Saturday, December 31, 2005

Eating Out - - Grrr

When was the last time that you went out to eat? We don't make it a habit, but it's usually on the spur of the moment.

We took my brother out to eat went he came down from Minneapolis this last Wednesday night. It was 6 pm when we arrived at The Olive Garden. What a surprise we had. There wasn't a single parking place left and the over-flow crowd was waiting outside the front door. Pizza Hut, Chilies, Out Back Steak House and all of the others that are aligned just outside the frontage road of a Large mall were packed to capacity.

What is going on here! This is Wednesday night, not a Saturday after school gets out for the Holiday. Even the mall parking lot was almost full. I was speechless.

My wife suggested that we head back the way we came and look for something away from Madison. Good Luck - well we did find something, but we wound up driving several miles away from the city before we found a restaurant that wasn't completely jammed. We still had to wait twenty minutes.

After I had slugged down a beer at the bar, I was starting to feel like the night wasn't completely wasted when were finally seated. The food was good and the company was great, so how bad can things really be.

As it turned out, it wasn't as bad as I thought for an evening on the town. But the next time I have guests and volunteer to take them out to dinner, I will give the timing more thought.

Again, have a great New Year !

Friday, December 30, 2005

Problems to Work On in 2006

Well, that was a fun time, the past three days, visiting with my brother. We don't get together nearly enough, as I have stated previously, but when we do, we discuss everything from fast cars to the birth of Christ.

He is very well read, especially when we discuss the Bible. I marvel at how he describes events in such detail and with such enthusiasm. I couldn't help but be transported into that long ago time and feel a as though I was experiencing some of the event, live. He's good.

The other events that have been center stage this week, politically and other wise, have not been of much importance to me at this time. I know that they will be there when I get back from this fantastic interlude that has occupied me these past days. Just the thought of having to revisit those islands of muck and mire is daunting but, at the same time, I also realize, it is necessary. I want to stay on top of events as much as possible so as not to get blind-sided by something that will impact me directly.

As it seems to be the trend these last days of 2005 to look back at what we think are the important stories of the year, and there are many, I think I can identify some that stand out as being high-impact type items that will and have influenced how we live now and how they will control our lives in the future.

First and most important, I believe, is how the main stream media has dropped any pretense of being anything other than a torch for the socialist left liberal Democrats in this country, The Democrat National Committee, and how the Marxist puppet masters pull the strings that make the media dance to their tune.

It is no secret how that the internet has grown to oppose the misdirection, false and out right lies that the media, on daily basis, subjects the reading public to as a means to impose their agenda that will crush democracy and freedom of thought. This is the most important danger that we face today. We have to be on guard every time we read anything these days as to what bias it holds.

Of course, a media that is invested in the destruction of this country as we know it, influences everything else. Case in point is the war on terrorism. The war on terrorism is my second most important issue this year, and even a blind man can see how a destructive media can have an incredible influence as to what the general public believes to be the real problem in fighting that war. Not just the war in Iraq but fighting terrorists all over the world. Just reading the New York Times tells you all you have to know about how they are invested in defeat.

The third major problem for 2006 is immigration. This has direct impact on the war on terrorism as one might expect seeing that we have over 10 million illegal emigrants in this country now and more on the way. How many of those that are already here are have intentions of doing us harm? How many more that are pouring into this country are criminals? How many have major health problems and those that brought their families enter our schools and welfare programs?

A bill just passed the house of representative that will answer some of these problems. One of the provisions is building 700 hundred miles of fence. But, It has to get through the senate, of course, to make it law and we all know what that means. I can just imagine the outrage. Someone is sure to be disenfranchised.

This law makes sense so Marxist like Schumer and Reid, among others, will fight it tooth and nail. The Democratic agenda demands that the borders stay open to terrorists so they can attack us. The liberals firmly believe that this is a sure route to power for them.

The other problems that will face us in the near future will be on going but need constant attention. Chief among these is health care. Medicare and Medicaid. We must constantly work at reforming these monsters that drives up costs each year for everyone and that will prove to be our undoing if we don't face up to reality.

I don't know what the answer is to health care, but I have some ideas that are born from living over sixty years in and out of the system. They entail everyone starting to shoulder more responsibility for their own care, i.e. everyone excepting more of the risk of health care instead of paying an insurance company to do that. Simplistic? Maybe, but when you are paying the bill out of your own pocket, the hospitals are a lot more careful with the bottom line. I will expand on this idea in the future. I'm sure there won't be many that will like what I have to say.

The budget deficit is rapidly becoming a cancer that will drag us and our children down to ruin if we don't start demanding that our representatives use some common sense when funding old and useless programs, and then funding new ones that benefit only a vocal few in our society.

Social Security, of course, looms large on the horizon. The President has tried to reform this out of control program of retirement assistance but with no luck. Again, it is the Democrats in the congress that scream bloody murder if anyone touches their link to that huge block of voters that relies on those funds for their very existence.

This really is one of the very last strong holds that the Democrats have left from the old days. They think any reform, self directed funds, will seal their fate in all future elections. What bull! It is in everyone's interest to see that the system works. Even knowing that it will fail completely by 2042, they still refuse any suggestions for reform. Go figure.

I'm sure there are many more problems for us to work on that we will have to face next year, but these that I have mention I believe are some of the more pressing ones. The media will be an important factor in how these problems are resolved. Thank God for the internet and talk radio. The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times do a good job as well.

Have a happy and safe New Year -

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

National Security is #1

What is the number one priority for the people of the United States? Social Security? There are certainly a lot of older Americans that will say it should be but know better - they aren't stupid for the most part. The Economy? Everybody wants to make a good living and live the good life, but no, that's not it. Maybe it's immigration or world trade or the deficit. If you guessed these you would be wrong. The major debate is on National security whether most people want to admit it or not.

Okay then, who is best able to do this. Who has the moral courage and vision to see the problems that lie ahead of us and take effective action to resolve them. What party in this country has the proven record of placing the security of the country first instead of personal considerations of how this will effect the power that they control.

The Democrats have the number one spot when it comes to the absolute failures in foreign policy. They have failed in many other places as well, but never with such gross negligence as those of Johnson in Vietnam, Carter in the middle east hostage affair, Iran falling to hard line Muslims and, of course, Clinton's eight years of 'cut and run' polices all over the world.

Reagan and Bush #1 and Bush #2 have the number one spot for showing courage and taking action. Reagan won the cold war, Bush one won the first gulf war, and Bush two is trying to clean up the mess that Clinton left behind.

Are we more secure now than when the Democrats were in office? Let's take a look at what they have to offer. The Democratic National committee chairman, Howard Dean, along with many Senate Democrats, are demanding that we cut and run again. They say we have to get out of Iraq no matter what problems that would make for the Iraqi population or how bad it would make us look, and not to mention what would happen to our credibility in the eyes of the world. Are the Democrats more interested in the country or personal gain?

