Wednesday, February 08, 2017

News Media Out From Hiding : We See Them As They Are.

This is nothing new except now they aren't hiding the fact. But why? 
Is CNN so much different then the  rest of the lettered channels ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and nearly all of the printed media including the New York Times?

There can't be any question as to how fraudulent the main stream media is when an editor at the New York Times stated it was time to set aside journalistic mandates for news gathering and telling the truth, not they ever obeyed that rule, but now they are coming out in the open to demand the news can be what ever they want to be as long as it was an attack on Donald Trump.

Fake news is the rule of the day. Managed news is acceptable, encouraged and approved.

CNN has been found out on several occasions but didn't make a big deal out of it. They just continue to write script that fits their personal agenda and ideology that is based on the news media being able to dictate outcomes of events. With Donald Trump as president though, he doesn't accept the media's attacks on him as just the way things are, he strikes back forcing the media to become more aggressive and unhinged, mentally debased and depraved, raving mindlessly from darkened areas of their safe places.

Journalism is truly dead.

Remember the New York Times has been called the ''Paper of Record' and the 'Gray Lady' of the news world? Well now that 'gray lady' has become a whore for the progressive socialist liberal democrats. How sad is that.

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