Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yo, I'm back from the Golden Retriever National Show at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Fun time was had by all - My wife, Barb, shows in agility and did well - she showed eight times and wound up qualifying four for eight with one first in Jumpers and a fourth in standard.

If you don't know anything about agility then this might not make much sense, but these are different course runs where the jumps are placed differently and one event, standard, has several different types of jumps - In any event, you might find this dog event fun. Look in your area for an agility event and go and watch -

I drove from Gettysburg straight through for 15 hours. For two and a half hours yesterday afternoon I was stuck in traffic in Chicago in a pouring rain at 5 o'clock - not a good thing - I have never seen anything like what happened in Chicago. It was bumper to bumper in every direction, no matter what road you crept past. It was one and half hours to the airport from down town.

Now I'm off to Iowa for a wedding. I will be back on Sunday - see you then -

I don't think I will have this traffic problem in Iowa no matter what happens - heh

Here is something that I ran across that I think you will enjoy - it covers some of the problems that a man like George Bush faces today - enjoy

"If you can keep your head when all about you - Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you - But make allowance for their doubting too,If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,Or being hated, don't give way to hating,And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream--and not make dreams your master,If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and DisasterAnd treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spokenTwisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings - And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginningsAnd never breath a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew - To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all men count with you, but none too much, If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!"
--Rudyard Kipling

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just what are we supposed to do about find another energy source if we can't have drill for our own oil, build coal fired energy plants or build new nuclear power plants. The United States produces about 9 million barrels of oil a day but we consume about twenty million barrels a day. We get the rest from Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, and several Arab nations. Maybe even some form Russia.

The envirofascists in this country and else where believe that we can make do with what we have, all that is necessary is for us to cut back on our use and employ other energy sources, like wind and solar power. This is a very flawed philosophy.

Our energy use goes up by the day as well as other nations around the world. We must have an ever increasing source of oil to ensure that our economy remains strong. It is a fact that we must reduce our dependency on foreign oil but for the near future we need a increasing supply. This isn't some cum ba ya camp fire song - millions of people need this energy source now and to deign its need is just plain foolish.

We can not just say all that is needed is a change of attitude. The envirofascists have several Democrats in their pocket like Hillary who will sing any song that is needed to ensure that the creeps from the shadows will deliver the needed votes at the right time -

The puppet masters are hard at work!

I will be on vacation for the next week and a half so have a great week and stay in touch -

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I think this is funny - John Bolton has proposed a ton of reform on the UN and the whole organization is amazed at his sense of reality - heh - they are in total denial as to just how corrupt that organization is - and Kofi Annan is at the head of the criminal element that is running the show -

We should not give one more penny to this swamp hole of crooks until something is done that will make it representative of the law abiding citizens or the world.

Kofi has to go - more later have to run -

What a great dog - this is our new puppy, well new that is four years ago and now is just abuot the best dog we have ever had - what a fun time we have with her -

Monday, September 19, 2005

It seems that the world is still here after my adventure in the woods. I wonder though, sometimes, that it must be a miracle of some kind.

When there are so many people trying to ruthlessly grab big chunks of this world for themselves while the whole time proclaiming everyone else is the problem for world piece, the civilized communities around the world sit idly by nodding their collective heads apologetically hoping against hope that they will not be next to fall under siege. How foolish! The killers make no exceptions. All unbelievers must die! Then again, this won't be a problem for the puppet master and their charges, the Democrats, they don't believe in anything except money, power and control.

I watched Bill "Bubba" Clinton yesterday on a talk show discussing President Bush's administration and polices, I believe it was ABC. It was amazing how he was able, with a straight face, tell bold face lies about his own eight years in office and what he accomplished and the gall to tell more lies about Bush's.

What exactly is his motivation here? Does he finally see that Hillary might have a chance to make it back into the White House again where he can continue to change the way we live under the Constitution. I was speechless at the total manipulation of history and the character assassination of a sitting President by a former president. I had forgotten how bad he really was or I just never realized how bad he was when he was in office.

Of course, I do remember most, but not all, of his failures and scandals. There so many that it would take a large organization to do that. Many of his underhanded deals we will never know about. But the sad thing is he and Hillary had many domestic scandals that Bush would never have gotten away with. The press would have be all over him on a daily basis for months on end.