It really all comes down to the war in Iraq. What are we doing there and how will it keep us from being attacked again. Who is in control of our national security? The President of the United States, George W. Bush, or the outraged socialist members of the US Senate, Reid, Schumer and their like?

The President took command of the situation after 9/11 and took the fight for our security to the enemy where they live. He went on the offensive. He decided that we could not wait around to be attacked again. Virtually all members of Congress agreed, at that time, Saddam Hussein was a crazed killer, given his track record of mass murder and his use of weapons of mass destruction. All the leaders of both parties agreed that he had such weapons because he used them against people in his own country.

George Bush decided, after 14 United Nations resolutions of the security council demanding that Saddam give up his WMD to inspectors, that tried to find them but had no luck, to attack Iraq and remove a threat to world security that the entire world knew that he was, and they all testified to this effect, but lacked the back bone to actually do it.

After eight years of the United States folding like a paper bag in the face of terrorist attacks around the world in the nineties, George Bush took the fight to the enemy and is winning that fight as witnessed by over 50 million people that are free to decide their own destiny, free election in Iraq and Afghanistan and new elections in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Syria has withdrawn from Lebanon and Jordan's population is demanding the terrorists leave their country.

Now, who is sincere about the peace and security of the world, those that are will to risk it all to win the day or those that are more interested in power and personal advantage?

You decide. The Reagan's and Bush's of this world that fight to win the peace, or the Clinton's, Carter's, Reid's and Pelosi's that are invested in defeat, and the surrender of our national heritage?

Monday, December 26, 2005

Fighting for Christmas?

Did you ever think that the day would come when the word Christmas couldn't be used in a public forum like schools or government buildings? Is it possible that there is enough people in this country that would sit back a let that happen? I never thought so either but I am beginning to believe it could happen now.

Fortunately, for all of us Christians, there are groups that have sprung up to combat this surge of secularism brought on by the liberal Democrats and their far left Marxist friends in the party and the main stream media.

The liberal left socialists in this country are convinced that if they can separate enough people from their religion, especially the Christians, the dominate religion in this country, they can change the way we live as a country. Since they are godless creatures themselves, they can use those that gave up their god, for the security of government, to regain the power they need to control those that refused to give up their religious life. Can't happen here? Think again.

The technique is simple. Christians have for centuries relied on their God to guide them in good times and bad. The God of Israel has been the fortress of millions since He walked this earth over two thousand years ago. The Bible is the most popular book ever printed. It is the tour de force upon which the entire Christian religion is based.

The secularists believe that big government is all that is needed for people to survive. A big benevolent brother and sister that will be all things to all people. All you have to do is give up your God of Israeli for the warm embrace of a socialist institution that will take of you from birth to the grave. An institution that will be run by the kind of people that we see today on the news like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi. They believe they have all of the intelligence that you need to run your life. You won't need a God to guide you.

It makes sense why the liberal left wants to separate you from any form of religion. They want you to be an empty vessel that can be filled with what ever they deem necessary for their needs.

A Marxist believes that if you have no guiding philosophy in your life, like a compassionate God, you will need something in it's place for you to turn to for answers to all of your problems. That is, a guiding hand to shape your future and maximize your productivity for the good of the whole country. An intelligence greater than yours to show you where and how to live and what you will do for your whole life. It will be all laid out for you. You won't have to do anything except what you are told. A workers paradise. Does this sound familiar?

It's like the story about the frog that someone dropped into a tub of hot water. He jumped out immediately. The frog reacted to the hot water because instinctively he knew it was a flight situation. By the same token, when the frog was placed in a tub of cold water that was put on the fire, he swam around until he was cooked to perfection. He never noticed the water getting hotter until it was too late.

So, it is with the loss of our freedom of religion. Little by little they chip away at our foundation of beliefs. It is happening in our schools, government institutions, businesses and churches. Churches? You bet!!

Main stream church's are loosing people and to get them back they think they have to become more Politically Correct (PC). The intelligentsia of most main stream churches is dominated by the socialist left. The National Council of Churches is dominated by the socialist liberal left. They condemn the United States at every opportunity.

The Lutherans, Presbyterians, and I believe the Methodists have taken it upon themselves to condemn Israel for their security wall, and at the same time, made no mention of the Palestinian suicide killers that have murdered over a thousand Israeli women and children on buses, in restaurants and shopping malls. Chip - chip - chipping away.

The Episcopalians, as well as other denomination, are being fractured by the ordination of homosexuals. This is strictly forbidden by the scriptures, yet the churches, and their congregations, vote to let it happen. Not everyone, but a majority. Chip - chip.

Some state governments can't have a Christmas tree now, they have to have a Holiday Tree. Schools can't sing Silent Night, it has to be Cold Night. Teachers are forbidden to use the word Christmas in their class rooms in some school systems as it might be offensive to a secularist or some other religion.

It's high time to watch what is going on in our own back yards. The majority of citizens of this country are Christians of some kind, that is, their foundation beliefs are base on the God of Israel. Why is it we don't have a say in what goes on in our schools and government agencies? What ever happened to Majority rule and Minority right?

Oh, I forgot, the ACLU sued to have that overturned and turned around.

When did that happen? I don't know. It wasn't in the paper. I didn't see it on TV? Well then, I guess it didn't really happen - - - . True, it didn't, it's only a concept. But see how easy it would be.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas To All

On this momentous occasion of the birth of Christ, I want to extend a very warm and joyous Merry Christmas and a fun and safe New Year -

Friday, December 23, 2005

Time for Justice

This from Power Line blog on the New York Times article revealing top secret information and the legal ramifications thereof.

Permit to repeat one key point. The Times story is based on leaks of classified information by "nearly a dozen" current and former government officials. Whatever ambiguity may exist regarding the legality of the NSA program -- I don't think there's much, and whatever there is derives from our lack of knowledge of all relevant facts -- does not exist regarding the leaks. Federal law (18 U.S.C. § 798) prohibits the disclosure of several narrowly defined categories of information, specifically including classified information regarding communications intelligence:
a) Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information—
(3) concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States or any foreign government...
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both. The following subsection (b) makes clear the applicability of the act to the informants and information related to the Times story:
The term "communication intelligence" means all procedures and methods used in the interception of communications and the obtaining of information from such communications by other than the intended recipients;
The term "unauthorized person" means any person who, or agency which, is not authorized to receive information of the categories set forth in subsection (a) of this section, by the President, or by the head of a department or agency of the United States Government which is expressly designated by the President to engage in communication intelligence activities for the United States.

It's about time to move on this and make it as public as possible. Move now!!! Those responsible for this release of a national security secret and those that released it to the world must be brought to justice.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Party Animal

I'm off to a Christmas party - well, maybe not a party - it's just a bunch of us guys getting together from where I use to work and kick around the past twenty years at one of the local bars. I did it last year and what a fun time it was. It only last about three hours and then everyone goes home. After all, there is just so much bull one throw and then you have to call it quits -

I have to watch how much I drink though, as I have a thirty five mile drive home, and to do that with a snout full is not a fun or safe thing to do. So, two beers will be the limit and a burger at the end of the evening will have to hold me.

