Thursday, November 10, 2016

Progressive Democrats : An Immoral 'Collective' of The Willing

Photo published for Massive anti-Trump Protest Shuts Down 101 Freeway in L.A.
Pathologically diseased and morally abhorrent - democrat stooges.
One thing for sure is the new progressive socialist liberal democrat ''collective'' knows how to demonstrate their ability to communicate their agenda and ideology to general public.

Know this, this IS who and what the progressive democrats are and will always be.

Never, ever forget that the progressive democrats will never stop trying to club, beat the general public into submission to their ideology. That Trump won and the Republicans won a major victory is of no consequence, it really wasn't about an election.

The progressives are about ''change that they have been waiting for'' and demand for civil society. It's about Mr Ogbjma's religious 'transformation' jihad for obedience as dictated from his god of 'control of all things' natural and supernatural.

The demonstrations, riots and disobedience under the law by these malicious progressives only shows just how far and organized they are to never allow society to regain any type of order that is founded in common sense and logic. This about the destruction of our way of life.

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