Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hollywoods Brightest And Smartest Promise to leave But Never Do : Why

hollywood-helicopterEvery election year the brightest and smartest among us say if the Republicans win this election they will leave the country and go  to Canada.

No one says they will go to Mexico or Cuba or Venezuela or any other place that has any measure of less freedom then we have in the United States.

So why do they want to leave easy street? They have everything and yet they pay others to condemn those that what to be successful in life as well?

Apparently the clarion call of the progressive socialist liberals is 'Pull up the rope, I'm aboard'.

I wonder why then they don't actually leave the country? They never follow through! They are still here making $millions of dollars, living in huge estates and still demanding recognition as the brightest among us.

Some thing is very wrong with out system of values where we willingly ignore voices of reason and common sense from our churches and lesser individuals then those in Hollywood or other institutions that profess the 'new wave agenda and ideology' of obedience and complicity, rather then those that have lived the good life but haven't prostituted it for personal gain.

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