Monday, March 20, 2017

Progressives Want to Destroy Trump? : Progressive Are Born to Power - It's A Right!

Removing power from democrats leaves them only hate for life itself.
Why would anyone think that the progressive socialist liberals democrats would want to destroy Donald Trump?

How many times do I have to explain the simple concept of the progressive socialist liberal democrat ideology of how they are born to power?

Democrats without power is death!

And that the guy that beat them isn't a Republican  politician that can be easily manipulated into doing what ever they want him to do, but a guy that operates on the principle of what he know work born from experience.

Really, history has shown when Republicans get into the oval office, the first thing they believe they have to do to govern is reach across the aisle and compromise their principle. Because if they don't compromise and yield to the demands of thee progressives, their surrogate friends in the media will write bad things about them or force them to admit they are powerless.

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