Here's mud in your eye -

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Buy More Stuff, Please

Went Christmas shopping today in Madison's East Town Mall and surrounding shops. I had a good time as I went by my self. Usually Barb comes along, which in most cases is a good thing because we have fun, but not when I'm in a shopping mood. After the first hour or so she starts to fade and gets cranky - not a good thing when there are a lot more stores to visit.

In a past post I related some problems that I have with Christmas shopping. Chief among them was not finding the right gift for the right person. Every gift must have some utility, you can't just go out and spend your hard earned money on junk.

For some reason, today was a walk in the park. I left about ten in the morning and didn't arrive home until almost four in the afternoon. One of the things that help me was that I had ordered several items previously that I thought my wife would really like and could use from catalogs. So it wasn't as though I was starting from scratch in this foray into the belly of the commercial beast, as it were. Still, when I started out this morning, I wasn't very enthusiastic about the trip.

Another thing that I had going for me this day was I knew pretty much what I wanted to get. At least I didn't have to wonder from store to store not knowing what I was even looking for as I have done in past years. I hate that!

Everything went well as I got what I wanted with a minimum of effort including one item that I hadn't thought of, cool. And for a Wednesday, it wasn't that crowed as one might think, even at noon four days before Christmas. It was very noticeable because I stopped for a sandwich at the Food Court located at the main entrance.

I think most everyone is familiar with how most malls are laid out these days like a wagon wheel, with stores along each spoke on both sides and four main spokes. East Town has about fifty or sixty stores under one roof with another twenty or so outside surrounding the main building. The main court that housed the food area was about half full, but if you were there on a week end day, it would be jammed with people.

I must admit it was fun to watch all the different types of people that inhabit our small planet. All of them are busy in their own little world of Christmas shopping and holiday stress. Luckily, being Wednesday, the kids don't get out of school for Christmas vacation until today, so there wasn't the huge groups of kids that roam around like schools of fish in a small pond. Although the way kids dress today, it's fun to watch them to.

While sitting at one of the small tables in the court yard next to the walk way, I had a opportunity to reflect on what I saw while roaming from store to store inside the mall and the outside shopping complex. It is almost incomprehensible the amount of merchandise that is on display in all of these stories.

Just take the clothing stores as an example. They make up probably better than half of the total stores in the mall. Don't include JC Penny or Sears or Yonkers type stores that sell everything, just clothing alone. Who do they think is going to buy all of the merchandise that they have on display, or better, how much of the merchandise that they have on display do they have to sell to make a profit? Figure also this is just winter stuff that will have to be moved shortly after Christmas to make way for the new spring lines.

What's more, East Town is only a fraction of the stores in Madison and even smaller fraction of the stores in the states and then the country - - I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items that have to sold or stored some place. What do they do with all of the stuff that they can't sell? There are racks and racks of coats and shirts and sweaters - - on and on and on - - .

Well, after that contemplation, I decided that it was time to head home, that is, after I went grocery shopping - there is just no end to how domestic I can be - heh

I want to talk about our economy in the future as it is really something fantastic. How our distribution systems work and how we should really appreciate all of the variety of items that are available to us in this country.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Secrets have Power

it's it something to watch the Society of Socialists Democrats deny that they took credit for the 'no' vote on the extension of the Patriot Act.

Harry Reid said in front of the Democratic caucus after the vote that " we killed the Patriot Act" and those assembled cheered.

Schumer said that they did not harm to the Patriot Act, they only got rid of some of the more offensive sections. He wants to make sure that he can not be held accountable for his action when we get hit again and thousands die because he didn't like some of the provisions in the bill.

Of course there are many that will keep tabs on him and others that voted to kill this safe guard of national security. It isn't like the old days when no matter what you said one day, it was gone or changed the next by the hacks in the lame-stream-media. There are literally thousands of people watching and listening to their every word, and then storing them away for later use.

Jamie Gorelick is a good example of how things that you say one day come back to haunt you when you lest expect or want them to. Gorelick, as deputy attorney general, supported a bill that installed an information wall between security agencies so they couldn't exchange information with one another. This is one of provisions that will die on January one, 2006, and the one that Schumer does not want to take responsibility for.

It was this wall that prevented our security people from knowing that terrorists were plotting to attack us. The CIA had information on several of the hijackers that flew the air liners into the Twin Towers but couldn't' give it to the FBI because they were bond by the law not to do so.

The Army had information as well on several members of Islamic terrorists groups that were related to the hijackers, and some of the actual hijackers, but couldn't tell anyone because of this wall that Gorelick put in place. The Army's program was called Abledanger, if you recall, which is even now being sorted out.

Gorelick's original intent was to prevent civil liberties from being abused by police agencies, but most authorities believe it does nothing but hinder law enforcement. Maybe that's what the Democrats had in mind.

I have read where some believe the wall was erected to prevent law enforcement agencies from tracing illegal campaign funds that were coming into the coffers of Bill Clinton from over seas and else where. That can't be proved as yet, but there is new information along these lines that is coming out soon about Slick Willy's turns and twists while in office.

I believe some of this new information has to do with Clinton's illegal use of the IRS, which fits his MO. Believe it or not, it is being blocked by members of congress. Democrats, of course. heh 'We don't want anything that will make our boy look bad or worse then he already does. It's not good for the party.'

Jamie was also involved in this scam that the socialists Democrats are trying to pull now with the NSA intercepts. Gorelick testified in congress, as deputy attorney general for Bubba, Bill Clinton, in 1994 where she stated that it was the desire of President, to investigate threats to our country, to have the ability to wire tap and kick in doors, on American citizens, without a court order. It was granted and Clinton used it hundreds of times. The FISA? No way! Right.

And who is front and center today on this rant that George Bush is abusing the powers of the Presidency spying on American citizens? The Democrats. Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Pelosi and the whole gang of cut throats on the left side of the aisle.

It's in the fourth amendment of the constitution of the United States. " Unjustified search and secure." This is justified by president. Bush also told the leaders of both parties what he was going to do shortly after 9/11 and they all agreed. He since then has notified them twelve more times that he was using this tactic to trace calls from the United States to hostel foreign countries. The Democrats said nothing. The all agreed.

The story that hit the streets was released by that poor, back sliding, misdirected Marxist rag, the New York Times. Remember the whore for the Democrat National committee? This time she has really stepped in it -

The Times sat on this story for a year, knowing that it was classified information and that it is illegal to publish under any circumstances. How they got it is a mystery. It seems that it is just one more top secret that has been leaked to the Times from someone in congress or some top security agency. But this time, there will be an investigation. The attorney general is getting together a team, hopefully a grand jury, to bring in the reporters and management of the New York Times to testify as to their sources.

Another reason that the Times is releasing this story now is a reporter, Risen, that works for the paper, has a book coming out on this subject shortly. They knowing risk national security just to get some political advantage. Again, the Democrats will use any tool at their command to gain power.

