Saturday, March 04, 2017

Trumps Speech Brings Out Old Democrats And Even Older Tactic?

Dems in White
This is a strange assemblage of democrats. But why now?

I watched Trump's address to the nation and joint session of congress, but I don't remember seeing this group of participants on the left side of the aisle?

Oh well, I was probable focusing in on the other democrat members of congress on the left hiding under their seats or bobbing their heads pretending this really wasn't happening.

Then to, seeing these robed individuals does remind me of democrats of old, harking back to the good old day of the democrat party's beginnings as they found new meaning back then in dressing to fit the occasion.

Back then democrats were very organized for success.

Today it seems the 'new wave' progressive democrats are finding it necessary to reach back into their sorted history to revive a sense of unity, they apparently are trying some old tactics to explain their loss at the November election to a nobody.

Remember our current situation is kind of a through back as not much has really changed from the democrats good old days of robed individuals burning crosses and hanging unbelievers. Much of same thing is happening now as masked paid criminals are storming the streets burning cars and smashing windows to protest Constitutional law, just like in the old days. It's just now instead of white robes, the democrats are dressed in black.

This seems a little extreme, of course, but then it was extreme back then to but the democrats did it anyway, so why not now?

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