Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Media Moves Into New Territory : No More Reporting The News - Just Story Telling

The main stream media discussing who made up the best story to make headlines
It is mind boggling to try and comprehend the idea that certain individuals could say something, that to most regular people is incomprehensible, implausible and delusional, and yet they stand unabashedly before the world proclaiming shamelessly their incompetence and worse, their mental and moral incapacity to grasp simple truths.

What are we to make of this? Is it reasonable to believe the main steam media is not believable? Is it time to say the media no longer has our trust and act on that by not watching them or reading their nonsense?

I believe there has always been a question of accountability and integrity. It's only now, as we have stated here and others, have pronounced the press is no longer dedicated to reporting the news, but has made clear their intention to write ''stories'' instead of truthfully reporting on the issues of the day.

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