It's always amazing that when a Democrat using the power of Presidency to investigate citizens of this country, it is never a problem. It doesn't seem possible that Bill Clinton used this information gathering technique to stop foreign agents from attacking our country. Bill Clinton never did anything to stop terrorists from attack us. So who did he investigate?

Hmmmmmm !

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Gray Lady in Passing -

The Gray Lady must hate what she has become. Her fall from grace is something that historians will debate for years. How did it happen? When did she start to have those wondering ways? Can we pin-point when she finally decided that there was no other way out of the mess that she got her self into?

It has taken years, decades really, to completely dissolve her will and integrity, but what we see today is the result of how one looks when they sell their soul to the devil.

She can no longer stand among the exalted that command the allegiance of millions. She fallen to such depths that her loyal subjects are fleeing from her side like rats from a sinking ships.

She can no longer stand on her own, but must kneel before her masters and beg for respect and self esteem. No longer able to sustain her own weight, she must grab what ever the puppet masters throw to her. She has to accepts what ever is given as there isn't anything else. The cupboards are bare.

Alone and in a darkened world, she looks in disgust as what she has become. She dreams of past glories when she could tell the whole world all they needed to know. She was the final word on everything. The world looked to her for advice because when she spoke, the world knew it was the gospel truth.

Now she hangs her head and cries those soft, deep sobs that reveals the crushing pain of failure. A failure so complete that no matter how many times she had been warned that her path to destruction would be her undoing, that there would be no coming back, she just never thought it could happen to her.

It's late now and as she watches the world go by, she wonders how it got to be so crazy. She wonders, where will I go, what will I do when I'm not of any use to anyone? Where are my friends that stood with me all those years? Why don't they listen to me anymore? How could this happen to me?

Is it something I said?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

What are Patriots, Really?

What has brought us to this point in time - what cosmic force has descended on this country that in the last two decades to produced more enemies to our way of life, and the very foundations of the constitution, than any other time in our countries history.

How is it possible that the majority of the real enemies to our society are American citizens. Maybe I am over the top here when I refer to them a American citizens. They don't act like citizens of a country that is at war when they use any possible tool that they can think of that will bring this country to ruin.

How is it that the New York Times can release secret documents knowing that it will cause harm to our national security? There is a law that forbids this but the paper pays no attention it. The Times feels that it is more important that the article bring harm to the President than any responsibility it has for a nations security. If the information causes thousands of deaths to our citizens and troops, it doesn't matter. What is important here is this secret information can be used as a tool to destroy and or cause harm our government.

The question still remains are these individuals American citizens. Those that expose secrets, deliberately misquote what the President says and falsify events to advance an agenda that is in direct opposition to our national security are, I my opinion, not American citizens. They are not patriots. They do not have the best interests of this country at heart. They are not just the loyal opposition to those in power, their agenda is to destroy anything or anybody that is in opposition to their view of the world.

I have read many national pundits that say we can't question someone else's patriotism. They say if someone has a different opinion on the war or national security, that's their belief and we must respect it. Why is it that nobody is ready to step forward and say what they really think. We all know the rhetoric coming from congress, on a daily basis, is un-American and unbecoming of an American citizen. Maybe the problem is there is still enough people in this country that remember Joe McCarthy and don't want to be labeled as a disciple of McCarthy looking for liberals, anti-Americans, instead of communists under every rock.

It not just politics as usual either. When the Iraqi election was just getting started on Thursday, the New York Times came out with a story about thousands of fake ballots that were intercepted at the border coming from Iran. The intent of this story was to give the impression that the voting was bogus, fraudulent, because so many of ballots were counterfeit. This took place right away on Thursday in the morning addition.

But guess what, the story was false. That never took place, there were no illegal ballots, but the news wires picked it up and it spread world wide as being fact. The Times said it was a mistake when in reality it was a planted story to discredit the Iraqi elections and the Bush administration. The New York Times knowingly ran a false story item.

The Iraqi elections were historic. It is unprecedented in history that an event such as this could have taken place in such a short time. It made head lines for one day and then it was news as usual with the NSA secret that was released by the Times which dominated the front pages for the rest of the week. Did the Times think that maybe it shouldn't release what they must have known was a secret, and that maybe by releasing this to the world it would endanger national security? This story was a diversion to reflect peoples attention away from the success of the Iraqi elections.

The agenda item that must be adhered to is to discredit the President as much as possible. Running positive stories of the election in Iraq was not part of the agenda. Failure is the driving force here, not victory. There is no such thing as national security or pride in country and self to do the right thing in time of war. The main objective is the opportunity to grab power when it presents itself.

The New York Times is known as the 'Gray Lady'. Isn't It sad the the Gray Lady, that has been the leading news organization in the world for decades, has become a whore for the socialist Democratic left in this country.

Bottom line then is we seem to have as many enemies inside this country masquerading as American citizens and patriots, as we do Islamafists from the outside, and they all want the same thing, to destroy America as we know it.

The American Democratic socialist left sees no problem in aiding the efforts of terrorist by giving them as much information about the operation of our government as they can in their war on this country and all western civilization.

Can we make a distinction between what patriotism means and who that meaning actually fits and who it doesn't? You damn right we can and must.

Everyone has to make a choice as to where they stand on national security, freedom of speech, democracy and foreign policy among other American ideals. You can't have it both ways. It's either victory for America or defeat. Which do you prefer? Which one will help you sleep at night?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Patriot Act

I'm not sure if our government, the Congress and the Senate, live in the same country that I do.

They voted to let the Patriot Act run out on December 31. I didn't realize that we weren't at war anymore. I don't know what to say?

This shameful and dangerous. It is totally irresponsible. They have totally lost their minds.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The elections in Iraq are a smashing success. Murtha is pulling his hair out by the roots as he screams that we have to get out of Iraq now as it is a total failure.

Time is running out for these people. If there agenda of failure is to have traction, things have to go bad in Iraq now, it can't wait until the election results that show that all sects were represented with a huge turn out of voters.

In really, the liberal Democrats that have waved the failure flag, white in color or the lack there of, in the face of great results in Iraq, have no where to go. Their only option is to lie about where they stood before the election. But they really don't have anything to worry about on that account, they have the media to twist what they've said in the last two days, and what they've said in the distant past about their strategy of 'cut and run'.

It is so very unfortunate that there is a large portion of the country that will give these congressmen an senators a pass. That they are horribly wrong makes no difference.

Rush Limbaugh took a call from someone that stated he was a Democrat and that he was against the war and, always has been, even though he admitted that it was for the best the Saddam is gone. He thought that it was more important to get Bin ledin and if that happened, the other terrorist organization would just fade away.

This is like buying lottery tickets. Instead of putting that money to good use, you spend it on the quick fix, the easy way out except you really have no chance at all by doing that. You can't get ahead by working twice as hard to find a way out of honest work. Digging in and getting the job done the right way is the only way. After standing around, wringing your hands, wondering how to get out of doing the job right, it has become a huge problem. In the case of terrorist, a monster of a problem.

