Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Trump Won - Progressives Get Over It! : Won't Happen, EVER!

Democrats will never give up the fight for control
The progressive socialist liberal democrats will always use character assassination to gain an advantage. And Barack stated on many occasion explaining his speeches that appear to foster division, he stated ''they're just words''.

Except words have consequences, especially when those that are sitting in the front row of the church of progressive socialism, and Barack's religious jihad for transformation, sipping the Kool-Aid while listening intently to the 'words' of Barack assailing the freedom to chose and the opportunity for everyone to have prosperity.

Never believe the progressive liberal democrats will ever give up their religious fight for absolute control of all outcomes. There can be no other way, ever. Progressives exist on rage alone.

It's long past due to look ahead to the midterm election 2018 and vote out all democrats up for election and reelection. Always keep in mind what the progressives are doing on a daily basis and do what every one can to stand against them. But know to, it's imperative that all democrats are  defeated.

This is a war for the very heart of our country, nothing less. Failing to understand this will mean our demise as a free people.


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