Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pence Is Booed And Denounced : "Hamilton" Players Front And Center

WOW - I think this kind of thing is good for the country in that the progressive socialist liberal democrats are leaving no stone unturned to demonstrate who they are and where they have been hiding.

That the entire case of Hamilton took the time to frail against Mr Pence and Mr Trump as something other then good Americans is beyond the pail. This behavior is deep seated hate for anything and nay one that has an opposing opinion, coming from the cast of this historical play is a total capitulation to the insanity that is progressive liberalism that has debased so many in our country.

Now we know there are many more behind the curtain then we thought and they have now come out of hiding showing us all just what it means to be a progressive liberal. And given their over whelming display of Ignorance if not insanity, we no longer have to guess what they mean and who they all are.

They are apparently proud to stand in front of the cameras and proclaim their total lack of common sense and civility. A really stunning display of a despicable lack of good judgement.

It seems every day, a new individual or group comes out to say, 'we are extremely ignorant and morally inept if not out right stupid. But never mind what has gone before, all of that is old news, here we are now new and ready to engage the debate;  Front an center, unafraid and in the flesh.' The NBA is just one of many that have left us to ponder our next move.

Now that the curtain has been drawn back and light is allowed to flow into the room, it really is a new day for all of us.

Are All Liberals Rude and Arrogant?
Posted on by John Hinderaker in Democrats, Liberals

Perhaps not, but it often seems that way. Vice President-Elect Mike Pence is in New York, working with Donald Trump on staffing their new administration. He took last night off to see the popular Broadway musical “Hamilton.” When he and his family took their seats, some in the crowd booed–although, to be fair, it sounds to me as though more applauded:

The real outrage came at the end. As Pence got up to leave, one of the “Hamilton” cast members read a deeply offensive statement attacking the Trump administration on behalf of the play’s supposedly “diverse” cast. I doubt, of course, that the cast has any diversity at all. If it includes any conservative members, they remained silent. As the actor delivered his smug, superior attack on the incoming Trump administration, most of those in the audience applauded and cheered enthusiastically:

It used to be said that when a political party suffered a crushing electoral defeat, a period of introspection was appropriate. Don’t try to tell that to today’s Democrats. They have learned nothing, and, in their arrogant presumption, they have no interest in learning anything.

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