The Democrats are always looking for the easy way out of bad situations. Clinton did that for eight years. He couldn't face hard reality and then take the responsible action to solve the problem. How many times do we have to be attacked before we act to defend out selves?

Don't go to the source of the problem, let someone else do that in case it doesn't work out in our favor. Take no chances on losing your position of power. There is no sacrifice too great to preserve your hold on power. Just turn a blind eye to the problem and let the good times roll.
It will be interesting tomorrow to see and hear what the liberal Democrats have to say about how the Iraqis turned out by the millions to vote for their new government. Their whining will be sweet music to my ears.

But what will they say about their demand to 'cut and run"? How will they spin their agenda this time. The puppet masters will have to dig deep on this one.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Unbiased MSM?

I know that I have hit on this mob of left wing Marxist in the past, but this deal with the Iraqi voting tomorrow and the liberal socialists in the Congress targeting them and President Bush for defeat is beyond the pale.

Every time you hear an interview with a reporter from one of the major newspapers, the question of bias always comes up and the reporters always have a look of astonishment on their faces. 'You can't be talking about me. I am completely unbiased. I only report the news as it happens. I can't help it that so much of it is bad. I also can't help it that most of the news about the President is bad. The economy, the war, health care, unemployment and just about everything else about this administration is bad.'

The interviewer asks how they arrived at that conclusion when all of the facts don't support their view? ' I have my sources. I have been an investigative reporter for years and I have my professional credentials certified daily when my news paper publishes my work. News papers are, after all, information sources that takes the responsibility of gathering and reporting information that the public needs to make responsible decision. We are professionals in the business of what is news. We, as professionals journalists, have to determine each day what is the real news and then pass it on to the general public. How else will the public learn the truth?'

These information specialists think they have a lock on what the truth is. They are so sure they are right in their own opinion that they couldn't have any bias in there reporting. To question their integrity is to question their professionalism - unthinkable!

let's examine a little of that professionalism from the news in the last few days. Tookie Williams - a mass murder and souless killer that butchered four innocent people with a shot gun and then laughed while he did it. When ask to apologize to the relatives of the victims he said he didn't think it was necessary and he had no remorse for what he did.

But who has the huge head lines shouting about a system gone bad with the execution of Tookie Williams, a poet and author of children's books concerned only with keeping children out of gangs like his which he still supports and controls from prison. No mention of the murders, No mention of the victims, Just lots of pictures of Tookie and the drop-out hippies from the sixties that formed a cauldron around that prisons front gate, singing songs and smoking that forbidden weep.

Two thousand of these lost souls came together, supposedly, to celebrate the life of a mass killer and try and convince the governor of California to grant a stay for this monster, but I believe the real reason they are there is to celebrate the old days when socialist activism was a daily fair. Protest the war. Protest the government social programs that they rape to support themselves, and get front page coverage on every paper in the country. No wonder they are crying in their bongs and roach clips.

And of course the Hollywood pukes have to put in a showing as well. Joan Baez, Mike Farrell and Sean Penn and other low life dreamers that just can't stand not being close to the spot light. If there is a chance for these people to spout their socialist agenda of population control and dominance, they will do in spades. Standing up to defend convicted killers is one of the most important pillars of the Hollywood moonbat agenda. Liberals of any strip love this kind of thing to.

I believe that this tendency to control the lives of the lower beings by the Hollywood nut cases comes from being in the spot light to long and having people fall all over themselves just to get close to the 'Star'. They like that fawning, so why not have a whole country on there knees to them? I believe it's a sickness just like being a liberal Democrat, which,of course, they are.

Another case for the MSM bias is their reporting of the war. How many stories did they report on the progress of the Iraqi people in their struggle to rebuild their country? How many stories did they report on the new government and how the turn-out for their elections were unprecedented? How many positive stories have we seen on the up coming elections that said the Iraqi people are ready to vote in the millions? The answer you know ahead of time - " I don't remember seeing any". There must be some, but you will get eye strain looking for them.

There are some if you look close - about twenty percent are positive representations of actual events and the rest are about everything that goes wrong that can be blamed on the President. Some of the negative stories are fabricated by the media so they can make their point clear that things are going very wrong, but only in their diseased minds.

Of course the ones that are positive are not on the front page. They are buried in the cooking section or next to the comics that also slam the President. They also take the liberty of using out right lies to support their agenda. 'What do you mean, lies? I am a professional journalist, I just report the news!'

Tomorrow is the election in Iraq that the Iraqis have been waiting for since the 6th century. The middle east will never be the same. The purple finger of freedom will reign supreme and they did it despite the traitorous statements of political hacks in Congress like Reid, Schmuer, Leaky, Pelosi, Durbin, Kennedy, Biden, Murtha, Rockafeller and their alias in the main stream media.

When the major media news organizations start taking the talking points from the liberal socialist Democrats that are dancing at the end of the strings of the puppet masters, they are forfeiting any and all legitimate claim to being unbiased professional journalists.

They are just the front line troops of the far left socialists in this country that are invested in defeat and surrender. They have lost their credibility, their professionalism. They can never again claim the right to speak for the people of this country. That is one sad testimony for the main stream media in this country.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gifts are Shipped!

Finally, the gifts are on their way - way earlier than I thought we would ever get them out. Usually I wait until I have to send them next-day-air or include a note saying 'I have decided to make Christmas on the 28th instead of the 25th, this is why you are getting this present two days after the old Christmas celebration date'. It doesn't work very well, but it makes you feel better.

Now that all of your purchases are in the mail and gone, you begin to wonder if it was the right gift for that particular person. Did I think this through or was it just a waste of money and time?

The worst part of buying gifts is wondering if they are good enough, that is, will the recipient of your generosity think that you really care about them when they open the gift. Will they say ' now this is cool' or will they say 'what will I do with this?' or 'good god Ethel, what was he thinking?', or wasn't.

Even if the quality is the best, it is a must to find something that has equity. By equity I mean, will the gift provide some use in their lives? I want to say practical use, but there are just so many things that one can buy, or afford to buy, for another person that will be practical. Be honest, how many gifts have you gotten in the last ten years that have been useful and that you liked? How many are still in the closet? How many have been regifted?

It's also very hard to buy cloths for someone else. How can you possibly know what they like to wear when they really have no idea. I bet the majority of gifts that are returned after Christmas are cloths. Here's another thing, It's impossible to buy shoes for someone else although I have considered it on more than one occasion when I couldn't come up with anything else and time was running out. Shoes?

And jewelry, what a bust. I have boomed so many times that I have given up even trying except for ear rings - you almost can't go wrong in that area if you keep them small - heh

Probably the one thing that concerns me the most about buying Christmas gifts is making sure that I give a gift that will be as good as the one that I know I will get from that person. Sometimes their gift doesn't have much practical use but it is costly and of good quality. It seems to make up for not having any good use in my life. Of course, the gift that I got for them is useful but inexpensive.