Just look what happened when the congress impeached Clinton, nobody cared!! The press gave him the thumbs up sign, 'way to go Bill, you slipped by a again.' What a guy! Slick Willy dodges another bullet.

In past posts, I said the new left will stop at nothing to gain power again like it had when Bill Clinton was in office, including destroying America as we know it today. I stand by that statement and Bill's destruction of history is proof that it is true.

What is amazing also is that Clinton still believes that he is living in world where everyone is stupid and no matter what he says, people will believe it is fact unfortunately, there are a lot of people in a America, that no matter what he says, it has to be the truth. Thank God there are those that question his pronouncements of facts as being suspect. People who can read between the lines, or at least are aware of past history and it's effects, know that he is an empty suit.

The real danger here is that there are many people that believe it is time to start building walls around America so we can just live our lives like we use to - I see them every day - there world is so small where they live - make it all go away - I have mine and I want to keep it to enjoy. What ever those people want, give it to them to make them go away. Let's Party!

My bike riding friend is one that was all in favor of the war and the election results in 2004 but know he sees things differently and thinks that Bush is arrogant to a fault, Bush is the problem and maybe it's time to get out of Iraq and let Israel fend for it's self.

He also thinks we don't really need God in this country because he and his family have done well enough without Him. They have never gone to church but have lived a civil life. That's great but what civilized rules did they use to accomplish this? What is going on? Do we live in a bubble?

When I asked him about our founding fathers that wrote the Constitution were all very religious and believed that God was the foundation for their success. He didn't have anything to say. Religious rules that they lived by and believed in enough to die for.

That we have based our whole past 250 years on these religious precepts, fought wars to help others obtain or maintain these same rules of living in a civilized world, and now see that there is a force in this world that is threatening our very secure lives, he still thinks that we can maybe do better trying to negotiate some sort of deal with the terrorists rather than fight for our way of life. Again - What? How long does it take to change a whole national way of life, especially one that was founded on rape and mass murder!!!

What is going on here? I really don't know what to say or think other than we are in need of some history lessons before it's too late. Maybe just taking some time out of our busy lives and sit down and think about how we got were we are and what price so many people paid to make it happen.

I don't like what I see happening.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I made it! 40 miles in the woods without crashing or getting run over by 1213 other riders. Ya', that's where I placed, 1215 out of 1800 and even though my time was 38 minutes better than last year!! As you might have guessed, it was fast. The winning time was 2:10 and mine was 3:32 - to see how these people travel through woods on two wheels is just amazing - what strength, balance and power.

We climbed 2600 feet and I used 3800 calories doing it - at the end I was spent. Three and half hours of climbing twenty small and very steeps hills and at least 10 large twisty steeps hills, one that was so bad no one was able to do it - everyone walked it. It very steep and full of loose rock and deep dirt. I had a hard time even walking the damn thing.

All in all, it was an exciting adventure. A riding buddy of mine went with me which made it more fun 'cause we drank a lot beer after the race and told stories to anyone that would listen - but then, everyone had stories to tell so we all had a lot of laughs.

The band played good rock and R&B music while we sat around picnic tables in the warm sun shine and enjoying great company from all over the Midwest - what fun. I enjoyed this more than the race -

Friday, September 16, 2005

Well the car is loaded and the bikes are all cleaned and tuned up ready for the trip to Hayward, WI. I am as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. I always get the butterflies before any race but this one is worse than a road race due to the shear size of the participants.

We are leaving at 10 this a.m. or so if the guy that I am going with shows up on time.

Actually the process of registration and preparation is the hardest part.

First you drive to Hayward, stop at the motel and drop off most of your gear, then head to Telemark to register, then drive back to Hayward and take a short spin, then eat then sleep, if possible.

Get up at 5:30 and head to the start line to drop of your bike so you can get a good start. You don't want to start at the end of 1800 riders. Everyone turns their bike up side down on the road to mark their spot.

Go eat breakfast, head back to the motel, load a plastic bag with cloths that you will need at the end of the race, dress in racing clothes, drive to the start line and try and find a parking place, walk to the starting area to drop off your clothes bag with your number on it, they will transport it to Telemark so after you shower you can change.

