Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Truth about the Left

This is just a snip from a larger article in the American thinker written by Vasko Kohlmayor - he pins down the true meaning and heart of the liberal left -

The War on Terror has brought on many complex problems and challenges. Perhaps none is more critical than the conduct of the political Left which is apparently set on sabotaging our efforts. Unable to come up with a logical explanation, political observers either throw up their hands in bewilderment or ascribe the Left’s posture to some irrational nihilistic impulse. But such conclusions are neither satisfactory nor correct.

The Left’s sabotage of this war is a deliberate attempt to give relief to the other side. This is because their corresponding views on capitalism and the West make Islamic radicals and the Left natural allies. The Left seeks to weaken us from within in order to help those whose shared worldview binds them in a common pact. Once we understand the nature of this stealth partnership, the reasons behind the Left’s often seemingly inexplicable actions will become alarmingly apparent.

Liberals in Retreat

President Bush gave another great speech today at the Navel academy. He left no question as to what his plans are for the war in Iraq. He promised as long as he was Commander and Chief, we would not leave Iraq until we have complete victory over the terrorists. With force and conviction he once again explained what we have accomplished and what the future will be.

The Democrats hated the speech - the lame-stream-media was sure that he was going to set a schedule to withdraw the troops - how foolish of them - of course, they aren't used to dealing with a President that has values. I guess that's why they look so foolish so often. I think their managed news department needs to be reviewed.

When John Murtha gave his 'cut and run' speech, I wondered then what his purpose was, given that he knew, as well as anybody, that we are actually winning the war in Iraq.

I believe all of the loud mouthed liberals know exactly what is going on in that country and that is what is scaring them the most - they know that we are winning but their whole agenda is based on the premise that we have to lose the war and have the whole world look down on us as a corrupt super power that is out of control, just as John Kerry proclaimed before the 2004 elections that he lost. I can hear them now in one big booming voice ' see, we told you so'.

As I said yesterday, the liberal Democrats have no morals - they have no values to guide them. All they have is the guide book given to them by the puppet masters called, as you may remember from past posts, Demofantesy.

Really, as a guide it isn't much because the puppet masters still control everything that the Democrats do including what they say. If you look closely, you can see the string attached to their mouths as well as the the rest of their bodies. How else can one explain the stupid things that they say as they bounce around from one position to another.

Before the new assault by Bush, all Democrats, along with their media whores, proclaimed the war a failure. All those dead American boys for nothing. Bring them home now. All is lost. John Murtha was only the latest to make a fool of himself. Nancy Pelosi is also a gem.

Now they see it didn't work to destroy Bush by bringing the country to it's knees, they have proclaimed that they have always been for a just ending to the war. What?

John Kerry, of all people, attacked the president saying that he and many other senators have always supported the position that we had to gain a winning foothold in Iraq before we would start withdrawing the troops. Did you ever wonder where he got the nick name 'flipflop'. The liberal Democrats have no problem changing their position on any subject as the situation demands.

it's clear to me that the liberals see that the news of Iraqi successes in their economy, military, education and infrastructure can not be hidden from the general public now that the Bush administration in on the attack. False press releases and out and out lies by the Democrats have always worked before, but now the tide is turning, the liberal Democrats must dance to a different tune to meet the changing situation.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

liberals Gene Pool

Why is it so hard for people like Richard Clarke, Congressmen Murtha and others to understand what is going on in the middle east and, essentially, everywhere else in the world? What back ground experience do these people have, or lack, that would propel them in a direction that would mean certain defeat for this country? What do they hope to gain by surrendering our national respect and pride? If put to the test, we would even fail John Kerry's World
test - how bad is that?

Most of the world leaders know what the function of the United States is, and that is to lead everyone else as the only remaining super power. They do not like us because of our influence around the world, but they also know, down deep in their pitiless hearts, that without our military might, financial heavy weight status and sense of moral justice, the world would be set adrift, resulting in catastrophic collapse.

Who would hold the moral compass? France? Germany? - yeah, right - just look at their ability to conrol their own people. Who in this country would hold the compass without George Bush or Dick Cheney? What Democrat in the news today would be able to stand up and take the raigns of government and lead? Who would you trust to lead? Joe Lieberman? Maybe.

I believe that the liberal Democrats have no idea who they are or understand the consequences of there actions in demanding surrender and defeat at the hands of the terrorists. I also believe the people that follow the liberal Democrats are as badly disillusioned as the European community.

They have slipped their anchor and are now adrift in a calm sea of prosperity. They are a generation that lives on the edge - in debt up to their eye balls but moving forward in an economy that is showing strong growth and more promise for the future than any since the early 90's. But it's the me gereration all over again. They seem not to have any roots. They always look for the easy way out, the quick kill.

As always happens in real life, the wind will come up on the lake and start rocking the boat, and without an anchor, our freeloaders are in a world of hurt. In the end, of course, someone has to pay the piper that lead these people astray. Where will the Democrats stand on these real life problems?

With the middle east in flames and a European community in total disarray, fighting for their very lives against an immigrant population that wants what everybody else has and they want it now, the American economy sliding into recession due to high taxes and social programs that are out of control, what do you think the answer will be from the Democrats that demanded isolation, that we mind our own business and bring the troops home now. What will they say as to why we let all of this get out of control? Do you think they will take the responsibility for their actions? I think not -

The Democrats always have a way out - they will blame someone else for not having the foresight to see this coming. They will spin, lie and twist in the wind, but there always seems to be enough people around to give them credit. How can that be?

This brings us back to who are these people are and, really, where do they come from. Some of the people in the boats on the lake are our neighbors and relatives. You have to ask how did they get into this mess in the first place? Where did they get the idea that there wasn't a tomorrow?

But then where do the liberals politicians come from? I believe they came from a distant gene pool that started forming shortly after the earth's crust cooled and have been a source of pain and anguish for us all ever since.

Really, they don't think like the rest of us, they have no sense of community or family or country. They live for the moment. They take whatever is within their grasp and they believe that they are entitled to it as well. They have no sense of remorse.

They are not like the rest of us in America, they are mentally and physically different. How they evolved this way can only be explained by close investigation into our dim past. As we have all seen in the media, some are worse than others but there is no telling when one will step up and be the worst one yet -

Be alert and stand your ground - luckily there are more of us than there is of them. Hey, they are easy to spot as well; when something bad happens, just watch for those that run for cover. This is a great country!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush in Kyoto Japan

Go figure, Bush is not the bumbling goof that the left thinks he is. But as long as they, the liberal left, think is just a 'cowboy', they will always underestimate him and they will always come off looking like sour grapes, i.e., losers.

