Friday, November 18, 2016

Progressive Rioters Puzzling And Disturbing : Violence And Hate Rules

I refuse to believe there can be any other answer!
I have had heated discussions with some people that believe my theory that proposes progressives socialist liberal democrats are genetically different from normal people that live in real world.

Reality is taking responsibility for your own survival ands that of the larger community.

I have stated on many occasions that progressive liberals are genetically different from the rest of us. 
Their DNA does not allow them to see or understand how the real world functions. The progressive understands only their own fantasy world that the have manufactured from obscure bits and pieces gleaned from other progressives that have preceded them in their fantasy land where everything has to be wondrous and equitable.

Further, given how they have shown all of us in the real world their collective neurosis for behavior that is total illogical and pathological is on display every day and in all walks of life, little is left to wonder how so many among could be this deranged and neurotic, 

What seems to be the astounding reality is progressives are a species apart. They can not be reasoned with. As the saying goes, 'A person that acts without reason cannot be reasoned with'. There is only one answer to any question and it's the one that they believe is true. It's impossible to be any other way.  

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