Saturday, March 04, 2017

Moonbeam Has A Coming to Jesus : The Water IS Actually Rising

At this point in time, reality seems to bring more pressure then a person ever thought they could bear to those that live in a world of makebelieve. Where everything you have done in the past was to make yourself feel good and others, your friends and fellow dreamers to proclaim you a hero of the people. 

But now, as the people are running for their collective lives, all of sudden, having to leave their homes because the once famed and flamboyant, charismatic leader of ''we will do any dam thing we want'' brings a certain amount of clarity to once proud and prosperous California  land scape.

Some now are beginning to think that maybe the $800,000,000 allocated for a train could have been better spent on something more of utility in nature , like repairing and maintaining a dam.

Now as people flee their homes, it becomes very clear, you as the magnificent leader of a free but debt ridden state, might be the one that must run to find a safe place to hide until the taxpayers bail him out, again.

Mr. Moonbeam finds reality unreal.

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