Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Progressives Taking the Next Step : Violence And Destruction for Power

Progressive socialist turn to violence to gain power. History repeating itself?
This seems extreme to believe we have decided to relive the past as a means to accomplish a goal, but given what has transpired over the last several months concerning how the progressive liberal democrats have worked very hard to destroy our civil society as we know it just because they cannot accept the fact that the old ways are no longer viable solutions to our problems.

It has been the progressive liberal ''fundamental'' ideology of lawlessness, the progressive motto ''by any means necessary to gain power'', and the resulting political corruption that has caused most, if not all of our problems.

So when the progressives can't gain the necessary power they seek by threats and intimidations through public discourse, they turn to violence and destruction of public and private property to demonstrate their unwillingness to accept any part of a common sense solution for problem solving.

But as we know, progressive liberals will have nothing to do with common sense solutions as this will lessen their power to persuade others to join the movement of destruction. Without fear and intimidation, the progressive has no hold on their people. What drives them is mindless hate for others they see as weak and ineffective, and what they stand for, the rule of law.

But as long as the progressive can cause as much damage to our society as the can through misinformation, deception and out right lies, they will continue to riot and destroy what has been built by a law abiding society to advance the lives of the majority.

The progressive believes it's common sense  law and order that stands in their way for their collective power to control all outcomes. Make no mistake, it's who they are.

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