Monday, March 06, 2017

Jeff Sessions And Eric Holder : One A Patriot - The Other A Democrat

Sessions v Holder
Holder couldn't testify under oath to avoid self  incrimination .
Is the memory of the general public that short that they don't remember Eric Holder's tenure in the office of Attorney General?

Holder being held, charged in contempt of congress, and having Barack using executive privilege to save him from being forced to testify under oath?

What was so important that a sitting president would be compelled, forced to use his powers to shield Eric Holder from testifying??

I wonder why there wasn't any outrage in the media? Was what the Attorney General of the United States so bad that he needed to shielded from guilt by the president of the United States?

Or was the president of the United States involved in the same criminal activates as Eric Holder?

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