Monday, November 14, 2016

Feminism A Factor In Voting And Our ''New Wave'' Military.

Feminism is not dead and if we need more proof, even beyond the demand from women that men have to scum to certain demands that have nothing to do with equality or personal relationships,  all we have to do is listen to the secretary of the navy, Ray Mabus, and how he wants to, and is make our military more inclusive. by demanding women must be able to serve in all roles that are open to men.

Front line combat for women is one of his main objectives.

Integrating women into the front lines of combat along side men is his way of showing just how 'new wave' he is, and he is most accommodating to Mr Ogbjma's ideology and agenda for ''transformation'' of our civil society, even in the face of multiple reports from the military and from women that have served in front line units, that women in combat is a huge mistake on many levels.

Can women preform under life threatening situations like kill or be killed, I believe they can, but te social issues are too large in our sociality to allow women to be effective unit members without the risk of causing unit conflict.

There's no need to generate specific issues here as it is apparent when one considers just body strength and primal sexual relationships between men and women, causes men to act differently when they are confronted with possible harm coming to women.

To deny just these two glaring factors will put both men and women in harms way and putting front line units at risk of catastrophic failure.

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