Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mr Ogbjma's Jihad for Transformation is Successful : Charts For Show And Tell

This is interesting in that Mr Ogbjma has told us on many occasions everything he has proposed and implemented has been successful in bring prosperity to the nation.

When you study these charts depicting Mr Ogbjma efforts to transform America like he promised by in 2008, it looks like his religious jihad is working as designed.

        These charts came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.  
If it weren't for misinformation, deception and out right lies, Mr Ogbjma wouldn't have anything to say. Really, it's incredible that the leader of the free world has never told the truth about anything, ever.

And given this propensity to deceive us, what is Mr Ogbjma planning for his swansong during the last two months of this reign of foreign and domestic terror that he has inflicted on this country and the world?

Yeah I know, the question that remains is how much more damage can he do in just two months?

But the answer is perhaps the scarcest of all, and it is possibly more then even the brightest among us can imagine. The man has no limits as he has no connection to our civilized society. He was not raised to be a healer. Mr Ogbjma has no shame or soul. He is on a mission from his father. Strike back at those that are nonbelievers of the faith, and this is exactly what he is doing and has done.

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