Sunday, March 05, 2017

Schumer Attacks Sessions On Russia : Bill and Loretta Talk Grand Kids?

I guess I have to answer my own question, they, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch get a pass from the media and the progressive socialist liberal democrats because they are prime members of the progressive socialist liberal democrat collective. Ethical criminals all.

As we are only to aware these last few days that criminal activity is a way of life for the socialist democrats. Chuck Schumer is all to willing to express his anger for someone, Jeff Sessions that has a spotless record and takes the reigns of the justice department away from his grasp.

But pay no mind to the guys behind the curtain pulling the levers of the shadow government, the 'Deep State' criminals installed by Barack that are leaking classified information to the press.

Schumer is just a middleman selling discord and chaos just for political gain. His actions to purposefully disrupt, if not destroy the presidency of Donald Trump, can only be identified as unscrupulous and pathologically sinister. In a real world it can be called no less then insurrection.

Now it's a fire sale by the democrats selling classified information to any one will to pay cost of a lost integrity. All other must pay full price even when there is nothing to buy. The democrats pronouncing a sale of honesty and integrity, but their shelves are empty.

Again even if one doesn't have to look closely, they have nothing to sell so they tell tall tails about their products that are nonexistent, delusional and mostly diabolical.

The progressive socialist liberal democrats in the collective, and especially segregates like Chuck Schumer are morally and ethically bankrupt. They are not one of us and never have been.

I wonder why Loretta and Bill get a pass for compromising the FBI?

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