Sunday, November 13, 2016

Clinton Foundation To Pay Refunds? : No? Watch Were You Walk or Drive

Given all of the stories related to the criminal activates of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation that was selling access to the United States government through the Secretary of States office, one has to wonder just what the Clintons, Bill and Hillary will do now when their promised government access for money donations to the crime foundation and Bill personal account for speaker fees, comes due.

The question now will be, will the Clintons have to pay back the money they took, or if they refuse will they suffer some kind consequence?

The people that they dealt with weren't exactly the nicest people. Many are criminals themselves, like Clintons, and they believed the Clintons understood this working relationship.

I believe the Clintons will suffer some sleepless nights trying to understand the problem and how to deal with it. With the loss in the election, the Clinton machine of unlimited criminal activity has just run out of fuel and ground to a halt.

 And if they are as smart as everyone thinks they are, and I believe they are at least clever, sinister and unscrupulous if not smart, even so a close watch on their aircraft and personal vehicles is warranted.

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