After you shower and have a few beers, get on a bus that goes back to Hayward to pick up your car and then drive back to Telemark to get your bike which, of course, you couldn't take on the bus, then you head back to motel in Hayward to rest a little before you go out and party.

Cool Right? Hmmmmm I think maybe professional help might be in order here.

That's it - see you on Sunday, with luck, I'll be in one piece.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Holy Smokes Batman - what a mess - I lost Blogger for several days here and I have been communicating with the support team with no results, so I decided to take things into my own hands and find the problem. It worked!

The problem is that I tried to download a new program form their site and, of course, I didn't read the fine print that said this new program from Word won't run with anything less that Window 2000. I have 98 and I found out the hard way that before you proceed with an operation that you know nothing about, read the instructions.

We all know how that works, right? - when all else fails, read the directions.

Originally the Word program wanted my pass word which I gave and then found out it was the wrong password for my site which in turn gave me a message that it was not right and asked to make a new one, which I did and that, for some unknown reason, dropped me off the Blogger site -

After much to-do and finding that I have 5 user names, of which I couldn't remember the pass words, I had to go through the list and make new pass words until I arrived at the right one that I had set up the account on originally - there seems to be no end to computer problems. That and I should keep better records.

Well, enough of that stuff, I'm off to the the Fat Tire Mountain Bike Festival Race this Saturday - 40 miles through the woods from Hayward to Telmark Ski Lodge near Cable Wisconsin - like I said in a previous post I'm a road racer and have been for 10 years so I'm in good condition. I started mountain biking three years ago in the off season as a good way to stay in shape. But I can tell you now after I did this race last year that it the hardest thing I have ever done on a bike of any kind, period!

I hope to improve my time considerably. As I mentioned earlier also, I was beaten by 1276 other riders out of 1800- still it was embarrassing. My friends have kept me informed of this for a year now so I hope that things will come together this time around if for no other reason than to get these people off my back - heh -

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Doom and Gloom - that is what we have on the national front - the media has found a crack in the right side of the ship of state and has proceeded to drive a wedge into it as fast as it can. I still believe that a majority of the public thinks that the US government did what it had to and in a timely manner to rescue the populace form destruction.

The polls that have just come out indicate that President Bush's job rating on the hurricane has fallen below forty percent - how is it possible that he would be to blame if he wasn't even there! Where is the logic? How could he have forced FEMA to act any faster than 72 hours when the people in charge, the governor and mayor who where on the scene, had no idea of what was happening and what to do about the things that they did know about.

The primary or first response to any disaster has to come from the local authorities. When President Bush called Blanco on Saturday before the Storm and pleaded with her to get the people out of the city and Blanco said she would get back to him in 24 hours. She never asked for assistance and she never alerted the National Guard to be ready to take over the city. The mayor gave the word to evacuate and about 80% hit the high ways in all directions. The rest decided to stay or they had no way to leave. This included the older citizens in nursing homes and hospitals. Was this FEMA job? Was this the responsibility of the federal government?

Just where does the responsibility of the federal government begin? Shouldn't the people on the scene take some responsibility for the disaster that unfolded right under their noses. FEMA had a Navy ship, the Bataan, on the scene just after the levee broke so that was on Monday just after the Storm broke. They were positioned there by FEMA and working 24/7 with helicopters and medical crews for the sick and injured. The Red Cross was there on Monday to help all the people at the Superdome but were denied access to these people with food and water by state officials.

Within 72 hours, the military, National Guard, was on the move in several near by states as well as many private organizations. How is it that President Bush is responsible for the actions of Louisiana officials or other government officers that supposedly didn't perform as well as the critics, in hind sight, thought they should? Just who are the critics? What expertise do they bring to the job of emergency planning and execution?

Isn't it curious that when four hurricanes hit Florida one after the other, everyone said FEMA did a good job. Florida, of course was ready and was organized as was Alabama and Mississippi for Katrina. No one is talking about that. It's as though the storm never hit those states at all.

The main theme here is that the left sees a chance to play the race card because so many black people were left behind by mayor Nagin. He had the buses but they never turned a wheel. He is black and he didn't care. He wanted someone else to do the job while he played hero in front of the cameras screaming for Gray Hound buses.