Is there a balance there? Most of the time, I don't think so. But I always feel bad when this happens. I feel cheap and there is no good reason to feel that way. I did the best that I could and that's that. Yeah right! well, I am a little cheap -

So I guess if you can't think of anything to buy for a person that has everything, buy something that you would like and make sure it is of good quality, i.e. drop a ton of money on it and you will have a winner for sure. I always say that's what I will do, but I never do. I always look for something that's practical.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Liberals Cut and Hide

Hey - whatz the story on Al Frankin and the $800,000 that his organization stole from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls clubs in New York City? I don't believe anyone in Madison Wisconsin has even heard about it - it never made the papers that I know of, unlike the three quarter page layout that he got when Air America was first announced. Oh yeah, a nice big picture of Frankin as well to go along with the bull - - .

Interestingly enough, the last survey that was taken on talk radio, Rush Limbaugh got 22% of the listeners nation wide, and Air America came in at less the 1%. Limbaugh attracts more than 25 million listeners in any one week period. Is it any wonder why poor ol' Al had to steal money to keep his operation afloat and to pad his big bank account. He can't find advertising money because no one what's to advertise on a radio station that doesn't have any listeners.

What does big Al have to say about this, "not my fault". What else can a liberal say when he is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, "I'm a victim".

Here is something else, this is great to - the Democrats are whining something fierce that the Republicans aren't playing fair by using that 'surrender ad' on the internet - get this, they say the Republicans are playing 'gotcha' with the ad quoting the liberal Democrats being themselves and saying what they really believe.

For years now, the liberal Democrats have been saying anything that came to their small minds that they thought would cause the President pain and make America out be a bully. Now that they are on tape for everyone to see them for what they are, defeatists and America haters, they are saying that what they said was taken out of context even though they are shown exactly as they appeared on recent television news programs.

One of the liberal Democrats whined that the conservatives got hold of his diary and the things that were in it we misquoted!? What? How can you misquote what you write in your own diary?? These guys are the best.

It gets better, they are also complaining that it didn't even cost them anything to make this ad because the Republicans didn't use television or the main stream media. It was almost free and on top of that, it just kills the Democrats to have to take responsibility for what they actually say.

Dean, Reid, Kennedy, Pelosie, Murtha and a host of other Democrats will now have to answer to the people why they think it is best that we ' cut and run '; that we fall to our knees and beg for mercy from the very terrorists that killed 3000 of our citizens in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Isn't there a big question still hanging out there that needs to be answered by these socialists? What exactly is the motive behind the demand to bring home the troops before the job is done? This would expose the United States to future attacks and condemn the Iraqi people to certain death. Everyone is in agreement, the result of early withdrawal would mean civil war in that country.

How is it possible that the Democrats do not care that tens of thousands of people would die from their decision? It's to late to blame it on Bush, the video on the web has cancelled that back door of retreat.

It has been said that the liberal Democrats really don't want to order the troops out of Iraq. What they want, and have tried and failed to accomplish, is to force George Bush to bring the troops home now so when everything goes to hell, they can blame Bush and wreck any chance of Republicans gaining more seats in the congress in 2006 or the presidency in 2008.

I believe this to be true. It's all about power. Those that have earned it, and those that want to steal it.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Posted by Picasa Woha! Our dogs wait patiently for their supper. If they decide that we aren't moving fast enough, they will give a nudge with their nose.

Cats, on the other hand, approach life from a different angle - 'we what supper now or bad things will happen to you'.

Nothing bad has happened when we are tardy with their supper, but never rule out things that you know nothing about. Cats live lives in the darkness - quite, serine and solitary.

Almost anything can happen if you believe hard enough that it will. heh

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Stars are made - -

Posted by Picasa Bucky, a Portuguese Water Dog has definite reasons on how he became a star:
" It wasn't all that difficult. I was born with most of my talent. All I needed was to be pushed in the right direction and then it was all down hill and across the creek. I refer to it sometimes as a cake walk.

I'm the first Porty in the country to achieve the status of Tracking Champion and I did it before I was two. Many others have tried but all have fallen short. For me it was just a 'walk in the park'.

Their problem, of course, was just a pure lack of talent,that is, no sense of direction - heh - just a little tracking humor there - No, I don't have to put-down other trackers because they are already only 'also-rans'

Flicker is the veteran of the bunch and therefore has a much larger view of what being a star is all about:
" My whole life has been one paper chase after another - this title and then that title - I have done it all, Tracking Champion and Agility Champion and field titles by the tons, but, hey, who really cares, right? I even had a litter of pups but it didn't slow me down.

To me it's just fifteen minutes of fame and then get out of the way, I'm headed to the chow line. You want to know what's important, it food! Lots of food. If you can achieve a never ending supply of food, then you know that you have finally made the big time. These kids today have no idea of what life is all about. They think it just biting and snarling their way to the top. But when they get there, they'll find out it's all just more piece of paper for the wall, That's their trouble, no history."

Then, of course, there is Flicker's daughter, Beats. What do you think about being in the top twenty dogs in the country:
"I can't imagine that my life would have turned out any different - you know how things happen for you and then they happen again, well, I don't even try most of the time and it's one win after another.

I know I'm good and good looking - see, that's where most of my competition really falls short, they are pretty fast and all, but gosh, they are just butt ugly. I have that touch of greatness. I have big eyes and a nice smile and I wiggle all over - I can do it all.

I like the way I look to, because every body falls over themselves when they come near me. They just have to touch me. Hey, when your good and the best - life is great - Oh, and by the way, I'm pregnant or I hope I am. I had guys waiting in lines from all over the country for the chance to get that close to me.

My future is very bright. I need one more title and I will be only the third dog ever to hold a VDC 4 in the county. The sky is the limit, my man. Just reach out and take a bite of the good life".

So as the world continues to turn from left to right, even before these stars were born, so it will continue after they are gone but not forgotten - stars that shine this brightly will always light even the darkest places in our hearts.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Dog Shows

Just got back from an agility dog show at Stevens Point, WI., where Barb showed her two dogs in the Excellent class - she didn't do very well today but she is headed back tomorrow morning to give it another try. It's an hour and a three quarters one way, so it's up at 0 dark hundred tomorrow morning for me so she can get going by five or so.

My job is a support position. She has a dog training school that teaches agility, obedience, tracking and field hunt tests. The every-day tasks around the house are left to the cheap help. Major among them is making coffee in the morning and airing the dogs so they are ready to go when she hits the ground running.

Today I went along to run dogs from the car so she wouldn't have to keeping changing shoes and heavy cloths as it is very cold around here. I also drove as we didn't get back until now, which is after eight and dark, as she doesn't like to drive at night.

Well that's it for today - what tomorrow brings is always a surprise. Just think, if tomorrow never came, we wouldn't have any surprises. !?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Democrats Take it on the Chin

What happened to Howard Dean? I heard him on the news saying that we have to win this war now, but we have to have a plan for victory. " I am concerned about the safety of the troops he said. Too many of our young men and women have died already without results that lead to victory. George Bush doesn't have the right strategy to win, according to Dean. What does Dean know about victory?

