Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Mainstream Media Beclowns Themselves : Becoming A Threat to National Security

Well this does explains why CNN is seen as something other then reporting on the news of the day. It also proves journalism is dead and replaced with personal vendettas to gain or regain control of the population. But they aren't the only ones that display their biases, and what must be seen as uncontrolled bigotry and hate for those that have won over the trust of the people. Nearly all media in our country is dedicated to the destruction of the rule of law to regain power.

We are witnessing the breaking of new ground for the news media. The progressive media tells us, The New York Times, they no longer will use journalistic standards to report events that occur, and not that they ever did, but now they openly admit they will use managed and deceptive techniques to explains events, especially those events that concern Donald Trump and our national security.

What we are seeing nightly, from those organizations that believe America must be destroyed so they can make the country over to further their personal agenda and ideology of the progressive socials liberal left democrats, is dismantling of our Constitution and our way of life in this country.

Common sense and the rule of law no longer applies. The media and the progressive liberals have become totally and completely  unhinged in their efforts to change the outcome of the November election. This is truly insane. This is rapidly becoming a civil war.

CNN Reporters

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