Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hillary's Successful Bit Premature : So Many Believed

newsweek-coverHistory is something that many of us want to forget as it has a tendency to stall and destroy even the best wishes of those that live in a world that is in opposition to reality.

I find this idea that someone could believe a person who has all of the necessary talent and ability to just vote 'present' to make things happen.

Was this an actual Newsweek front page is questionable, but non-the-less, the ground game from Hillary and her staff, including the media left little to wonder if they truly believed Hillary was ready to lead our country out of the mess she and Barack created.

In the end the smartest woman ever to server in government, or anywhere else according to her supporters, Hillary's followers found that she was wholly unqualified to lead the country as the voting results have proven.

That she won the popular vote is depressing. How can there be so many people so misinformed on Hillary Clinton's qualification to server out country? Maybe it worse then just a matter of good information, maybe they are just ignorant, complacent and gullible to the sirens of a false easy way to gain success.

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