Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Clintons On The Run? : Restitution Is Hell

It just seems sad that now Hillary, and Bill for that matter, will have to be on the run as those that gave them money for special access to our government want restitution or suffer the consequences.

Many of those that gave the Cantons money are not nice people. They don't have to abide by a constitution or a bill of rights. They operate mostly at night.

Most of those people and countries that funded the Clinton Crime Family Foundation for access to Hillary, but then on top of that they bullied them to spring for $millions more to grease Bill's bank account as a 'kicker' to jump start the special privileges that only Hillary could grant as Secretary of State. 

That she is running a 'special' on speech fees is astounding on the face of it.  I'm surprised that she can even show her face in public without fear of someone in the crowed might bring some kind of bad news which she will not be able to have an answer.

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