Saturday, November 19, 2016

George Soros Directs ''New Wave'' Democrats? : Soros' Organization Moves In

Given the meeting that are going right now in Washington with George Soros and members of the progressive socialist liberal democrat party, formally know as the democrat party, to identify what went wrong on November 8th and what the collective members must do now to regain power and influence in government.

As I have mentioned before on many occasions - progressive democrats without power are non-persons - If they no government job they have no place in the collective, and therefore must be cast into the other darkness where working people try to exist. A fate worse the death for a progressive democrat.

And as it isn't lost on anyone that some of the first tactics that Soros and his people have instituted is character assignation of Mr Trump and his selections for his new government and to accompany this, disruption on college campuses and grade schools, and finally the instituting violence in the streets with paid anarchists to burn and destroy private property. Keeping the people off the task of believing their vote for a new administration will finally bring justice to our country will job one. And begin the enormous task of trying to fix our country's  problems caused by Barack Ogbjma's concentrated efforts of his ideologically religious jihad for transformation, and the political corruption of progressive liberalism.

Understand, George Soros is a world wide leader for political and financial corruption and other criminal behavior. Little wonder his is and has been a direct force in manipulating the actions of the progressive liberal democrat collective.

George Soros is about chaos, and where there is chaos there is profit for George Soros. George Soros will make sure our civil society is totally disrupted as a tactic to stop Mr Trump efforts for reestablishing Constitutional law.

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