Monday, March 13, 2017

Progressive Liberalism In Education : Violent Intolerance AND Exclusion

The question that remains is why do we allow this to go on? When will the tax payer say we won't fund this nonsense any longer?

I wonder as well just what it will it take to happen on campus for the general public to wake up to the fact we are no longer in charge of education? Even in elementary and high school, the system is ruled by ignorance and ideology that is doing massive damage to the youth in this country.

What catastrophic event will turn the tide of physical and intellectual violence against our country that will make the difference?

It is long passed time as taxpayers to take steps in our communities to bring back common sense in education. Maybe Donald Trump will have the answer, but he will never be able to take the place of those of us that are living the nightmare of progressives liberalism right next door. 

College Tolerance
Progressive's intolerance and exclusion passed off as a right to do harm.

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