Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Media Is Biased? : Pathologically Motivated Ideology

Why would anyone think the media is biased? Journalist, scribbles and media talkers that make the news rather then report the news, doesn't have anything to do with honesty or integrity in the news room. It is about their ideology that drives news rooms into hateful frenzies of delusion and deceit.

When the so called 'paper of record', the New York Times says it will no longer adhere to past principles of journalistic standards that require it to report news base on facts, but they say now it is more important for them to forgo integrity and honesty for telling their personal stories of how they believe what is important for all of us to know and then passing it all off as fact.

And the New York Times is not alone in this prostitution of the print media, the Washington Post and the L.A. Times to mention only a few are  front and center making the case for dumping journalistic standards for biased ideology being passed off as legitimate news reporting.

As I have mention here on passed occasions, and as the occasion has arisen again, I will say it again, the New York Times as the 'paper of record' and 'The Gray Lady' of the print media, this Gary Lady with so much history and elegance can now be regarded as just a cheap whore for the progressive socialist liberal democrats. How sad is that.

Is this a parody - yeah, but it still explains the hypocrisy and outright denial of what the news papers are supposed to be. What has transpired over the last several months is not freedom of the press.

Trump Nazi
The media is pathologically in denial of reality. There can be no returning.

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