Sunday, March 05, 2017

Progressive Behavior After November : Unchecked, Unhinged AND Unparalleled

This an interesting concept in that one would have to believe the progressive democrats have a choice as to whether they can become human again after being so convinced they are winners only to suddenly understand they are losers.

This is a huge deal for those among us that believe it's their god given right to control the levers of power, to accept the fact they have been rejected by the rank and file, not just for just for cosmetic reasons, Hillary is a female or Bill is adulterer and the Clinton Foundation is not a charity foundation but absolute criminal enterprise shaking-down entire nations, but because of their agenda, philosophy and ideology which is based on central authority as being the only option the general public has for a governing strategy.

Accepting the narrative of the Clintons as our next president was to condone criminal activity as legitimate and justified.

With the Trump victory, even in the face of supposedly overwhelming odds from the progressive socialists democrats lead by Hillary Clinton, it became painfully obvious they have been told to leave the stage enmass as the Republicans kept the Senate and the Houser of Representatives as well as the White House on the promise the new president would turn the levers of power back to the people. And as we all know it worked and President Trump has been true to his word.

But to their dismay, depraved outrage and unhinged destructive behavior is unparalleled in our history as to the viciousness of the progressives that could not and will not accept the fact they have been denied power by the unwashed and ignorant that dwell in the trenches of reality.
Possessed Dems
The face of the 'New Wave' progressive democrats. Will you vote for more of them?

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