Sunday, November 06, 2016

Progressive Democrat Strategy for Elecitons : Gruber, ''We Had to Lie''

With the election closing in on us next Tuesday, and given the nightmare that is our country today, and what's happening over seas with more the a million dead innocent people that can be placed right at the feet of Mr Ogbjma and his collective of progressive socialist liberal democrats, it stands to reason, we the people, should not fooled again by anything that  democrats have to say.

The health care disaster, OgbjmaCare, is only one of Mr Ogbjma and his followers in the socialist democrat collective to force down our throats. Not one Republican participated in it's design or voted for it.

And it's not just Hillary, Kaine or Mr Ogbjma, but any democrat that is running for office for the first time, or one that is up for reelection, should not be allowed to be anywhere near an office of leadership in any sector of our government.

Their history of malfeasance of actions and out right deception of their promises as to what they intend to do once they are in places of leadership, and what they actually do once in office is on display now for all to see. What more do we need to understand, it has been the democrats, and only the democrats for the last 8 years that have brought this great country to it's collective knees.

It's also true the Republicans have shown us just how ineffective they are of standing on Conservative principles to stop the onslaught of Mr Ogbjma's religious jihad for ''transformation'' to our civil society.

Still, to elect or reelection the democrats for at least 4 more years of unscrupulous and immoral behavior as we have seen over the last 8 years will only further drive our country into a decades, if not a generational decline that will most likely be irreversible.

Do we want to leave our kids and their kids and their kids a country that is no longer one that seeks the freedom to chose and the liberty to achieve personal success? What will you tell them why they have no freedom to chose their own destiny like the last generations did? What will you tell them what did you did to try and stop the destruction of our way of life?

'Why I always voted democrat. I have always voted for democrats because they told me they will take care of me and our family. They said the Republicans wanted to take away our life as we knew it, forcing us into poverty.

'They said if I voted for them life would be good and everything would be alright. I didn't know or understand their history of saying one thing, but doing something completely different over and over again after each election even when it directly effected me and our family. It's just what we did back then. I guess we were just to ignorant and compliant.'

In the words of Edmund Burke, ''For tyranny to succeed, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing''.


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