I find this whole sorted affair very disturbing. While so many people are struggling to survival and facing such an uncertain future, we have such a large group of people that are will to ignore all of the suffering to attack the President. They, the lamestream media and their puppet masters, do not care. I have said several times before and I will say it again, the left will stop at nothing. The Senators, the Congressmen, the media, the Hollywood actors all clamoring for the spot light to rant their hate for man in the Washington.

And the worst thing is it's about nothing that is important. It's not about the economy or jobs or even about the war, it's about hate. It's about an insane grab for power. It's about being left with only your self to blame for failure. The left feels that the more they can destroy the better they will feel, but the appetite more hate only grows stronger with every attack on those that have succeeded.

The left have been cast out into the outer darkness where they snarl and snap at anything that moves, always waiting for just the right moment to pounce on some unsuspecting victim and devour them. But they always find that the cold can not be deminished with more viscous attacks. They have found that hate will not warm them out there no matter how hard they try and they will nash their teeth in bitter anger knowing that they will be there for a very long time.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a sort note about the Red Cross in New Orleans - it has come to light that today on Fox that the Red Cross tried to bring food and water to the Superdome just after the storm left the area but were denied access to the Dome. Why wasn't there any stocked food at the Super Dome for such emergencies. The Evacuation Plan stated this but it was never done. Hmmm

It was reported on Fox News with Brit Hume that with some thirty thousand people in the dome without water or food or sanitary facilities, the office of Louisiana governor Blanco denied the Red Cross request to bring food and water to these people because it would only encourage more people to come there and make things worse. The Red Cross had the food and water stock piles before the storm hit. It interesting to note that the Red Cross is a working arm of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This the agency that is taking so much heat because it was slow off the line. Hmmmm

Also, come to find out that Mayor Nagin had 260 school buses at his disposal to help those that could not help themselves to leave the city. This was part of the Evacuation Plan issued by the city. They were never used as pictures on the tele showed them under water, all in nice rows. Mayor Nagin wanted Gray Hounds to use, remember him screaming on television that he wanted 500 Gray Hound buses from all over the country and he wanted them now. Again, hmmmm

The liberals are screaming that President Bush cut funding for the levees and flood planes that would have protected the city. But in reality President Bush's administration has given the state of Louisiana more money for these projects than any other state in the union. And get this, Louisiana got 1.9 Billion in the last five years while California got 1.4 Billion and California has 7 times the population. And what's more, that is more money than Louisiana got from Clinton in a five year period. So why all the screaming? Are they trying to deflect attention away from the guilty parties? With that in mind, you have to ask your self, where did that money go? What did they spend it on? Again, hmmmm

There's more but for now that is a good start. The governor and the mayor have a lot of explaining to do but as you must have noticed, there isn't much of this in the paper or on television. Go figure!!!

Here's an interesting note - remember Sandy Berger? The Feds finally handed down his sentence - want a farce - he got 2 years probation, a $50,000 fine and 100 hours of community service to perform. That's just nuts. He stole secrets from the national archives - speculation is he stole material that would have made him look bad in front of the 9/11 commission and it would also have indicted Bubba Clinton for the same reasons. They both probably put the entire nation at risk- but, what the hey, the press gave them a pass because they are part of the clan that dances to the accepted tune of the puppet masters.

Heh - I read some great stuff about that idiot from Hollywood, Sean Penn - next time - it's really cool ha ha ha ha ha - those people are just the best - ! With out guys like him to laugh at, life would be a real drag - I'm going to bed -

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It sure looks like the CNN/ABC poll took the wind right out of the liberal lefts sails - only 13% of the respondents thought President Bush was at fault for the problems on the coast - a majority thought no one was at fault but 25% thought the governor and the mayor were the bad guys. Holy smokes, they are both liberal Democrats. Now what will the ranting left do. The puppet masters will demand new thinking from the dancing stooges at the end of the strings. I'm sure that they will come up with something.