In Japan, he really laid it on the line. Of course it was mostly about how things that are changing in the Asian hemisphere or the Pacific Rim, if you will, and of the things that need to be changed in the future. China was the main topic here.

What a great speech. It was all about how China has to change to meet it's obligation to future generations and how it's people will, must, embrace democracy of some kind to realize their full potential. He held up Taiwan as a good example of a people who rose to their potential after generations of struggle building their own free and democratic society. China, I sure, did not find this to their liking.

No less important was the transformation of the Japanese, he proclaimed. He was explaining how the Japanese people have a democracy that is different but yet the basic foundation of human rights and freedom reigns supreme and that they will always have the support of the American government and a friend in the American people.

This speech was a high water mark of his Asian tour. We haven't heard to much about it in the lame-stream-media, so you know it was a success.

The speech told a lot about who Bush is in that he has not wavered from his agenda on freedom and democracy for all peoples and nations. World leaders need not try and second guess what he is about, they know by his consistent and hard driving beliefs that have propelled him to free 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It has not been easy or cheap but he saw what had to be done. He attacked!! He took the fight to the enemy. The terrorist understand who he is and they fear him. He is not afraid to handle the tough problem. He doesn't shrink from the responsibility of placing this country at risk to defend the principles that it was founded on. Strong leaders of this country have always risen to meet and defeat the enemy. But from our recent history of inaction and hand wringing, the terrorists didn't think we would do anything to defend our selves. President Bush proved they were dead wrong.

As long as America stands strong and fast to its ideals and beliefs in freedom and democracy for everyone, we will win the peace. But if we allow the naysayers and the weak-of-will to dominated with their agenda of isolation and defeatism, then we will lose the war for peace and security for our selves and future generations. There is no turning back the clock to a past time when everything seemed to be all sun shine and blue water. All that went away when the Dotcom bubble burst and the Twin Towers were turned into dust.

As the old saying goes and you know it's true, 'you can never go home'. President Bush is showing us the way, leading by example, so now all we have to do is follow. What a concept.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

First In -

I just finished reading a great book call First In - An Insiders Account of How the CIA Spearheaded the War on Terror in Afghanistan by Gary C. Schroen

Shortly after 9/11, President Bush ordered the CIA to send in a forward team of agents to help organize the Afghan resistance armies, the Northern Alliance, to attack and destroy the entrenched Taliban terrorists that controlled much of Afghanistan including Kabul.

One of the CIA's main objectives was to get the Northern Alliance and their assorted war lords that they controlled to operate and communicate as a unit and to coordinate air attacks on the Taliban when the time was right.

Maybe the main objective was to kill or capture as many of the leaders of the Taliban and Al- Qa'ida as possible, especially Osama bin Ladin, the terrorist directly responsible for the attack on the United States.

It reads like a novel but it is a factual account of a hand full of trained expert agents in everything from communication, weapons, combat tactics, diplomacy and languages with a heavy dose of experience of dealing with hostel third world countries. They proved to be up to the job.

I also read General Tommy Frank's book called The American Soldier which gave the over view of the war to reclaim Afghanistan. He told of the organizing of the Air Force and Special Forces units that were required to be deployed with the Northern Alliance units as they drove the terrorists out of kabul. This paved the way for Hamid Karzai to take the rains of an interim government and eventually win the presidency in free elections.

It's a must read to get the back ground of how we went on the offensive and attacked and killed some of those forces that attacked us. Unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity to kill bin ladin, but I believe we are getting closer every day.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Multicluralism - Bah Humbug

Multiculturalism seems to be the coming trend in this country - the liberal elites us it as a form of equalizing the pressure of the on rushing of the new middle class; the hard working and loyal family man and woman that wants something better for themselves and their off spring other then servitude offered by the left, and the new immigrants that seem to not want to assimilate with the American idealism of all men created equal with freedom for and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe most of the immigrants that are in this country are family based and religious Christians which means they have a base of decency that is founded on laws that have been handed down from the earliest Christians. That is Christian values and morals.

It's estimated that there are over 10 million illegal immigrants in this country today and more arriving every day. Most of these are Spanish and Christian from Mexico. Most by far do not seek to do this country harm. Many speak mostly Spanish and little English, but you almost never hear of a protest march demanding more programs to make life easier for them. Every now and then there is some trouble in California, but that doesn't represent the majority.

The left wants to make sure that these people never get a chance to rise above the poverty level just like the choke hold that they have on the black community, because if they begin to have a sense of independence and demand their chance to make a life in this country and vote their conscience, the liberal Democrats are done.

The blacks are trying to get out from under the heel of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to make their presence felt in the community. It has always been amazing to me why the black community votes Democrat. What have they done for them? Why is it that a majority of successful blacks are Republicans and the struggling blacks are Democrats, not all, but most. It has been this way for decades.

Multiculturalism is just a tool that the left uses to created class warfare. Keep the Hispanics speaking Spanish and the blacks, gettospeak, so they can not assimilate and therefore never challenge the left elites for control of this country. The liberal agenda has always been to keep them down on welfare, and stupid, not attending school, and confused by listening to Jesse Jackson. The puppet masters believe If everyone speaks different languages, no one can communicate to try and get ahead. What a great way to get a class war going.

Look at what's happening in France and the Netherlands. Huge groups of ethnic Muslim youth that have never been allowed to be part of French society - the French did this on purpose. They gave them every opportunity to be anything but French.

It's a struggle that will last for something into the future here in America, but I believe the tide is turning in favor of the people. They are more in tune with what is important to the survival of this country. More and more people are tired of the continual drum beat of disinformation that the liberal media claims to be the news about how the lower classes, hard working ethnic people, are not part of the American experience. They are being left behind - baloney - These stories are fabrications. They are nothing but wedges that the liberals use to try and foster discontent in working American families of all ethnic groups.

The following is a short snippet from an article that was in the Weekly Standard by Leo McKinstry. As far as I'm concerned, this sums up what multiculturalism is to a tee:

As an ideology, multiculturalism is a corrupted form of Marxism in which race and nationality replace class. Like Marxism itself, it is an ideology that must be opposed if we are to preserve a country founded on the proposition that all men are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fighting for America

On this day of days in our history, George Washington declared that we should give thanks to God for all our bounty and our great country. Amen to that.

America is the last great anchor that keeps the world from sliding into a black hole of violence and terrorism. Many Americans on this day hate what we stand for and have contempt for those that stand up and be counted for Freedom and Democracy.

