find our way. I hope so.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Downing Street memo? What is this thing that the liberals think is so important? It doesn't mean anything to me other than just another document in a long line of documents that concern the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The talking heads are bobbing like the German Shepard in the back window of my neighbors car. They seem to think they have something that will bring grief to the President.

It's it sad that the lives of liberals are completely engrossed in trying to destroy someone rather than trying to improve the lives of everyone? It's there job in congress to be in favor of the country in which they make a living and that has given them everything? Why, in the face of war on our own soil, are these people try and make us loose? If more people die it won't be their fault, they said we should get out of Iraq and let the terrorists have what ever they want. That way they will leave us alone so we can go about our business in peace. What?

How short sighted can a group of people be in the light of 9/11? Just think about all the people that voted for these defeatists - at least 48 million!!! How is that possible? Can there be that many people that can't take the time to think this stuff through and come up with a common sense decision that one can ' run but one can not hide ' from an enemy that has declared we all must die!! Where is the logic?

If we ignore this treat, will it go away and leave us alone? Was the attack on New York and the Pentagon just a signal to us that the Islamofascists only want the whole middle east and is this just the beginning of the third world war that could last for fifty years and destroy everything that we enjoy today. What will be left for future generations if we do nothing?

Should we do nothing about Hugo Chavez right in our back yard. He is determined to control the oil supply of all Latin America and he has declared himself a communist by his totalitarian action of seizing land and his secret police killing people in the night that Chavez believes don't think he is king. And, worse, he has enlisted the aid of Fidel Castro to help bring the all of Latin America under the heel of the communists. Castro has a lot of experience with killing people that don't agree with him.

This could work for liberals since former President Carter approved the fraudulent election of this mad man, and the fact that the liberals have a long history of cheering for the communists, can we afford to leave this mess to the next generation. I think not

The liberals have a built in excuse though - if we are attacked again it will be GWB fault - if only he would have just left them alone, everything would have been just fine - but oh no, he had to attack those poor people that only wanted to live their style of freedom. If we gave them what they wanted in the first place, the middle east, everything would be fine. dam

Friday, June 24, 2005

Kral Rove really took it to the liberals yesterday! His statement says conservatives were preparing for war after 9/11 and the liberals were preparing to debate in committee and seek approval and help from our friends around the globe. Hillary went nuts - she demanded an immediate apology and expressed indignation at the thought that liberals could be so uncaring and weak. What Rove said was and is true. John Kerry and Reid and Boxer all came out ranting that it was unfair -

Don't you find it a little strange that the liberals are howling about Rove's statement but the Republican hardly said a word about Durbin's traitorous statement. Go figure!!

Did you hear John McCain's statement on Durbin? To paraphrase, he thought the rhetoric was too harsh from the blogs and talk radio - we need to have a larger view - what a piece of work -

The liberal agenda calls for the surrender of the United States to world control. It calls for government to be all things for everyone, all we have to do is put them in charge and pick up the tab. They believe Isolation from the world stage will help lesser nations gain status and economic power in the world community, and there by make them more equal to overcome the power and dominance of the United States. They believe that it is essential that we become a second rate power, willing to do what ever the world community decides is best for us and for the world at large. And, of course, the result of this would be a total world disaster - but it doesn't matter - the liberals would be in power and gutting the national treasury - after all that is what is best for America. They know what is best for us and what is best for them. dam

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Isn't it interesting that it takes a young Lt Pete Hegesth form Minnesota to give some balance to the misconception and out right lies that have come from the US Senate concerning GITMO. Durbin's remarks have gone over the top, as many have complained already, accusing our troops of abuse of the killers that we captured on the field of battle. Lt Pete lays it out very neatly as only someone that just came from there could.

A major question is who is telling the truth? Who do you believe? Senator Durbin or the man who just came from there? Who is motivated to lie the most? What can this young man serving in the national guard or the left wing moonbat Senator, he has a great track record in this area of bias, do to convince you that they are telling the truth?

You decide! For me it's a slam dunk - Durbin has never set foot in any confinement or detention center, military or civilian, or for that matter, had any close contact with the military in general. He just wants to drive a wedge between our government and that of the Iraqis and do what ever he can to bring down George Bush. It just another blatant grab for power by those that don't have it and are willing to do anything to get it including treason.

