Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rahm Emanuel's Chicago - A Safe Place : Chicago, Switzerland?


This is the kind of thing that makes ones head explode. It forces those of us in the real world to find a seat a quickly as possible because the mind cannot comprehend the absurdity of this statement as thousands are shot and wounded in random shootings, some not so random, and hundreds are shot to death, murdered in the city of peace and security.

 As you try to understand the insanity that is so prevalently on display around the country and especially in Chicago, the murder capital of the world, it boggles the mind to think someone, given the circumstances that surround this totally incompetent man, then he has the incredible nerve to tell federal agents the city of Chicago is a safe place for criminals to hide from law enforcement.

It's a good thing for the mayor that he is a progressive liberal democrat in good standing, otherwise if he was a Republican that made insane statements like this, he would tarred and feathered and then be run out town on a rail.

The problem is Republicans are held to a much higher standard the democrats, so it just easier to get away with this kind of debased, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous and of course, pathologically unbalanced statements before the entire nation.

Everyone just except progressive democrats to be moralless, soulless and shameless. But don't blame Rahm, it's in the genes, the DNA. They are genetic mutants.

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