With all of the bounty that we have here, one wonders how these people have come to the conclusion that we are the problem and that the best way to live in this world is on our knees or in mass graves. We have a choice.

The following is from an article in the Whisleblower Magazine by David Kupelian. It's only a few paragraphs of a larger article, but I believe it points up what we have to recognize as the physiology of terrorism and how it is playing out in America as we speak.

How terrorism works

On one level, terrorism works by simply causing us so much pain, suffering
and dread of future terror that we eventually weaken and give in to the
terrorists' demands. But the ultimate goal of terrorism is to capture our
hearts and minds – to convert us.

What? How can terrorizing us transform our attitudes in favor of the
terrorists' viewpoint? Wouldn't we recoil in horror and, if anything, move
farther away from sympathy toward the perpetrators? Not necessarily.
Remember, militant Muslims "convert" individuals to Islam by threat of
death. Why shouldn't they try the same tactic on entire societies?
Stop and consider what happens when we're intimidated and frightened by
terrorism, or even the threat of it. Wonder of wonders, some of us start to
sympathize with our enemy.

There's a funny thing about appeasement. It's hard to give in to evil
without first agreeing with that evil, at least a little. We have to allow
our minds to be bent, our previous values and perceptions altered, even
slightly; we somehow have to see the terrorists as not quite totally evil.
"Yes, they may be angry and even murderous, but after all, don't they have
legitimate grievances against us? Maybe we brought on this attack by our
past actions. Maybe we're at fault. Maybe their cause is just. Maybe we're
the real terrorists."

Does that sound like an exaggeration? Do you remember Cindy Sheehan, so
lionized by America's "mainstream press" as the courageous public face of
the antiwar movement? She referred to Islamic terrorists flocking to Iraq
to kill American soldiers as "freedom fighters." Meanwhile she calls the
president of the United States a "lying bastard," a "jerk," an "evil
maniac," a "gangster," a "war criminal," a "murderous thug" and – of course
– a "terrorist."

To become an appeaser, you have to sympathize with the enemy, either
overtly like Sheehan, or secretly. How else can you look at yourself in the
mirror and justify giving in to evil?

The question is, how do we come to side with those who are intent on
destroying us?

I think it is time for all of us to take a look at what these people are saying and how they mean to change the way we live.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Give Thanks for America

I believe it is essential that we stop for a few minutes sometime this week end and reflect on what we have and where we live.

No matter where you are on the career pay scale or what rung of the corporate ladder you have reached, this land his given you and me everything. Most important of these gifts is the freedom to be who ever or what ever you think you can be. Through hard work, sacrifice and common sense in your travel to your definition of success, America was the key ingredient that made it happen.

We take it all for granted that we are able to move to other parts of the country if we want, anytime we want, attend religious services of our choosing, vote, protest or be nothing at all - there are all kinds of programs to take care of those who have no ambition, self discipline or the will to succeed. We do care about our neighbors. We spend treasure and lives to help those in need.

We are so lucky to be living in America. I thank God ever day for this privilege. I thank God for the men and women that are fighting and dying for me in all parts of the world and they have done this many times before.

Our freedom is not free. As the saying goes, 'there is no free lunch', - somebody has to pay. We have so many people to thank for our success. It all started several hundred years ago when brave men stood firm and gave up all that they had in worldly positions including their lives for a principle.

We must stand firm now so that those that follow us will say they gave all they had to ensure freedom for future generations. We have no choice, it's who we are and it's what we do and have done since the beginning. Land of the free and home of the brave - God Bless America!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Room at the Top

I wonder if it ever occurred to anyone on the left that they have never proposed an alternative plan to what President Bush is doing and has done for this country and the world. Not once have I heard or read where Harry Reid or one of his ink had stood before congress and laid out a proposal that was different from the President's and that would take this country forward.

Don't hold your breath, it's not going to happen. It would be like asking your dog for the time of day - - -

The Democrats are a party of the negative, where as the Republicans are a party of the positive. President Bush has made several good proposal on the domestic policy front concerning Social Security reform, the economy, trade, heath care to some degree and picking supreme Court judges, most of the time. Immigration needs a lot of work.

But foreign policy, though, has been the shining star in his administration. It's easy to see his accomplishments because now everyone hates us, which means we are leading the way for others to follow. Everyone loved Clinton and he lead us nowhere.

Even members of the Presidents own party, the so called moderates, are part of that negative clan. They don't understand what it means to jump on the band wagon as it pulls away from the platform. They're left standing wring their collective hands wonder who will explain to the conservative public how they got left behind along with the liberal Democrats.

Bush can't wait for the moderates to make up their minds if they will support him or not - many have said they need to govern from the center and be more inclusive with the opposition. What a laugh! How can they govern while sitting on the fence waiting to see which way the wind is blowing.

The opposition isn't going to do that because their agenda is set in stone. By hook or by crook they want and will get back into power. As we speak they are sneaking up on the fence sitting Republicans ready to cut their collective political throats. The morons never learn. The liberals never take prisoner. Some conservatives think they know the democrats and the best way to get along is to reach out. Remember that word inclusive? - heh - Right! Bull roar!

The liberal Democrats are not doers. They are not innovative or exhibit traits of self discipline. They're carpet baggers, hangers-on, blood suckers, fat, out of work relatives and, of course, politicians of the first rank. They are always looking for the easy way out; a scapegoat. Just look what eight years of Bill Clinton did the this country. They have no intention of doing anything constructive or far reaching. They are the party that takes the payroll to the bank but instead of making a deposit, they skips town with the whole thing.

The Democrats are always complaining that President Bush does everything wrong but they never show us how they would do it better.

There is a saying that I have always found interesting when it comes to people complaining about those that are rich or have accomplished great things :
"There is plenty of room at the top but no place to sit" You have to love that -

Monday, November 21, 2005

Listen and Learn

Roy Moody was right on the money when he said " The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen" hits the nail on the head concerning the rhetoric in the Congress these past several days.

unfortunately most of the members of the angry left have a bad habit of listening only to their own rhetoric and therefore have become very confused on determining what is reality and what is fantasy. Their play book doesn't cover original thought, so when it occurs in a conversation, panic sets in.

The liberal Democrats rely on the Demofantasy manual, supplied by the puppet masters, to supply all of their talking points, but has made no provision for producing logical counter points to the proposals made by the opposition.