On a lighter note, I just got back from riding my mountain bike in one of our local state forests. What a great time. In a previous post I mentioned that I brought a new Specialized Epic to replace my aging Trek Bontriager, about 12 years young and still a nice ride, but the Epic is all new technology and is an inspiration to go fast -

The kettle Moraine state forest has probably fifty miles of trails that wind all through the area. The climbs are good and some are, from my view point, impossible. Some are tough but doable. The over all trails through the tree and open fields are a blast. Many people have voluntarily spent a lot of there spare time make this one of the best riding areas in the state. They take a lot of pride in what they have accomplished and I thank them from the bottom of my smallest chain ring.

What all this riding and new bikes is about is the up coming race called the Fat Tire Festival that is held this September 17th in the Chequamegon National Forest. The race is 40 miles long and starts in Hayward and ends at the Telmark lodge in Cable. I did it last year and was crushed by the competition - I thought I was in good shape after riding all summer on the road and participating in at least 6 races that were very tough and long - one was 50 miles and I averaged over 23 mph. That should stand for something, right?

In the race last year I came in 1276 out of 1800 - I placed 13th in my age group out of 19. That is a sad story to be telling but it is tougher than one might think to ride that far in the woods. It's up and down a hundred times, over logs and through bogs and up large rocky hills with people pressing in you all the time.

I am looking forward to this years event with some trepidation - will I be able to make it to the end or will I collapse in disgrace - time will tell - still it has to a real challenge -
Holy smokes - the loopy left is in full flow - I never dreamed that one person could be responsible for everything that has gone wrong in this country. From the weather to city and state corruption and from one mad hatter, " remember mad cow disease?" Heh - Oh, don't for get Coni's 1000 dollar shoes!

I thought that I would really get up set by all this, but it has become just another day of those that have been cast into the outer darkness ranting about their plight.

What I do feel bad about is that George Bush has to take this crap day in and day out and not fire it back. Just think how this would cut someone that knows he is doing the right thing, and most everyone knows it as well, including the lamestream media, but won't and can't say so, to have to stand up each day and proclaim that what is being done is all that could have been done, under the present circumstances, no matter what others think, in hind sight, should have been done and then get hammered for it.

Isn't it interesting that we don't hear anything about what happened in Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia. The Lamestream Media isn't interested in states that knew what to do in an emergency. The media knew instinctively that they couldn't use them to go after Bush. So the next best thing to do, then, is use the incompetence of the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana, both Democrats, both heavy into entitlements and corruption, as a stick to bash George Bush. A media smoke screen to protect their own.

One Louisiana senator on national television proclaimed that if President Bush even tried to blame the local authorities for any of this mess, she would physical punch him out. By the way that's a felony to even threaten the President of the United States with violence. Of course this time it's a liberal Democrat, so it okay. The media gave her a pass. And It's standard procedure if the President is Republican.

It's easy to understand where she is coming from, most of the corrupt politicians that she is protecting are the ones that put her in office. Make sense to me. Follow the money.

To do this, lie about what really happen, one must shout real loud and long to divert the attention of the people away from the glaring errors of those in charge to someone that can't fight dirty or fight back. As the saying goes, if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, it will become the truth. I don't think it's working.

The internet has the complete emergency evacuation procedure plan that the mayor of New Orleans had in his possession before the hurricane struck but was never implemented. Two days before the storm struck, President Bush called the governor pleading for her to make it mandatory that everyone leave the city now. She did that, after some speculation about how that would work. The mayor went on television and made the announcement but never implemented the evacuation plan for all of those that had no transportation out of the city. The rest is old news.

I believe the people are not falling for the lie like they use to. I believe that the Marxist left has used this stick so often and failed at it so many times that it is becoming like the leaky faucet that drips, it's annoying but you put up with it until you can find a way to fix it once and for all, - heh - election day! The puppet masters coming to Jesus experience. The left hates the Christians - all the better - heh

Monday, September 05, 2005

I have been listening to a rerun of a Rush Limbaugh show and I just love one of his commercials about "club gitmo" it goes ' club gitmo, a tropical retreat from the stresses of the Jihad' I laugh everytime I hear it - such irrevrance for freedom fighters.

From what I gather from several reports is that many of the inmates of gitmo don't want to go home - they are living the life after death right now without ding, no 72 virgins, but everyone has to compromise a little. Also, if they went home, they would have to blow themselves up in the near future, not something to look forward to in my opinion. That kind of thing can ruin the whole week end.