But It wasn't two days ago he said we couldn't win the war, so we have to have a plan to pull the troops out as soon as possible. It's another Vietnam. A quagmire of death and destruction.

Harry Reid said that what the Democrats need is a flexible strategy so they can maneuver their agenda as needed to take advantage politically of any situation that might arise in the United States or around the world. As it stands now, they are out in the cold. America doesn't want to surrender, cut and run, as much as Dean and other Democrats thought.

Reid thinks that their agenda, as it stands now, defeatism and surrender, is not working very well as new polls have shown 61% of Americans believe that we can not cut and run. Reid believes, in light of these new figures, that it is prudent to be for the war now. The new flexibility in the agenda will allow the liberals to move back and forth as needed. The media will make the headlines read what ever the puppet masters want them to read. It's a win / win situation for the Democrats.

John McCain, on the other hand, has started to thump the drum of the liberals by attaching an amendment to the appropriations bill stating that the United States can not use torture of any kind unless it is in accordance with the arm's field manual on interrogations. The arm's field manual was written before 9/11. As I stated yesterday, the amendment will also give the terrorists constitutional rights. John says that torture doesn't work: he knows first hand form being a prisoner in Vietnam for six years. He does admit that he told them what ever they want to know. Everyone knows that you will break sooner or later.

The United States has never made it a policy to use torture like the Japanese or Africans or Russian or Koreans etc etc etc. The army and the CIA admit to using nonpain related techniques and probably drugs. So be it!!!

McCain is looking for flexibility as well. He's playing both sides of the fence. He doesn't sound like one of us. He is beginning to sound like one of them.

Of course we know where John Kerry stands, old cut and run; oh wait, this morning it's "we have to win this thing but we need a time table for withdrawal". John sure likes the new manual from the DNC. Pelosi and Boxer are demanding that 'we bring the boys home' now! I wonder what they will say tomorrow? hmmmmm Maybe they haven't received the new manual from Reid yet.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Stress

Every Christmas about now I start to get nervous about buying gifts - it's not the money so much that I agonize over, it's what to buy that will be of use to that person. I will not buy just anything to get the job done - it has to have some utility.

In the past I have relied on catalogs to find something that will give me a good selection of items to pick from - I usually don't know exactly what I am looking for when I start so as I thumb through the stack of catalogs that arrive in the mail each day, it isn't surprising that I find some things that I hadn't thought of when I started my search. You can't do that as effectively just walking through a store.

Of course, you have to have some idea what the person that you are buying for likes so you can narrow down the search to just a few categories. I know that I said price isn't that important, or better, price is not my main worry, but it is a definite factor in what the end product will look like. If it wasn't a factor at all, buying gifts for people would be breeze. The sky is the limit.

The stress come in when I can't find anything that I think they would like and be able to use. My brain has a tendency to freeze up when I contemplate what a certain person does in their off hours. It doesn't sound like it should be that difficult a task, but I can't seem to, sort of, reach out mentally, as it were, to try and dissect his personal habits or recreational abilities.

I don't want to buy them something for their work - who cares what they do at work, it's what they do after work that really counts, or it should anyway.

What it boils down to is getting started early enough, in that you can let your brain work on the problem while you do other things. It's not a rare thing that I will have this gift thing percolating in my brain when I am looking for something else in a store when, bang, I spot something that meets the criteria that I have set for that person. It's cool how that works.

The stress also comes in when I waited too long and time is running out. Usually I have waited until the catalogs can't ship because it won't get there in time or they are out of stock. Or the gift that I had to buy is too cheap or just cheap looking - not a good thing for a last minute gift and make the stress even worse.

Bottom line, I don't like buying gifts for other people. It's hard work. I'm not greedy or selfish, at least I don't think so. It should be fun, but because it tells something about who you are, that worries me. Dang - more stress -

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who are They - Really?

It appears that Howard Dean has, once and for all, lead the Democratic Party down the renowned 'old garden path' to obscurity. I don't know how much more abuse the Democrats can take before someone steps forward to take control of the party away from this mad man. Maybe I should say how much abuse can this country take from the liberal Democrats before someone takes upon themselves, from the party leadership, to say this is not who we are.

Howard Dean is completely out of touch with reality. His statements are driven by the liberal agenda that has demanded America surrender it's leadership in the world, it's super power status and it destiny to stand as a beacon of freedom and democracy.

It has become clear to me that the liberal Democrats have decided to help the terrorist defeat this country in the war on terror. Case in point, how many Democrats have come out and said that Ramsey Clark is wrong headed in offering his services to defend Saddam? How among the elite Democrats have denounced his actions as un-American in the light of what this mass murder has done to his people and others? How many of these elites came out against the hateful things that Cindy Sheehan said about this country and the President? ZERO! NONE! Why do they cheer for Howard Dean?

How many thought what Murtha said was on the mark? What about the horrible things that Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Kennedy, leahy and many others have gone on the record, in congress, in front of the world, and denounced this country as evil and the source of everything that is bad. How much more proof does one need to hear before they can say that these people are not on our side in this war? We are at war, remember?

John McCain is another example of how a grab for power can twist one's better judgment. His amendment on torture is so off base, that according to legal experts, it would give constitutional rights to the terrorists that are captured by our forces in this conflict. Maybe it isn't a surprise that he would do that seeing how the McCain/Feingold campaign finance law actually restricts freedom of speech. Is that in our best interest?

It is said that the liberal Democrats really believe that we can't win this war. I believe that is wrong. I believe that the Democrats and their liberal puppet masters know that we are winning this war and that it will be a launch pad for the Republicans to further their hold on the Senate and the legislature in 2006 and the Presidency in 2008. National security is still the key element for the voting public. It is a fact, right now the people do not trust the Democrats to keep them secure.

Democrats have to show that the Republicans were wrong on going to war in Iraq and do it any cost. It has nothing to do with pride or country, it about power - pure and simple.

It makes sense then, it is in the best interests of the Democrats to see the terrorist drive us out of Iraq so the the liberal Democrats can say it was all wrong, we said all along that is was a mistake. WE WERE RIGHT! BUSH LIED TO YOU! VOTE FOR US! That their actions puts this country at risk, means nothing. They do not care!! They can not be Americans and actively condemn this country to defeat in a time of war.

And when the next attack strikes the United States, it will be George Bush's fault and the war mongering Republicans. The tune that the puppet masters will have the Democrats dance to will be " if we would have just stayed home and talked this thing through, we wouldn't be in this mess now, but you wouldn't listen to us".

Monday, December 05, 2005

Oprah and Diversity

Tell me something that will help me understand what Oprah has that makes good ordinary people fall on their faces just to get close to her? It can't just be her TV show for goodness sake, it has to be some kind of magnetism or an aura that has a magical effect on the subconscious.

If people were wide awake when they watched her on TV, they wouldn't show this obsessive behavior when they actually saw her in person, would they? Do these people actually go this crazy when they watch her on television?