When Vice President Cheney attacked the Senate criminals today, he made several good points that the anti-America thugs and despots in that sorted body should have taken to heart. He listed them plainly and matter of factually. All they had to do is listen to what he had to say and use common sense and a little history to come to a conclusion that they are wrong headed in their blind charge to defeat the President on the war.

Jean Schmidt said it from the floor of the House of representatives, Murtha was a coward and not a Marine, and received cries of fowl play to the extent the house leader demanded order- heh -

She was on top of her program - and did the Democrats listen and learn? - absolutely not - they had no idea what she was talking about. Coward, indeed, why he's a Marine that served his country twenty five years ago. Quick, circle the wagons, get out the mattresses, this was the call to arms, this is going to be a long one.

The liberal media elites were all over this 'put down' of a true hero and favorite son of America, but when the Republicans demanded a vote to see if all the Democrats would actually stay hunkered down with Murtha, it was 403 to 3 against the brave Marine of by gone days - the puppet masters flicked their wrists, the strings jumped and the Demofastists all voted like war heroes.

The puppet master decided that it was best not to have the public see who the liberal Democrats really were. Physical and moral cowards. True socialists.

Now the charge is on by the Bush Administration to defend itself, finally. This is only the first round in what I hope will be a good 'smack down' of the liberal left ant-everything Democrats in the weeks to come.
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

While scrolling through American Thinker today I ran across this magnificent description of the left anti-freedom and Democracy people. This was written especially for Rep. Murtha after his traitorous speech demanding an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

Rep. Jean Schmidt added to the debate by quoting from a marine colonel on Murtha's service as a marine- he said that " cowards cut and run but marines never do".

The Democrats are outraged. They say that it was a slanderous statement. You know how the drill goes for the liberals. 'you dare to question my patriotism?' ' I hate America and I want to see her destroyed, but that's my right.' ' I'm glade that you want to die for me and my freedom to hate your guts.' There's more, but why bother. The following pretty much carries the ball for the rest of us -

Not cowards...
The opponents of the war are not cowards for the simple reason that they have nothing at risk. They have nothing to be cowardly about.
We have a voluntary military. If we were in a quagmire, our warriors would know better than anyone else and wouldnÂ’t re-enlist in numbers sufficient to fight the war. This self correcting mechanism should be all the reassurance that any rational person should need. As long as our warriors are willing to fight and the President is willing to lead them, even those who think the war was a bad idea should be willing to support them.
There is no draft. Our warriors arenÂ’t asking the Left to fight or risk anything (which is why the Left are not cowards). In fact, all they are asking of the Left/Democrats is that they not stab them in the back.
Unfortunately, the Left/Democrats donÂ’t seem to be able to do even that.
The Left is against the war, not because they are cowards, but because opposing America is what the Left does. In their socialist/marxist fantasy world (what I call the S/M World) America is always the villain, anyone who opposes us are “freedom fighters” and the war is always wrong.
Those on the Left are not cowards. A better word might be timid. But calling them either cowards or wimps obscures the real problem which is that they have a world view which is profoundly opposed to America.
Bill Palmer 11 20 05

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bad Driving Habits

I ranted on this a few days ago. I'm not sure if this happens to only me, but I think it is pretty much a common thing. It's when people pull out in front of you on the interstate at the last second, sometimes they even use their turn signals, so they can go around a car that's going slower then they are, but they do it just so they don't have to touch their brakes to release their cruise control. You, of course, are traveling faster then they are when you are passing them in the left lane, but now you have to jump on the brakes to avoid rear ending this person.

Well, now that I have repeated the whole thing for you, you can understand the frustration when this happens quite often.

But this isn't the only thing that bugs me about bad drives. How about the guy that is sitting at a stop sign on a two lane road waiting to enter as you are approaching at speed. You know, without a doubt, that this person will wait until you are right on top of them and then they will decide to pull out.

What is their problem? Is it that they can't make a decision unless they are in a crisis saturation? Or maybe their eye sight is so bad that they can't see someone coming. Maybe they don't care who is coming, they feel sure you will stop for them or avoid them out a sense of personal safety for yourself.

What ever the reasons that they have, I guess I don't care because I don't trust anyone in that situation. I always slow down some and I am prepared to slam on the brakes and take evasive action.

Okay, yes I drive too fast, which is not a good thing, and this might throw off their ability to judge speed, but even so, it happens to often and I am not speeding all the time.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cut and Run !

I can not understand how anyone could be so out of touch, so completely devoid of common sense as to make the statement that Congressmen Murtha did yesterday. He thinks that we have done enough damage to that country of Iraq, and it's time to leave, now.

Let the Iraqis do what ever they have to do to survive, or if things don't work out for them, be killed by the thousands. The puppet masters have done their job well - move the strings and watch the Democrats dance to the tune.

America will be the paper tiger that everyone thought she was. All of the struggling nations that had hoped for help from the US to obtain some freedom, now sees that it was all for nothing. No one will trust America. America is the world's last hope as that deacon of freedom that Reagan talked about.

And when it all collapse and the terrorists take over the country that so many of our soldiers died for, it will be George Bush's fault. He should have never gone over there to start with. Bush made the terrorist angry. If Bush would have just left them alone like Bill Clinton did, we wouldn't have anything to worry about.

The angry liberal left Democrats have their agenda to live by, one that's totally without honor, duty, integrity, country, family or God. The have only the credo of the puppet masters; surrender and defeat - hate and bigotry - they have slod their very souls to gain power and influence.

Who the hell are these people!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bad Bob Woodward

Isn't it something that all of a sudden everyone knows that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA except that FBI and the prosecutor, Fitzgerald. Now the speculation is maybe Libby didn't lie to the grand jury, maybe this whole thing was just another set-up by the puppet masters and their puppets,the Democrats. What was Fitzgerald's job, really? Two years he worked on this and all he could come up with was a tangle of one persons memory?

Bob Woodward says he knew about Valerie two years ago. He won't say who told him, but I think I know. I think it was Joe Wilson. This was no big deal until the election last year when Joe thought he could really pull one over on the Bush administration by dropping the hint that his wife was CIA to the right people and that her cover was compromised by someone who had inside information. Novak never did say who his source was. hmmmm Woodward?

You know, why was it such a big deal to start with if everyone already knew she was CIA and not covert???

According to many reporters and other illuminaries in Washington, a lot of people knew where she worked and what she did there. Last year it was reported that her neighbors knew that she worked at the agency. Funny thing when the FBI asked them this year for the grand jury investigation, they had no idea.

I think Joe peddled his wife's job status in the CIA as a means to gain attention. I think he told so many people in the past that now he can't remember who he told. But really it doesn't matter how many people knew who she was or worked for, it's all about how much damage they can cause the President.

