Thursday, November 03, 2016

Democrat Voters Arriving in Mass : Panic Run-A-Muck

cid:V35IVLs1UnVCxOLLJ4rUThe democrats are in panic mode - they are now arriving in mass at the voting stations, being trucked in to make sure the progressives win this election.

Remember, the progressive motto of ''by any means necessary'' is how they always win elections. Media deception, outright lies and criminal fraud are how it's done.

They have always done it this way and they always get away with. No one stands up against them.

But maybe this time it will be different with Hillary's illegal email server and her criminal activities with foreign donors to the Hillary and Bill Crime Family Foundation.

It would stand to reason that after more then 30 years of crime and manipulation of the voting public, they would not continue to vote for them.

But if history is any indication of the future, the general public is still ready and willing to make sure the Clintons continue to rob and steal them blind of their financial worth and their freedom to chose.

It's in the DNA. Nothing can or will change them. Progressive democrats will always be progressive democrats, and this is what the do.


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