Monday, March 20, 2017

Real Women Are Independent : ''New Wave'' Feminism Losing Control

2nd Amendment Feminism
Women that act independently are a danger to 'New Wave' feminism.
It's not really about leveling the playing field for women as the feminist claim, it's really all about bringing them all into one place so they can be manipulated, used and abused, to gain political power over others.

Feminism, in it's original form that stated it was to empower women, has been bastardized and debased to such a point now that it can be defined as just those that seek power is to control others, and is so blatant, unscrupulous, unethical and tragically sinister in it's mutated form, dominated by progressive socialist liberals, that it actually endangers women by forcing them to believe they cannot rule their own lives without the help from those that are smarter then they are.

What remains for many women results in waiting  for directions on what to do next. To become a member of the ''New Wave'' politics of feminism, women must give up their personal right to be independent, and willingly and gladly follow blindly their leaders into the abyss of ignorance and failure.

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