The whole thing was a sting operation from the beginning. Rogue agents in the CIA, along with Valerie, worked out the details and then put it in motions. They had nothing to loose. If it didn't work, so what, it would just be a dead item in some file. But if all of the lies and misinformation took hold, well then, that was another story.

Well, we all know how it turned out, Joe's stories were all fantasies right from the Demofantasy manual. He lied to everyone and the CIA knew that the media would eat this stuff up and they wouldn't check to see if it were true of not. It never matters if it's not true, it just has to hurt George Bush.

The New York Times dumped Judy Miller because she had the mark of cane on her with her flirtation with the conservatives, i.e. Lewis Libby, but what are they going to do with Bob Woodward now that he has blown the lid off the Libby case - Bobby is a big deal at the Post - will he be asked to leave? -

As the story goes, he's writing a book on this stuff so he decided he wasn't going inform his editor about this Plame thing because he was using it in the book - that' a big no-no in the news room.

Excuse me, but this all sounds like bad ethics to me, not that he was ever a tower of moral integrity, what reporter is, but maybe the following says more clearly what Bob had in mind for his editors, 'It's all about me and the money'.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

UN to Control the Internet?

If someone would have suggested that the United Nations take control of the internet even as soon as last year, I would have laughed my self sick - the worst part of this is they have been working on this for some time before last year. The UN could see that it would cause problems for them as they try to organize the tyrants and mass murders of the world under one roof.

Can you imagine those cut throat criminals at the UN telling us, here in the United States, what is acceptable to send and receive in our own homes on the internet!?

Just think about all of the suppressed people around the world that rely on the internet to communicate the horrors that they are subjected to by their ruthless leaders and their surrogates in the UN.

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out why they want to control the most vital communication tool in the world. The people of the third world countries can tell the world what the killers and butchers are doing to the population, not that it matters some of the time to the world and almost never to the UN, but at least everyone knows who these monsters are.

Countries like the Sudan and the Ivory Coast and others that are committing atrocities on a scale unheard of since the second world war. We would never know about them without the internet because the main stream media doesn't care about the killing of innocent people.

The UN has done nothing as well for almost two years in the Sudan as the Muslims are killing the Christian blacks by the ten of thousands. After all, they are just little people of color and not really of any concern to the media and UN elites. A member of the Sudanese government chairs the Human Rights Council at the UN. How is that possible?

For the time being, anyway, the United States told the UN commission on the control of the internet that the US will retain control of the net work. Things may change if the Democrats get into seats of power. They have the world view, don't you see, and every thing must meet the test of opinion from world leaders.

If you are a person with an opinion, you better pray this never happens.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MSM On The Ropes

Does it seem that the main stream media is on the ropes these days? All I have been hearing lately is one Democratic senator after the other claiming that they didn't know what was going on with the war when they voted to go to war, or they were fooled by a right wing conspiracy into believing that Iraq was the epicenter of all evil. Quick now, turn on the spin for these guys.

Maybe it was just that Bush lied to them as well as the voting people of this country and the world about the WMD that Suddam had. But maybe it was the most high evil one, Roooovvee!
Or, or maybe it was they didn't get enough sleep the night they voted, or they thought it was the vote to add another slab of pork to the highway bill that their state had to have.

What ever the excuse they use, it won't give them a pass on taking responsibility for their actions, except when the media starts to spin the facts for them. Willing conspirators in the quest to gain power and destroy a president at the same time. The modern media, it seems, was born to this job.

The media has these guys front and center every night now that Bush has finally come out swinging on the Democrats and the liberal left. These nasayers and whining senators and congressmen are just like big old inflatable punching bags, hit them once or twice and they burst, expelling gross amounts of smelly gas and other rotting material.

It's all scripted for them by the puppet masters in a manifesto, it's called "Demofantacy". Demofantacy is a moral philosophy based on thin air or manufactured facts and events that guides the liberal left when they talk about who they are and what they stand for. This liberal manifesto is condensed into a manual that contains talking points for the members of the media and congress.

It is the responsibility, therefore, of media to protect the members of congress that stand for nothing except hatred and bigotry. The media has the manual so it isn't difficult to show these congressmen and women have been right all along about everything that they think has gone wrong with the Bush Presidency. All they have to do is report what they think the truth should be and therefore it is the truth. After all, reporters are professionals in this business of news making. Please don't question the credentials of a professional.

The modern main stream media manufactures the news to fit there agenda, no matter what the news makers actually say and as long as they are part of the liberal left. Like Mary Mapes of Rathergate fame said on CNN, " we report the news - it's up to others to prove us wrong".

So it doesn't portend well for Republicans to stand on the side lines while the media pounds out lies and disinformation concerning conservative goals and ideals. President Bush has started to fight back. The results of his speeches are seen each morning and night in lead stories. Head lines that proclaim 'it wasn't like he said; we didn't know; we never said that; we never voted that way'.

The media has their backs against the wall. The MSM must defend manufactured facts and events that they said were true. Facts that are on tape or the printed page for everyone to see and discuss. I believe the voting people of this country are smarter than the people that report news. I believe the people of this country can tell the difference when someone is lying and when they are telling the truth. It helps the voting public, though, that the MSM has such a bad track record when it comes to telling the truth.

I wonder if the puppet masters have included a chapter in the Demofantacy manual that covers this?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wisconsin Bad Drivers

It appears that Wisconsin has a corner on bad driving habits - Yeah, I know have posted about this before, but this is just one more thing that seems to be strictly a Wisconsin bad habit. Every time I am on the interstate I seem to find these people waiting for me.

Okay, I will go over this one more time because it irritates me to no end.

When driving on the Interstate with your cruise control on, and exceeding the speed limit by 10 miles per hour, which you can get away with most of the time, you begin to approach a car in your lane, the right lane.

Well, the common sense thing to do is put on your blinker and move to the left lane to pass the slower moving vehicle. That's pretty much standard procedure. It appears you are going about 5 mph faster than the car ahead of you. You can see that there is a car ahead of him as well and he is going slower than the car ahead of you. Is that clear?

Now, as you approach the first car in the left lane to pass, still in cruises control and still going about 5 or so mph fast than the car in the left lane, and when the gap is down to about one and half car lengths, he turns on his signal, or not , and pulls out in front of you to pass the car that is in front of him.

You, of course, have to hit the brakes or you will hit him. Idiot!! There is no one behind you - the road is empty but this person has to pull out to avoid hitting the car in front of him. After all he isn't going to hit his brakes to release his cruise control for god sakes, get real.

