Thursday, March 16, 2017

Progressive Democrats Attack Our Constitution : Insurrection? Subverison? Both?

Barack now moves to inflict chaos on civil society?
'Your are known by the company you keep' is the perfect saying to identify and explain Barrack's time in the White House and why the progressive socialist liberals are demonstrating their total lack of common sense or logic to explains why they are on the outside of power looking in.

As I mention many times, a progressive democrat without power is a fate worse then death. Democrats believe they have a right to control the levers of power. They were born to it. It's in the DNA.

Barack set the tone with his religious jihad for transformation of the country into warring groups fighting for control of the country. His statements deriding the Constitution as outdated and of little or no use in modern times saying ''The Constitution says what the government cannot do to the people, when it should say what the government can do for the people''.

Little wonder then after 8 years of feeding his jihad for change and transformation the progressives socialist cannot comprehend their lock on the levers of power to influence outcomes has come to end.
The only alternative now is unscrupulous, immoral and sinister activity to get power back which  includes violence against people and property.

Is this insurrection? Is this subversion of the rule of law by political party? Is the progressive liberal democrat collective, party, including the main stream media, knowingly and willingly acting in an organized manner against the will of the people?

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Sovereign Liberty said...

This is what insurrection looks like in 2017.