It just seems to me that these people are coming unglued - I just don't understand their motivation - why such hate for this country - - - !!?? dam

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sorry I missed yesterday but things around here get out of hand sometimes. I'm a biker, that is a bicyclist, bike racer and just plain ' have a good time biker '. What with it being Monday and all, I just didn't get to add to this unique form of information.

Anyway, here in Wisconsin the weather is great, in the 80's and mostly clear - very nice indeed. The political climate is not so good. Again the Governor, Doyle, is still standing pat on the voter ID thing and still maintains it isn't necessary - it's really cool that talk radio is on this thing big time - time will tell if the Republicans have the spin to force this thru. Hmmm

Turban Durbin has the nation in a uproar. The man is completely off his rocker - he is for all tense and purposes, insane. What's worse, there are many more that agree with him including and limited to John McCain. John hasn't really stepped forward and said flat out this man is nuts, he is completely wrong and should be censored in Senate. But then would we expect anything else from him? I don't trust the man at all - he is out for John and that's that!

I guess the question that remains is what drives these men and women to desert their country in a time of war. Is it just to try and regain power and position? Are they willing to give up their pride in this country and what it stands for and has stood for the last several hundred years and to, for all tense and purposes, spit on the graves of the thousands that have died to save this country for future generations? Is this mean nothing when it comes the grab for power? Are they will to give everything for this?

If so, they don't belong in my government and certainly not in my America!!! dam

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'm back - what a treat for you - ha - Just so you know where this is all coming from, it's the great state of Wisconsin - remember, this is the state that had more voter fraud in November of 2004 than any other state - even the FBI thinks so because they are in Milwaukee trying to find what happened to 7300 votes that were miscast - Madison is next on the list and then Racine and Greenbay and who knows what they will find or where it will lead -

The governer, Jim Doyle, thinks everything is fine! We don't need a picture ID - it will only disenfranchise the old and minorities and the disabled - of course, this is all bull and he knows it, but what he knows, and so do we, that if it wasn't for this system of cheating, the democrats would never win an election. As it is, Wisconsin will go for Bush. What a hoot!

Let's see, what else happened that is of interest - well this isn't news but the Dems are on the move against the war in Iraq today on Meet the Press, I believe, maybe it was one of the other defeatists outlets, what ever, Mr Byden said since we are having so much trouble in Iraq and since it looks like the Iraq army isn't moving fast enough and after losing 1700 men and women, it is time to get out of that part of the world. We have done all we can. It's hopeless. Cut and run is the best thing at this time. Bring the troops home and all will be better. kissy kissy - 'I feel good' - as the tune goes -

The new left has no limits to their hate for Bush and the American people. They want power and they are willing to sacrifice you and me and this entire country as we know it - what would be left is anybodies guess- Just who are these people?? I'm puzzled and worried.

See you tomorrow - dam

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Democrat's in Decline

I find that it is a most telling trait of a person or group of people that has nothing positive to say about anything or anybody - the Democratic Party is becoming completely submerged in the hate rhetoric of the far left - what do they hope to gain? They act like they are not part of this country. They are a separate entity that follows no rules or laws or makes no effort to hide there total contempt for those that do.

I am coming to the conclusion that this gulf that exists between Americans and the far left wing of the Democratic Party will only get larger and complicate the operation of this conuntry.

What the Democrats did in D.C. with their mock trail of impeachment of Bush and the anti- semitism that they displayed for all to see shows me that this country is headed for hard times. Another revolution is not out of the question! It can happen here.

See you tomorrow - dam

Friday, June 17, 2005

Welcome to this first posting of my blog - I'm not sure that anyone is out there for this but this is just the beginning of just one more fun task each day.

Everyone, I'm sure, has heard the ranting of the Sen. Durbin of Illinois concerning our conduct in the war on terror at 'Gitmo'. He will surely not be the last to proclaim America the source of all evil in the world. Look what Linda Foli had to say about the targeted reporters - she, of course, had no proof but to her she didn't need proof - it seemed true and therefore it is true. She didn't want to confuse her reality with inconsistencies like documentation and hard facts.

I believe that it is time for him, Durbin, to step down from his post and retire to a more suitable position, like being a poster figure for AARP as what the older generation will become if they don't take care of themselves.

Mental defect can strike at any time and any one -

More tomorrow as it makes more sense to do this in the light of day - these people are to scary to talk about when it's dark outside - heh - DAM