He sees you coming up on him but he doesn't care that you are moving faster, he pulls out anyway. What's the problem? There's more than enough room for one car, at 75 mph.

This happens all the time around here!

In the previous post I mentioned this happened to me at least 15 times coming from Chicago to Madison which is about a three hour drive, 150 miles or so. It happened to me once or twice going to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, over 600 miles!

Does this make any sense at all. Where do Wisconsin drivers get their drivers training?

There are many more bad things that drivers do that seem to be more focused in this state than any other that I have been in. Maybe the problem is me. No way!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mountain Biking In November!

I just don't know how it can get any better then this - 60 degrees, mostly sunny, trails are dry and I am riding with a friend of 10 years. He lives in another state, Illinois, but is close enough so we can meet at the South Kettle Moraine State Park at La Grange, WI.

I have written about this state park before, but it is so neat to be in the woods on a cool day enjoying a very private adventure. Even when you are with someone else, it is still just you and your bike snaking through the trees, descending through rocky ravens then up to the top of a hill on a winding path covered with leaves and edged with giant oaks. You have the distinct feeling that you are traveling in another world. It' a world that requires you to be strong and alert with a keen desire to master it's challenges.

What a great feeling of satisfaction I get when I attempt a difficult climb and make it. It might have taken many tries and weeks of traveling to the park, but I did it. But now it's on to the next hill.

This may sound corny, but it's a lot like life itself. When a hill is dropped in front of you and the only way to complete your tasks is to master a technique of climbing that hill, and when you do, the feeling of accomplishment is fantastic.

Every time you bike you get better, stronger and more willing to try and climb bigger hills. What a great sport. What a great way to become renewed in spirit, mind and body.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Blame Bush - !

This is just the best of the best - this explains why the Democrats and their puppet handlers say the things that they do and why what they say sounds so completely off the wall!! This explains how unbalanced the liberal Democrats are and why living in a fantasy world is the only way they can survive.

This is an snip from Powerline by psychiatrist/blogger "Dr. Sanity". He discusses Bush's derangement syndrome as view from the left of center:

The number of things that Bush has been blamed for in this world since 9/11 (even acts of God like Tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters) is the stuff of major comedy. You name the horrible event, and he is identified as the etiologic agent.
He is blamed when he does something (anything) and he is blamed when he does nothing. He is blamed for things that occurred even before he was President, as well as everything that has happened since. He is blamed for things he says; and for things he doesn't say.***
This psychological defense mechanism is referred to as "displacement".
The purpose of displacement is to avoid having to cope with the actual reality. Instead, by using displacement, an individual is able to still experience his or her anger, but it is directed at a less threatening target than the real cause. In this way, the individual does not have to be responsible for the consequences of his/her anger and feels more safe--even though that is not the case.
This explains the remarkable and sometimes lunatic appeasement of Islamofascists by so many governments and around the world, while they trash the US and particularly Bush. It explains why there is more emphasis on protecting the "rights" of terrorists, rather than holding them accountable for their actions (their actions, by the way are also Bush's fault, according to those in the throes of BDS). Our soldiers in Iraq are being killed because of Bush--not because of terrorist intent and behavior. Terrorist activity itself is blamed on Bush no matter where it occurs.
It isn't even a stretch of the imagination for some to blame 9/11 on Bush. This is the insane "logic" of most psychological defense mechanisms. They temporarily spare you from the painful reality around you and give you the illusion that you are still in control.
This is exactly the illusion/delusion circulating in the minds of many of the Bush Haters. They want desperately to forget that there is a tidal wave of terror reverberating around the world and to pretend that everything is America's and Bush's fault. If that is true, then they will still be in control of events.

Think about what you hear and read concerning what the President says and how the media changes his words and meaning. Listen to what the left in Congress has to say in light of what you just read above and then decide if you can believe anything they say ever again.

Bush Attacks - Finally

I believe President Bush gave one of his best speeches today while in Pennsylvania honoring the Vets on Veterans day. It was impassioned and to the point.

He told the terrorist that he won't ever give up until we have achieved total victory. He told the Democrats that they can't change history, they voted for the war and saying that they didn't won't change the fact, but it will send the wrong message to our enemies.

I have waited for this speech for a long time - Now I hope he will do it more often. He has to defend himself and his administration against the hateful attacks of the liberal left.

He is also responsible for protecting America against domestic terrorists like Harry Reid and Charles Rangel and Chuch Schumer. There are others but these guys are some of the worst and most dangerous. Ted Kennedy isn't far behind. If it weren't for happy hour, he would have joined them.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Proof - Who Cares

I was just reading through the local newspaper, something that I try not to do very often, and the comments section is just something to behold. I live in the epia center of liberals, Madison Wisconsin.

I have said many times before and I will say it again - I just don't know who these people are. The paper that I read is the one that is suppose to be the middle of the road publication in this town, The Wisconsin State Journal. The other newspaper, evening, is just a Marxist rag. They are left of Lenin and worse. They rail on any body or anything that is Republican or conservative. Character assassination is their stock and trade. They say anything they can think of that is negative, it doesn't have to be true. But then there are a lot of papers that do that and the ones that come to mind right away are the New York Times and the Washington Post. Pillars of distortion and misinformation.

But getting back to the local tabloids, the ranting of the locals is like being in a different country and listening to the people there tell you how they hate America and how everything in the world that is bad is America's fault, and more to the point, George Bush's fault. He and the people around him have caused every problem that we face today, everything from mad cow disease to the riots in France and the storms in the Gulf.

The people that surround him are all crooks -Libby, Cheney, Delay, Rove and Rumsfeld are just a few that are planning, along with Bush, to destroy this country and steal it blind. Big Oil -OOOOOO Big Oil - -

But wait a minute, something is a-miss with the facts, the economy is growing faster that anyone had thought it would, especially after the two hurricanes, 3.8 %; unemployment is at a two year low; the war is going well in all areas with elections and employment and construction at all time highs; universities and secondary schools employing more students now than ever before. Their is even a Christian church that started receiving members with guarantees from the government that their religion will be honored.

All this means nothing to the liberal left in this town - It's like it never happen or it just one more lie to continue the war so Bush and his friends can get their hands on the immense oil fields that Iraq has. According to some of these citizens, the entire Bush administration has to be brought down. Their contention is, if Libby is bad, then they are all bad.

