Tammy Baldwin - progressive democrat
It's really amazing that the progressive socialist democrats claim the moral high ground in any debate given they are all about the people's work, but at the same time they are working hard to manipulate the news to their advantage so as not to have to answer hard questions about their actual lack of moral standing.
Given where this takes place and it's a progressive socialist liberal, little wonder the media will stand down and wait for the storm to pass. The people in this area are so use to having their news managed for them, they take little notice or care what transpires outside of their small town bubbles.
For many in Wisconsin, it's the 'mushroom mentality' that works the best.
10 Questions The Madison Media Can Ask Tammy Baldwin if They Ever Decide to Cover The Tomah VA Scandal
- Right Wisconsin
When news broke Thursday that the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) filed an ethics complaint against Tammy Baldwin, I thought we'd finally see the Madison media jump on the story. Not only would it give many of Baldwin’s biggest defenders and angle to work with, but one they could beat back with ease. 
After all, how hard would it be to call the complaint frivolous and accuse Republicans of overreaching. Even Baldwin’s D.C. go-to Democratic super-lawyer wasted little time running with that line in an email hours after Roll Call broke the news. But alas, as I write this, there is nothing at the websites of the Wisconsin State Journal, the Capital Times, or Isthmus
This isn’t just "missing" the story but an intentional media blackout. So to help them out, here are few starter questions should the Madison media get invited by Baldwin’s office to cover an appearance at an organic market in and around Madison:
  1. When, and by whom, was Senator Baldwin briefed on the initial Inspector General’s report on the Tomah VA in 2014?

  2. Media reports state that your office used a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Department of Veterans Affairs to get the initial Inspector General report. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical for your office to now hide behind Congress’ exemption to FOIA to keep the public in the dark on interoffice communications regarding the Tomah VA?

  3. Why did it take Tammy Baldwin’s office nearly a month to publicly admit it terminated Marquette Baylor from its employment? Better still, why did you wait until your office had hired legal counsel and it was publicly available at the website “LegiStorm?” 

  4. Under what parts of the U.S. Senate employee handbook for human resources allows for payment of severance packages in exchange for an employee’s silence?

  5. Why did you feel the need to pay Ms. Baylor a severance package was justified? 

  6. What is / was the source of the reported five-figure severance package going to be: Senate Office Budget? Campaign Funds? Personal Bank Funds? A Third-party source?

  7. Obviously there is pending litigation here, but media reports suggests that Ms. Baylor felt that she was wrongfully terminated and sexually discriminated against. Does your office give an unfair hiring advantage to members of the LBGT community?

  8. How much has your office communicated with third-party activist groups, think tanks, and public relations firms such as “One Wisconsin Now,” the “Center for American Progress” and others since the Tomah VA story broke? 

  9. If your office did nothing wrong, why did you feel necessary to hire outside counsel in noted Democratic attorney Marc Elias and who suggested him?

  10. Who is paying for Mr. Elias’ services, since they clearly are not cheap? Senate Office Budget? Campaign Funds? Third-party source like the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee?
Perhaps the editors and reporters of the Madison media establishment may finally realize the time to protect Tammy Baldwin is over. Being “Madison’s Darling” shouldn’t mean kid glove treatment. Wisconsinites deserve the truth from their elected officials, not spin, stonewalling and cover-up.