Sunday, November 20, 2016

Progressives Challenge Electorial College System : Proposed Map Result

Little wonder why the progressive liberal socialist democrats what to get rid of the electoral college.

It is well known that if the progressive democrats can change how we elect our leaders it will benefit them to a point where every election will be won by a democrat.

This map is a good reminder that the progressives control large populations in certain states, and if the electoral collage system is eliminated only four states, maybe 5 with Illinois's infested Chicago, they will be able to dictate election outcomes.

This is amazing in that I can understand California with it's huge illegal immigrant population that always will vote democrat, and Florida's population of retirees dependent on government subsides.

But why New York? Is this just because of New York City with it's millions of city dwellers uninterested in using common sense to make good decisions? Or is it a mindset by New Yorkers that you just always vote for people that promises they never keep, liberal socialists?

And even more puzzling is Texas. Goodness. The Lone Star State has more mentally crippled voters then solid independent thinkers? When did this happen?  This is not a good sign for the future.

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