President Bush nominating John Roberts to be Chef Justice of the supreme Court is a geat idea - the liberals will have a tough time stalling this now after saying that he was okay to replace O'Connor - the democrats will want to do something, of course, to try and stop it but they will end up looking more stupid than they do now in front of the nation and the Marxist left that sponsors them in the media - I'm sure there will be hell to pay behind closed doors - you know how that goes, 'puppets on strings have to dance to someone else's tune'.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The carping from the left is worse than I thought - they are in some kind of frenzy that has not been reached since they thought they had Carl Rove by the short hairs - It's like the Katrina, a force that blows so hard that it encompasses everything in it path.

Bush is responsible for the gas prices that are out of control, riots in New Orleans, flooding in the city and poor neighbor hoods, racism and anything else that one dream up. They feel they have the perfect opportunity to attack because he is busy with the clean up and the war.

Again, the liberal left's hate for the man has no bounds. Lies and deception are tools that can be used legitimately because their cause is so firmly implanted in there small brains. They have no proof of anything, of course, but that is not a problem and never has been. The facts about the poor preparation and city facilities that where inadequate means nothing.

If the lie seems right, than it must be true.

Many people are starting to worry that the President is not defending himself or his administration against the attacks for the wacko left. What do you say to the general public that would make sense trying to defend your self against the accusation that he waited before he sent in troops to help the flood victims because most of them are black and he wanted them dead.

To remain silent is not the answer either, but what is the appropriate response? The left does not care what the circumstances are, or where, in Louisiana before the storm or after or how long it should take for the army to respond to a disaster of this magnitude. The Marxist left see a chance to attack the President and the government where it will do the most harm. They want to destroy him and the is country's way of life.

They want to have it all the way it used to be when Bubba was President - no worries about anything because Clinton made sure that no matter what came up, he ignored it. Consequences of this strategy, September 11, 2001!!! But it doesn't matter, their rage is uncompromising, Unbalanced and unhinged. There rage has driven them insane.

I strongly believe that President Bush should go on nation wide television and explain the sequence of events that took place before and after the storm. He needs to tell his side of the story so, we the people, can make up our own minds as to what actually happened.

The main stream media is not the answer. They are a lost cause - they are driven by many of the same insane tendencies that have afflicted the left's mad dash to destruction.

I believe that the President acted appropriately and in a timely manner. I believe that the cause of this disaster lies at the feet of the mayor of the city of New Orleans and governor Blanco. Let the chips fall where they may -

Why do a lot of Jews hate Israel? Is it because the American Jew is part of the left establishment and wants desperately to be part of that agenda so the best way to do that is to hate your own people - ?

Sounds about right to me - the left has no soul and no heart - there is nothing or anybody that they won't use to accomplish there grab for power - there is no limits to their hate.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Well, the liberals are all in high gear - They are running out the taking points to try and discredit President Bush - Every liberal worth his little red book is yammering the same lines - Rush Limbaugh said that it would be only one day and the media would be all over President Bush because he failed to prevent the hurricane damage to southern coast line and particularly New Orleans.

The rant is that he should have given more attention to the levees and dikes that protected the city. The city lies at least 8 to 10 below sea level. Forty years ago engineers said something must be done or the city is a disaster waiting to happen. Well here it is!

For years, engineers have made plans to strengthen the dikes to with stand a category 4 hurricane but never got around to it. It is like the rest of the city, nobody could make a decision of what to do and when. Democratic politics at work. There wasn't enough money to fix the dikes and line the pockets to the city and state officials so guess what their decision was of where to spend the money?

The chaos that is taking place in the city now with the looting and gangs roaming at will is a direct result of liberal politics. New Orleans is a hot bed of liberalism which means mob rule. Is it any wonder the mobs are running things now in the streets and dictating from the end of a gun. The liberal left and their Democratic puppets can't do anything right.

What the taking points illustrate is that the Democrats have no agenda. They have no leader and they have no proposals - they are losers, they have always been losers and if they can't come up with some kind of a plan to show that they are capable of running the country, they will remain losers. So what is the best way to cover themselves is the shout the biggest lie that they can think of and keep shouting it until someone believes it. But time is running out for them. The people are beginning to see through the smoke and know who these traitors really are.