Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Protests of Hate In The Streets : Paid 'New Wave' Anarchists?

Here is a montage video of the ''new wave'' collective that is part and parcel which was formerly known as the progressive liberal democrat party. The party has lost control of the agenda but not the ideology which they support and identify with. If one looks closely to the old participants you will see the old guard looking like deer in the headlights.

The old established democrat party or even the relatively new progressive socialist liberal demo cat collective has taken a new direction that has left the elites confused and conflicted. Party leaders have lost control of the narrative, 'we are better suited to lead as we are about the people' to the new wave agenda based on character assignation, violence and hate for any opposition to ''it's'' their movement toward a ''one solution'' agenda.

The general public has to understand there are other actors that are controlling the actions of the collective base that are now moving in force to grab hold of anything that will sustain them after losing what they thought was a 'slam dunk' election for their puppet candidate Hillary Clinton.
The 'new wave' progressive liberals activists see the demise of the Clinton machine as an opportunity to gain support from the ''disadvantaged and disenfranchised'' population made up of the unemployed, immigrates and refugee that are flooding  the welfare system but want more of everything, and supported Hillary.

Right now these protesters, for the most part, according to news reports, hired anarchist, have been directed to bring chaos and conflict to civil society. True enough they are small in number, but the indifferent and subservient main stream media gives them headlines every time they hit the street, even though news outlets show video of gangs being loaded on busses taking them to the planned protest march.

According to reports, some of the marchers are getting $1500 a week to do the bidding of their controllers, who every they are, which are being investigated by people that care, and no, it's not our department of justice.

Is this the 'new norm' from the 'new wave' politics directed and paid for by the ''shadow government'' that George Soros says he has organized and instigated here and around the world to destroy Western culture?

Stay awake and be alert to the chaos that is being implemented by our news media and our educational systems. The directed war on freedom is only beginning.

Anti-Trump Protests in 31 Photos
Kelsey Harkness / /     

From New York to the District of Columbia, Americans across the country took to the streets over the weekend to voice their dismay with President-elect Donald Trump. In the video above, The Daily Signal compiled a roundup of some signs, symbols, and messages used at these rallies. (Warning: Some signs contain profanity.)

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