It's just another Ratherism - Libby wasn't charged with any crime, he lied, maybe, but the left thinks that Libby could have committed a crime, so therefore he is guilty; it's not true but it's right.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Fight is Joined

Jordan has to join the fight, along with Iraq and Lebanon for that all elusive freedom of self determination. Will Jordan decide to rise up and demand a new government or will it fall by the way side and wait for a better opportunity? I don't think there is a better time than now.

When George Bush leaves office, all bets are off as to what the next Presidents will do to fight terror and to help others do the same. Bush has made this very plain ever since 9/11 for all to know and understand. He has said it many times.

The bombs that killed and wounded dozens in the three hotels in Amman was the work of Al Qaida. It is to their advantage to strike now when it looks like Jordan is starting to feel the fever of freedom like Lebanon and so will be the next to fall along with Syria. Just what the terrorists hope to accomplish by killing people at random is a mystery to me. It only stiffens their resolve.

The people of Jordan can see what the Iraqis and Lebanese have accomplished while they are being killed by the hundreds. Courage is infectious. They never give up - they keep signing up to be police and they join the military by the hundreds. The entire country is growing in every direction. Of course you can't tell this from what you read or see in the lame stream media.

Even though the Syrians are providing sanctuary for many of the terrorists that attach Iraq, their government is in trouble. Having to leave Lebanon with their tail between their legs was a big blow to Baby Hussein and Hamas. Hamas is still the force to be reckoned with in this area, but it's power to control the area is greatly reduced. Here to, as in Lebanon, the people want out from under the heel of a tyrant.

The United States is also applying pressure on Syria to close or control it's borders with Iraq or suffer the consequences. After all we do have 150,000 troops in the area - a fact that does not sit well with the Syrians.

They also believe that when George Bush says he will do something rash, it will happen. This was something the thugs around the world never had to worry about with resent past presidents. Even Bush senior folded when he was needed the most during the first Gulf War.

Is Iran behind this and will they start taking a bigger role in exporting terrorist groups to make sure the killing goes on. I know that the religious fanatics that control Iran are looking over their collective shoulders at their own population. There is a very active and power force for freedom in Iran now, especially among the youth and the university students.

The big question now is what will the Iranians, Syrians and Jordanians do in the next three years to secure that freedom, if anything?

I think this quote by Claude Bristol sums up the attitude that is forging the Iraqis on, "constant and determined effort breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles".

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What is Fair?

Some months ago I had a very heated discussion with a man about what is right and what is wrong with his and my political philosophy. This discussion went on for three days by e-mail and extracted so much negative energy from me that I needed a full week to recover. We said harsh things to each other concerning how wrong headed we each were. It was a very negative!

He was a no-compromise environmentalists liberal and I am a conservative that believes we have to try and bring everyone's needs into the discussion, that is, without compromise we will never obtain results that we all can live with. The environment, the military, foreign policy, freedom of speech, patriotism and most importantly, what is right about America. He, being a liberal, thought America is on the wrong side of most issues and I think just the opposite.

One of the things that came up in our rant, and came up again on the floor of the Senate today, actually I heard a sound bite on Rush today, was the Fairness Doctrine or something akin to it.

I believe it was Senator Rangel, a Democrat from New York, that was complaining that Limbaugh's show was dominating the air waves on the military radio stations for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was saying the troops need another perspective on the world, like the ones that come from failed liberal left radio stations like Air America.

Al Frankin's ultra left station is dominated by anti- America, anti-freedom, military hating liberals. Rangel wants to take time away from Rush's show to put on Air America, but the troops don't want Air America, they want Rush. Still, Rangel figures it isn't fair that Limbaugh should have a such a dominate position, the troops, after all, need to hear the other side of the story.

Hear is a little back ground on the Fairness Doctrine - it proposed that every radio station must balance out it's programming with both sides of an issue, no matter what the issues are or if the general public wants it or not, the station must provide both. The real problem came form the advertisers. They don't want to be associated with both sides of an issue. So if the law says the station must provide both points of view, the advertisers will drop their advertising and the station goes broke.

It isn't too difficult to see how the liberals could stop a successful conservative program like Rush Limbaugh, or at least provide free air time for a losing liberal left program like Air America.

luckily when Ronald Reagan came into office he changed all that by dumping that law and the liberals have been complaining about it ever since. Now the complaining is back on center stage.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Line Dynamics

Did you ever wonder why when you get into a line at the bank inside or at the drive up, or a conveyance store and you are the last in that line, when you get up to the front there isn't anyone behind you?

Or how about when you want a parking place in front of a store, not in a mall, they are always hard to find there, but one that is in a strip mall, where there is never any spots, you always have to park half a block away. But when you come out of the store after shopping, the parking places are all empty! How does that work?

How about this, you're on a Turnpike and you approach the toll booth and the line is eight cars long. When you finally get to pay the toll there isn't anyone behind you.

How can one person always be the last in line? How can the same person always be the last person in line!!? There has to be some kind of un-natural law of random selection at work to have the same person be last every time.

It's questions like these that makes a body wonder just what is his place in the larger universe. I guess I won't spend too much time on such things, but it's still fun to wonder how it's all suppose to work. Much greater minds than mine have tried and failed to figure that out and that makes me feel better when I'm at a crowed theater ticket window and last in line - heh

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Valerie Who?

If this wasn't so serious it would be the biggest joke of the month. The democrats have this thing that poor Valerie had her 'cover' blown by Lewis Libby and Vice President Cheney had a hand in, and of course, Carl Rove.

The thing that is so funny is Valerie wasn't under cover for at least five years and the CIA didn't consider her as 'covert' either. She was stationed at Langley as an analyst during this time. Not only that, as you remember, her and her husband, Joe' I tell big ones' Wilson were on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The CIA didn't care about that as well. Why should they? As I mentioned yesterday, George Tenet didn't care what she was doing and he was the Director of the CIA when this all took place in 2004. Some think he hasn't come clean on this thing either.

Clarice Feldman, writing in the American Thinker, said that the real question is " who didn't know who Valerie worked for?". He states that Maj. General Valley said that Joe Wilson told him at least three times on different occasions, back in 2002, casually, while waiting at Fox News headquarters to be on a talk show, that his wife worked for the CIA.

Fred Barnes, the columnist, said everyone knew that Valerie worked at the agency. Andrea Mitchell knew she worked at the CIA.

Victor Davis Hanson had a discussion with Wilson on one occasion that predates the Novak column that started this whole thing, where he made a discloser about the status of his wife at the agency. Why weren't these people called to testify?

