Saturday, March 25, 2017

Republicans Failed Repeal And Replace : Democrats Own It Again!

No Plan
What now? Democrats are back owning healthcare and they cheered!

I am very confused with the outcome of the health care failure of the Republicans that  promised to repeal and replace OgbjmaCare. What I don't understand is why Paul Ryan didn't allow the senate members to weigh in on this bill.

Why not gather all faction together and debate what the bill must have to make sure it was acceptable to both houses of congress, and then send it to the president. This seem so simple.

And yet it became so difficult for Paul Ryan and some of his fellow members in the house to produce a bill that many of it's own members rejected. What are we missing here?

And what's worse, Ryan says we're done for now and the OgbjmaCare will remain as is. And even worse yet, the progressive socialist democrats cheered the failure of the Republicans R&R bill, and as a result millions of citizens will lose their healthcare as the remaining OgbjmaCare exchanges collapse and those people with insurance under that system that remain will see their premiums go off the charts.

And progressive socialist liberal democrats cheered!

And even worse then that, the democrat collective is okay with this catastrophic development. After all it seems it was never about health care from the beginning, it was all about the ideology, the agenda for bringing down our good  individual healthcare system, and then instituting ''single payer'' care where our institutions of medicine will be run by Washington bureaucrats. Do ya think there might be a problem with that?

WOW!  I wonder if anyone remembers the progressive proposed ''Death Panels"? Hey, nothing to see here. All's good - vote democrat!

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