Get this, I have never seen her show! Am I out of the loop or what - ? Do you care?

I must admit when she gave away a new car to everyone in the audience of her show, she set a new standard for talk shows. Everyone that I know thought it was a first and hard to believe or comprehend. A new car for everyone just for showing up? Of course they didn't know this when they signed up for that day's audience.

Still, she has to have that special something that everyone wants or wants to get close to, that's for sure - she's kind of like Elvis or the Beatles - a little different crowd maybe, but still, it's that persona that draws them in and keeps them coming back.

There was an article in the paper that about her that I thought was fascinating in that when she went on the David Letterman show, his ratings went through the roof. They were higher than at any other time in the last ten years. It was the first time in 16 years that she had appeared on his show and she stated that there never was any kind of feud between the two of them. I still don't get it - what does that say for me? hummmmm

Here's another tidbit that I found in the paper today. I don't why I picked up on this, I almost never read the paper being that it is so far off center, other than the head line 'Diversity grows, slowly' caught my eye. That word 'Diversity' ruffles my feathers some.

Hollywood still has a problem with diversity in their programming decisions. I don't care much for those light weight left wingers from tinsel town, but this thing on diversity has some ethnic groups concerned about their kind not being full appreciated and involved.

The controlling group is called the Multi-Ethnic Media Coalition which is made up of Asians, Latinos, Blacks and American Indians. I'm sure there more special interest groups out there that want a share of the pie, but these are some of the larger institutions that have graded the studios as only fair in their hiring practices of minorities. The American Indian organization says they gave the studios a failing grade due to the fact there aren't any Indian shows in their programming schedule at all.

It seems that everyone has to get theirs. It wasn't that long ago, in a past posting, we talked about diversity and it's effects.

But maybe because I live in the country and don't get to town much, I loose track of what is happening in the real world. Real world, what's real about it? As I said yesterday, I am trying to find that window into what the good life of fresh air and sunshine has to offer, so when things like these special interest groups make the news as they all are grabbing for the brass ring on the Hollywood merry-go-round, I realize that I am finally starting to slip away from that old life of pushing and shoving on the ladder to success. I don't begrudge them their place in the sun, I just don't think everyone has to have someone else's definition of success.

Again, nose to the grind stone and keep the faith - hope springs eternal in the human brest -

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Three Dog Day

Posted by Picasa
We just go five inches of snow last night. That's hardly an earth shaking event but for the dogs it was fantastic - running like mad in the open fields, side by side biting at each other and then diving into the tall grass and trees along the field to hunt for birds and rodents of all kinds.

The sky was absolutely clear and the air had the just snowed freshness that is an unmistakable sign of winter. With the warm sun on our backs and a slight breeze out of the north west that gave the ten degree temperature a little bit, Barb and I knew that this was one of those days when everything had come together at the same time to make this walk with the dogs perfect.

They sure thought so. Running ahead of us, snow fly in their wake, puffs of steam pumping from their mouths when they stop and turn to check out where we are before the continue their flights of fantasy in a world that nature has prepared just for them.

And what's really neat is their dramatic entrance back into the field. Crashing out of the tall grass, their whole bodies covered with snow, tails held high and wide eyed, they are ready to continue the hunt for the beasts that lurk in the next thicket of tall grass and trees.

They know that mother nature has planned well for them, because when they finally trot back to the house, they are covered with snow balls and sticktights but smiling as though they had been to a special place for the first time, when in reality it is the same route that we take every time.

And that is what's so cool, they don't care because every time they go out into that field, it's all new. New scents of pheasants to hunt, new chip monks to roust out of their nests and ground hogs sent scurrying back into their holes.

A simple life for sure, but in that simplicity is the true pleasure of living for the moment. Like the saying goes, ' live today to it's fullest and leave tomorrow until tomorrow'. I know the dogs don't give a rip for tomorrow. To them it doesn't even exist.

We humans have a lot to learn about what it means to 'enjoy the day'. Confucsius said that even the longest journey begins with a single step. I have taken the first steps in the journey to enjoy the day. I know I have to make an conscious effort to do this. I look forward to a job well done.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

Posted by Picasa Life seems to be so important that we have to rush around making all kinds of fruitless decisions that in the end mean almost nothing to our well being.

Our 10 year old Golden knows when it's time to slow down and take a break - you're right, that's a rocking chair but that's how she meets her needs - if it suits her, she takes it and enjoys the moment -

We have so much to learn from those closest to us, even if we would just remember take a minute to just say 'hi, how are you?' It's amazing how this affects people and the effect it has on you. What is does is transports you out of your stressed body and puts into another dimension, one where the sun shines all the time, even at night -

So think good thoughts for just a little while - I know it's hard to do sometimes, but I've found when things are really pressing down on me, I take a few minutes and think about some good times that have occurred in the recent past, it clears the confusion of the moment and brightens the immediate future. Hey, really it does work - come on, take a chance -

Friday, December 02, 2005

Decision at Sea - the book

I've just started a new book call Decision At Sea, Five Naval Battles That Shaped American History - by Craig L. Symonds. Symonds lists the five battles starting back in 1813 with the small fleet action of Oliver Hazzard Perry's victory on lake Erie and ends with a very obscure battle in 1988 called Operation Praying Mantis in the middle east.

Symonds points out that there is a lot of American history that was made by the involvement of our military. It seems that all presidents used the military to accomplish tasks that could not be handled any other way. It's the nature of things in this world and to deny this is to fool ones self into thinking human nature is anything but fickle.

Unfortunately, today, there are many people in and out of power in this country that will deny the existence of evil forces in this world. They see no use for a military. They have no vision of the future because the have no sense of the present and lack the skills to learn from history.

More on this book in the future - it's a great read so far -

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Liberals in Freefall

We are so proud of our mother / daughter team shown on the right - they are both agility and tracking champions. The baby is four now and will whelp in about eight weeks - really neat. What great dogs. Maybe they are more than that -

On a less serious note, the liberals have dug themselves a hole so deep this time that there might not be a ladder tall enough to get them out.

It appears that the Democrats are in free fall - John Kerry was on national TV this morning explaining how he had this war thing all figured out and if one looks closely at his agenda, he really isn't that much different in ideology than the neocons in the White House. I think John is very confussed man - he has flip-flopped so many times, he isn't sure if he's a-foot or horse back - You remember how the song and dance goes, 'he was for the war before he was against the war and now he is for the war', kinda.

Nancy Pelosi is just the last in a long line of Liberals that have come out and stated, on the floor of Congress, that she agrees with John Murtha, in that we need to get out of Iraq now because we have screwed up the works over there and we are the problem, not the solution.

It is said, in some quarters of this fair land, that she has moved the Democrat Party so far out of the main stream of American thought with her confirmation of Congressman Murtha's manifesto, that she has damaged the party so extensively that they will lose even more seats in the congressional elections in 2006, and maybe even any chance of the presidency in 2008. Time will tell
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