Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What Will Kill Progressive Democrat Ideology? : Trump's Success!!

Chuck Schumer berates others while blood drips from his finger.
Okay Chuck, we understand when you have nothing of substance to say it leaves little but lying left for you and your side of t he aisle.

Still, sometimes the old adage of 'telling a lie often enough makes it truth' doesn't work as well as it use to, as you and your friends in the progressive socialist liberal democrat collective have told so many lies that the people have no choice but to not believe anything you say.

The once honorable democrat party is no longer honorable and for good reason, it no longer exists. It has been replaced with it's sinister twin brother and sister, the progressive socialist liberal collective that has dedicated itself to the destruction of our American Constitutional system of government, and replace it with strict centralized authoritian system of total power.

Know this, history is being made in our time that future generations will try and sort out how it happened and why. It's clear to us of course that the 'new wave progressives' are in panic mode seeing that this new guy, Trump, will change the way the government works and doesn't work, leaving the corrupt old system to whether and die.

Donald Trump Must not be allowed to become successful. Personal prosperity and individual freedom for the population means death to progressive democrats

For the progressives, this is totally unacceptable. Having Donald Trump become successful will destroy everything that the progressive have been striving for for decades, if not generations.

Progressive understand to achieve their most basic goal of having total, absolute and perpetual control of all aspect of life in America, they must have the old way of government kept in place, which means all things that are traditional American values must be destroyed, prosperity and the  freedom to chose.

Individual freedom to chose ones own future will destroy progressive socialism.

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