Feldman makes a good point, if all of these people knew her status with the agency, how come the special prosecutor, Fitzgerald, didn't. And what's more, how come the fact that Libby did know is grounds for an indictment?

Libby lied about where he found the information, and when and that is a good question, why was it necessary to lie? I guess we will find out at the trial.

Also the fact that a lot of reporters knew her identity didn't seem to get the national attention is no surprise, and I wonder why the FBI thought this wasn't relevant to this case. They surely knew what was going on - right?

Hey wait a minute, maybe the FBI didn't know what all of these reporter knew for years. Where have they been? Is that possible?

George Tenet / Joe Wilson

Just a few short questions - when Joe Wilson lied about what he heard on his travels in Africa, as directed by the CIA, why didn't George Tenet, director at the time, stand up and defend the President? ( this is from an article on Power Line )

Why didn't Mr. Tenent defend the CIA? Why didn't Mr. Tenet call Joe Wilson a liar when he knew that all of Wilson's op-ed essays were untrue? Hmmmmm

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fun In the Woods

Another fun time in the woods mountain biking - the weather was perfect and even though the trails were covered with leaves, it was just a treat to out there.

I started about eleven thirty with my dressing dance and then hit the trail around noon with my camera for the first 10 mile loop. It was really fun to just cruise the trail looking for some good shot to show Barb and my other buddies that ride the trails on the week ends. They couldn't go to day because they had to work - heh - bummer!

The only problem with taking pictures on these trails is the rocks - if you don't pay attention to the trail you're going to get into trouble, and I did, but nothing serious - still it was a little scary at times. I got some great shots. I would love to show them on this site but I have only dial - up service so that's out - I live in the country so no DSL or cable -

My second loop was much faster and more fun by far - the only problem that I had was almost running over several people that were on the trail and shouldn't be - one woman was walking with her baby on her back and her two dogs, loose. The other was two women that stopped to drink some water without getting off the trail. In both cases I had to come to a complete stop, not the end of the world, but it only makes sense to not have loose dogs or stop to rest on the trail -

Anyway, it was still fantastic to be riding today and when I got back to the car, Barb had made a lunch for me that was perfect - two sandwiches, an apple and two cookies. What a great way to end the ride, sitting in the car with the doors open, I have that certain glow after a good work out, the afternoon sun on my face and just a slit breeze roaming the area while I ate my lunch. Priceless!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mountain Biking Fun!

As the weather stays nice, it affords me the opportunity of doing more biking in the woods.

We have, as I have mentioned before, some of the nicest single track in the Midwest in the South Kettle Moraine, near Whitewater Wisconsin. They are well cared for by an army of volunteers and present a challenge for every level of riding skill. They aren't extremely technical so as to present a challenge for the Moab specialist, but still enough of what it takes to know that you have been someplace special.

If you are a beginning rider on a mountain bike, there is a trail with no surprises, just a few rough spots to make it interesting. The other trails offer varying degrees of climbs with rocks to bounce over and steep climbs that will take the best climber to conquer.

Last Saturday my friend Dave and I, meet for a fun ride on the Blue trail. He lives in Illinois and drives 95 miles to do this thing in the woods. I drive 48 miles, about an hour from my house to the parking lot of the Kettle Moraine State Park. The weather was perfect.

The preparation to ride is one of the fun things , I believe, that makes mountain biking more fun the road biking. I mean fun, in that there isn't any of the hard core stuff about training and suffering pain on a regular basis. Here everyone is ready to have a good time.

As you exit the car to start the ritual of what to wear, given the prevailing weather conditions, you look around at what everyone else is wearing. On most week ends when the weather is warm, the parking lot will have thirty or forty cars,suv's and trucks lined up and half that many riders circling around that are ready to hit the trail or just coming back from their first 10 mile circuit.

Invariable, while you are standing there looking to see what is needed for the day in clothing, nearly everyone that rides by says yo or hi or hey. Mountain bikers are family.

Roadies are more introverted. Dave and I are roadies, racers, or at least most of the year we are. We have an agenda that can only be followed on certain terms and they have nothing to do with saying hi or yo - we're not nasty or mean, just tense and eager to get going. Head down and muscles screaming, sweat pouring off out bodies. Now do it all over again, but harder.

Biking racing is a building sport. You have to continue to build on past training, years of it, to accomplish a certain level of proficiency. We have missed a lot along the way over the last ten years. We are now making up for lost time.

Anyway, Dave and I hit the trails after much to do about what to ware. The sun was out and the temperature was in the mid fifties. We settled on only arm warmers and thermal undershirts. Perfect choice for the conditions and the hard work ahead.

We decided to do the Connector Trail that leads to some of the most challenging climbs in the park. We knew this would be fun given that we hadn't been out riding for two weeks and we were more than anxious to get with the program.

We had a grand time. The beginning of the Blue Trail winds though pine forests and hardwood stands that restrict your speed to less than 5 miles per hour but it gives you some quick sharpe turns and rocky climbs, then down into the sand pits ending after about five miles at a park bench atop a twisty little rocky climb.

Usually there are several riders already there when we show up and then more come in behind us, ready for a little rest and good conversation, but then it's off for what's probably the best part of the trail, a long down hill that has several little rollers that are there, I think, to prevent one from gaining too much speed for the conditions. And speed we do -

You learn that the best way to ride this trail is to let the bike do most of the work, you just keep it going in the right direction, that is, on the trail. Down the hills and then up the little grinders and then it's, woosch, down the next rocky, rutted path. This goes on for several miles.

All of the trail isn't rough though, some of it is smooth which allows you to gain some real speed that scares the hell out of you, the consequences of an error in judgment here could be fatal. The trees don't move much even when you hit them at twenty miles an hour.

The Connector is a combination of open field riding and rocky twisty climbs for five miles. At the end of the Connector we rest and eat an energy bar and decide if we want to do the Emma Carlin half of the ride.

This part of the Kettle Moraine is divided into two halves, were we started is the John Muir and the other parking lot on the other side of the park is Emma Carlin. This part is not for the faint of heart. Dave and I opted out this time. The climbs are many and steep and the down hills are very fast and rutted. After the energy bar we turned for home.

The ride back is more technical in that it has many sharpe turns that are poised very close to drop-offs and large log jumps with a lot of rocky off-canter narrow paths. You can't speed through here but it takes a lot of concentration just to stay up right. It's really cool - it's a total ride - a great finish -

The total ride on Saturday was a little over 25 miles. That was more than I had bargain for given we hadn't ridden that much in the several weeks. I was a hurting unit the next day, but I would do it again in a heart beat and will if the weather holds.