Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump's Energy Independence Policy : Prosperity for All of Us

Barack's religious jihad for the 'transformation of America' that he promised back in 2008, has  manifested itself in many ways but the two most important are found in the control energy and health care.

Both have been driven to near destruction by a sinister and lurid ideology that is progressive socialist liberalism, or even worse, Barack's personal Venda to right perceived wrongs that America has supposedly done to the world, which have resulted in reducing the American population's options for prosperity.

The liberal ideology is based on rendering individuals helpless and therefore must look to government for help. The old failed system that saw millions of people in bondage to centralized authority but now has been reborn in progressive socialist liberalism ; "Each according to his need and from each according to his ability".

Trump's new energy policy will bring hope for a new future in our country, a hope based on personal freedom to chose one's own destiny. All most people want is a chance to succeed under their own power without the strangling grip of government.

Trump Readies ‘Energy Independence’ Order to Repeal Obama Climate Policies
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President Donald Trump will issue a sweeping “energy independence” executive order Tuesday to dismantle signature global warming policies put in place by President Barack Obama’s administration. environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told ABC News Trump will issue the order Tuesday to make “sure that we have a pro-growth and pro-environment approach to how we do regulation in this country.”
“The executive order is going to address the past administration’s effort to kill jobs across this country through the Clean Power Plan,” Pruitt told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos of the “energy independence” executive order on Sunday.

Trump promised to eliminate “job-killing” energy regulations during his campaign, specifically rolling back an EPA regulation limiting greenhouse gas emissions on power plants—the Clean Power Plan. The upcoming order goes even farther than axing the Clean Power Plan, according to Bloomberg’s Jennifer Dlouhy, who got a sneak peek at Tuesday’s order. Here’s what it does:
  • Orders EPA to review and “if appropriate” work to repeal or revise the Clean Power Plan.
  • Rescinds the Interior Department’s moratorium on new coal mining leases on federal lands.
  • Repeals an Obama-era guidance on how federal agencies should take global warming into account when doing National Environmental Policy Act permitting reviews.
  • Disbands a federal working group that developed the “social cost of carbon” estimate used to justify onerous global warming regulations. The social cost of carbon will also be thrown out.
Dlouhy reports Trump’s order revokes “six specific directives from his predecessor, including Obama’s broad strategy for paring emissions of methane released from oil and gas operations.”
Trump will also rescind “Obama directives targeted for repeal [which] include one on climate change and national security, as well as a pair of directives from June 2013 that laid out his climate plans,” Dlouhy reported.

While most of Trump’s order can immediately take effect, repealing the Clean Power Plan will have to go through a lengthy process that could take months or years. Environmentalists have also vowed to sue the Trump administration to defend the Clean Power Plan. They’ll likely be joined by Democratic state attorneys general.

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