Sunday, March 26, 2017

Open Boarders Is Suicide by Ignorance : Europe Knows First Hand

Europe flooded with people that want them dead. More to come.
Given what has transpired over the last few years, one has to wonder why the Europeans have opened the flood gates on immigration and refugees, especially from countries that are less then civilized as compared to those countries that see the most refugees.

And with the history of illegal immigrants and refugees that are committing acts of terror on the civilized population in Europe, it doesn't make sense the Untied States should accept immigrates and refugees verbalizing their particular hate and death for America.

Still millions of American citizens are more then willing to bring them in no matter where they are from and no matter how history has proven they will not assimilate well into our culture or never have no intention of doing so.

What this attitude of 'open boarders' groups demand that anyone that wants to come here is welcome without question can be seen as 'suicide by ignorance'. Then it follows, the question that I have is, at what point will these 'open boarders' people say or understand allowing people into our country that hate us and want us dead becomes untenable? 

I think the best example of 'suicide by ignorance' is Sweden, where even though the body count and terror of physical violence, especially against women, running rampage in the streets that has forced people, mostly women, to stay off the streets at night or avoid large groups of middle eastern men that roam at well, the Swedish citizens absolutely still refuse to admit they have a problem.

Again, at what point will the citizens of Sweden actually say, admit they have a problem? Is America any different?

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