Saturday, March 25, 2017

Progressive ''Deep State'' Operatives Ready to Move : The Enemy From Within

''Smoking gun'' found on surveillance of Trump and his transition team remains to be seen. And if history is any indication of future events, this will all be a lot of smoke and no fire. Ogbjma operatives will effectively blunt the news by leaking more national secrets to force a pivot.

Deep state operatives have been placed illegally in government strategic position during the Clinton and during the Ogbjma administration. These individuals were never vetted by the department of labor as the law requires.

Oh No! Who knew? Ogbjma and the progressive socialists broke the law? Amazing!!

Let's get serious here. Who is in control of the government? It sure in hell isn't Trump and the Republicans, it's the ''deep state'' run by Ogbjma and his ilk of progressive socialist liberals, buried deep in all departments and agencies of many local and state governments, as well as all of the federal government.

It will be impossible to stop the leaks as there are thousands of progressive agents ready to move if called upon to act.

Now that democrat Schiff says he has a ''smoking gun'' now to, why not tell the press like the progressive operatives do? So maybe it's time to meet in the middle of the street at high noon, and let them both draw their documents and lay out for all to see.

Time ''to put up or shut up'' from both sides and let the chips fall where they may.

FBI's Comey is an Ogbjma ''deep state'' agent? Who else?

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