Monday, February 27, 2017

Progressives : Syrian Refugees Are Welcome - Our Walls Will Protect Us.

Here you go Liberals, ... have at it ! The FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and Joint Chiefs of Staff-Pentagon all say that of the "Syrian" refugees  allowed into our country, that ISIS WILL-BE-IN-THAT-POPULATION of refugees, estimated at 10% of that population ... it's not worth the risk !!!:
Progressive believe tunnel vision works.
It is about national security. But who cares if you believe it will be others that will suffer catastrophic consequences, not you behind your gated community and armed guards if the worst happens.

Just think how good you feel about allowing thousands of refugees into our country that believe they have any obligation to god to kill us. You really don't believe anyone would actually want to kill us as we have only good thoughts about them.

And how bad you will feel, angry that those in power didn't do something to stop it.

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