Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump - 'Climate Change Debate Is Over' : The War Has Begun

If you had to pick one subject that exemplifies the total insanity of the progressive liberals, it's climate change. Even in the light of a mountain of facts accumulated over several decades of recent history, and dozens of decades of natural history, that man-made-climate change is a fraud, is just a progressive tool for control of the population.

'Because of the changing climate, we must reduce the population access to fossil energy resources like coal and natural gas that now support more then 50% of electrical power. Green house gases are destroying the atmosphere and the earth. If we don't stop it now we all will die.'

There is no creditable scientific evidence that climate change is man made, and has done anything to harm the country or the world for that matter, and yet the progressive environmentalist demand $billions more tax dollars to do more research with computer models that have been proven unworkable and manipulated in the past to show desired results.

One the main reasons why Trump won the election is the old saying, ' you can fool some the people all the time, but you can fool all of the people all of time'. Those of us in the trenches know who and what you are Barack, and by our votes we have set you adrift.

Know this as well, the fact that Barack has taken up residence in DC is not by accident. He has no intention of leave any stone unturned to destroy this country along with his ilk in the progressive socialist collective, that believes and supports bringing socialist liberalism to replace individual freedom.

Never vote democrat!

Barack's religious jihad for change has been set adrift. Now the war has begun.

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